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Shan Meng was filled with emotions. A miracle was finally descending on the Ling Mountain. That was their honor, this power, a supreme majesty that was integrated with nature. Only God could do it.

That was the same for the wise ones. They had a high level of understanding of spiritual power. This golden light was a fusion, and this was what they looked up to. The origin of life - not technology, but the true essence of life.

The news of the descent of the miracle spread like wildfire around Tita… Because the wise ones used the Skylink. Technology was pretty convenient. The giants were slowly accepting it, but the wise ones were proficient with it in no time.

Wang Zheng himself was refreshed. This enlightenment came at an interesting him, even better than when he was in battle. Of course, the current enlightenment could be a result of his past battles as well.

…Something was moving…

Wang Zheng grabbed that active guy on top of his head… It was a white fish. He let it live since it had witnessed his enlightenment.

Wang Zheng threw that fish back into the lake and let it go. He didn't notice that fish peering out of the water, nodding to Wang Zheng.

Wang Zheng didn't bother with it, but two hours passed by just like that. The Princess should be up by now.

He pushed the door open. Aina seemed to still be fast asleep. Wang Zheng smiled. Feigning sleep? That wouldn't do.

"Aiya, my dear Xiao Shi, why aren't you awake yet? I didn't have enough last night. It seems like I have to use a more thrilling way to wake you up," Wang Zheng said naughtily.

"No, no, I'm up!" Aina opened her eyes hurriedly.

"You dare bluff your hubby, that makes you guilty. Twice then!" Wang Zheng smiled.

"I surrendered last night, but you didn't let me off… Ah, what are you doing…" Aina gave Wang Zheng a death glare.

Sigh, Wang Zheng surrendered. One couldn't blame him, Aina was too tempting, he would not be able to get through the day without having her.

Half an hour went past like that. Aina fell in Wang Zheng's arms, completely weak and useless.

"My dear, do you want to eat?" Wang Zheng said as he held Aina. He was feeling like a beast, but that didn't raise any guilt in him. He was only human too.

Aina rolled her eyes at Wang Zheng. She didn't have any energy left, especially not to eat.

"I'll feed you," Wang Zheng said, knowing he was the cause of this.

This brunch was simply scrumptious.

Baby Xiao Shi laid in Wang Zheng's arms lazily after the food, enjoying the breeze from the lake. She really didn't want to do anything, nor did she have the strength to do anything anymore. Wang Zheng might not be the best sweet talker, but she wasn't fussy about it as long as he meant it.

The Princess might have heard all sorts of praises sung about her, but the crude efforts by her lover made her very happy. Some girls were naturally beautiful. Aina didn't put any makeup on. She had only brushed her hair and tied it up casually. The clothes were prepared by Lan Ling. they weren't branded, but the traditional wear of Tita. They suited the climate here very well. They were simple but looked branded when Aina wore them.

"Xiaosu prepared a welcome party for us, should we go?" Wang Zheng asked with a smile.

"Go, of course we should," Aina said. She was still weak, but she should be able to return back to normal at night… right?

"Don't push it. We can change the date if you really can't." Wang Zheng smiled naughtily.

"Isn't everything your fault?" Aina glared at Wang Zheng again. Wang Zheng was innocent, it could only be blamed on Aina for being too delicious for her own good.

They went at night. It was held at Ling Mountain. It was simple and was more of a gathering between old friends. The giants didn't attend. These events were usually attended by the wise ones, while they attended battles.

Yan Xiaosu, Lan Ling, Mu Sen, Ye Zisu, Zhao Elin, Jasper, Gabre, The war between Aslan and Arbiter was now the attention of the world. Jasper;s country, Lya Sphinx, had joined the war on the side of Aslan. Gabre's Maacah Republic had joined as well. The momentum of the coalition forces was great. The two countries wanted to profit from it. Of course, Gabre and Jasper weren't involved in such a big issue. However, it had been smooth, especially since the prices of resources soared after the war began. It was an unexpected windfall for the mining industry.

Some of the girls were already chatting away happily. Aina, Ye Zisu, and Lan Ling were relatively mild and got along well. Ye Zisu was no stranger to Aina in the first place. They were even closer now. Lan Ling and Zhao Elin weren't able to interject. Aina's involvement was very wide. She wasn't a figurehead princess, so the knowledge she possessed wasn't something normal people could rival.

Wang Zheng pulled Yan Xiaosu aside. "Find a time for me to meet Old Merchant. He didn't come and meet me."

Yan Xiaosu snickered. "Boss, Professor Alan found a new way to use the super-gravity energy ore and has been busy with it. This is connected to the defense of Tita. You probably have to push your personal affairs to later. We'll be scolded if we find him. Why don't you go to him yourself, even though I bet you are having the time of your life now."

"Are you itching for a beating? I guess so, eh? I haven't beaten you for the past few years since I was busy," Wang Zheng warned.

Yan Xiaosu backed away. "A gentlemen reasons with words, not fists. We're all adults. Shall we go with the former?"

It was still alright all those years back, now their combat power was 1 versus 10,000… Yan Xiaosu didn't want to take any chances.

"We have yet to conquer the universe, but that dream is half fulfilled." Yan Xiaosu couldn't help but smile as he looked at the girls chatting away. He liked this kind of atmosphere, not the rigid kind where he had to care about the way he held the wine glass.

"What do you mean?"

"Hehe, Boss, you understand." Yan Xiaosu elbowed Wang Zheng playfully. Conquering the Princess of the greatest empire was akin to conquering half of the world.

Jasper and Gabre brought a box of fruits in. They were all specialties from Tita. They really couldn't bear to leave now that they had gotten used to the lifestyle here. They were here most of the time, only leaving when business called for it. They had started other businesses here as well. Jasper was in real estate. The new immigrants demanded more facilities, and only the five big cities fulfilled their requirements. He developed real estate in the five big cities on one side and then added some bouquet hotels. Gabre, on the other hand, was constructing the support facilities they were lacking. The speed of development was beyond imagination due to the cheap labor and efficiency of the Titans.

Mu Sen was very clear about this. They had put in so much effort to ensure there was a balance between urban construction and the ecological environment. The humans kept their promises, so they would also keep theirs. The feeling was mutual.

Yan Xiaosu was initially worried about whether Aina could get along with them. It seemed like he was overly concerned. Aina's intelligence was proportionate to her beauty. She knew Wang Zheng valued his brothers and admired their relationship.

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