The Adventures of Alex Jones
2 Close Encounters
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The Adventures of Alex Jones
Author :Cseley
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2 Close Encounters

As the monster got closer to Alex he looked at it and said,"Do you really think that's going to work on me?" After he said that he grabbed a tin foil hat from his pocket and put it on and then ran towards his car. When he got near his car he fumbled for the keys in his pocket but then he remembered that he left the keys in his office. As he was thinking about what to do the monster was getting closer very close to him. As the monster got closer to Alex he could feel a very gloomy presence coming from the "Man" that seemed very surreal as if it was distorting the world around him. Alex was starting to freak out because he can't think of way to get the monster away from him. As he was panicking he saw a kid on a bike near the side of the road looking at his phone. Alex decided to cop the bike from the kid and try and escape from the monster using the bike. Alex ran as fast as he could to go and get the bike this was a matter of life or death. As Alex got closer to the bike he noticed that there was no one else near him just the monster and the biker. When Alex caught up to the biker he was breathing very heavily which caused the biker to get off his phone and look up. As the biker was geting of his phone Alex pushed him of the bike and got on. When Alex stole the bike the monster was very close to them and reached out for the biker that was just pushed off the bike. When the man was touched by the monster he disappeared without a sound or trace. When Alex say this he shouted,"You're a demon just like Hillary Clinton!" after he said this he started to bike away however it looked really weird because the bike was meant for little kids not grown men. When alex got away from the monster he heard a wispy laugh that sent a shiver down his spine. While Alexa was riding the bike he was thinking about his family and wondering if they were worried about him because he hasn't been home and he's almost never late. As he was thinking about all of this he saw a helicopter flying in the distance and there were three letters on its side-SCP.
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    《The Adventures of Alex Jones》