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In Jiang Fei's buddy list, the profile pictures of four big Guildmasters were flickering. They were peppering him with endless streams of questions. Sadly, Jiang Fei had bigger things to look at.

A golden treasure chest had taken the place of the boss' massive corpse.

"Brother Glider! What kind of party name is that?!"

Rosette Rose truly regretted her decision. She had just recovered from her shock, but it was too late. Jiang Fei had decided on a lousy excuse of a name, wasting such a great advertising opportunity. If this announcement had been used to propagate the Rosette Knighthood, that would have been perfect!

"I'm a big-time introvert. Introverts put introverted names," said Jiang Fei, pretending to be the meekest, closeted geek ever.

"Pfft…" The girls all rolled their eyes at him.

"Cutie, just open the damn treasure chest!"

Rosette Miaomiao was clearly more interested in the gleaming treasure chest!

"Ahhhh... The damage has already been done. Brother Glider, go do your thing... Let's better hope that something good comes out of this!"

Rosette Rose was still disgruntled about the whole party name thing, but the system announcement had already been sent. Nothing more could be said.


The heavy, golden lid flicked open at a speed and lightness that belied its appearance. A dazzling blue light flashed by!

Staff of the Humanoid Demon Lord (Staff, Excellent)

Physical Attack +18

Magical Attack +135

Intelligence: +7

Vitality: +5

Equipped: Allows you to acquire a skill ------ Humanoid Demon Puppet. Summons a Humanoid Demon Puppet that is of equal level to you and aid you in combat. Lasts for 3 minutes. Cooldown: 15 minutes.

Level requirement: 15

Claret Defense Ring (Ring, Excellent)

Physical Attack +35

Vitality: +6

Parry: +3

Equipped: Allows you to acquire a skill ------ Claret Aegis. Instantly increases your Defense, causing you to withstand only 50% of the total damage you receive from the next three attacks!

Level requirement: 15

Flesh Bracelet (Leather Bracelet, Excellent)

Physical Defense +15

Magical Defense +15

Agility: +6

Strength: +4

Equipped: Allows you to acquire a skill ------ Consume. Every time you kill an enemy within 5 Levels of you, you recover 15% Health Points!

Level requirement: 15

As expected from the Final boss. Three Ascended Blue tier equipment dropped at once. Although there were no more smithing Recipes, Jiang Fei had no complaints about it!

The Leather Bracelet was almost immediately set aside. Within the entire party, Rosette Phantom was the only player who utilized Leather Armor. The bracelet was hers by default. She had to be ridiculously lucky to obtain two special equipment from one dungeon run!

The ring went to Jiang Fei. After all, he was Rosette Knighthood's trump card tank. Even the Defense-oriented Rosette Dazzledance had no qualms about him taking the ring. After all, no girl enjoyed standing on the front row to take the beating for everyone else. Her build had been a result of necessity, not choice. Now, this Jiang Fei had popped out of nowhere, so she could rest easy!

When it was time to distribute the staff, the four girls turned towards Jiang Fei. The two Priests and the Magician Rosette Fox had not even obtained a single piece of equipment. Their eyes spoke of a million tales!

"Oh please, Priests, back off! This staff doesn't have Spirit attribute, it's clearly meant for Magicians!" snapped Rosette Rose.

"Alright…" Rosette Miaomiao and Rosette Peach could not hide their disappointment, but they said no more.

"Narcissus, you've already had one. Let's give this staff to Fox!"

Rosette Rose had turned to Rosette Narcissus.

"Okay!" Rosette Narcissus nodded. After all, she was not the only Magician. It would be too much for her to hog it all to herself.

"Yay! Thank you, Cutie!" Rosette Fox tugged the staff out of Jiang Fei's hands. At the same time, she had pounced up and kissed him on the cheek!

"Hey! You're such a flirt. I'm the one who decided to distribute the staff to you, alright?" Rosette Rose rolled her eyes. She despised those who placed misters before sisters.

"I don't care! Anyway, I'm kissing whoever who gave me the staff! Am I right, Cutie?" Even with the staff in her hands, Rosette Fox did not neglect to assault Jiang Fei's cheek with her lips.

"Let's... Just get back to the city!" Jiang Fei coughed.

"Alright!" After all, they had barely scraped through the Elite Mode. At their current level, the Heroic Mode would be suicide!

Besides, Rosette Rose was currently too busy to focus in combat. As Jiang Fei had not replied the masters of the four big guilds, they had turned to the Guildmaster instead. She did not have the guts to blatantly ignore them like Jiang Fei.

After all, Rosette Rose's earnest wish was to develop Rosette Knighthood into a first-class big guild. To achieve this goal, she could not afford to offend the existing big guilds. She was currently busy building relationships with those few Guildmasters. One thing was certain. She most certainly would not disclose Jiang Fei's secret to anyone else. Jiang Fei was the key to achieving her goals. If other guilds actually poached Jiang Fei, she might just break down and cry.

Upon returning to the city, Jiang Fei brought the girls to the cathedral at the center of Dawnlight City. After all, Moliere had entrusted a report to him before his corruption, asking him to deliver it to Bishop Phillip in person!

"Dear Adventurer, may I inquire as to why you've come to the cathedral?" a low-level priest asked.

"It's an emergency concerning the military. We need to see Bishop Phillip, stat!"

"I see! Please wait!"

The alarmed priest had immediately headed into the cathedral.

"Young man, I've heard something about an emergency?" Soon after, an old priest hobbled out. The green words "Bishop Phillip" hovered over his head.

"Yes! Your Eminence!" said Jiang Fei, handing the scroll over.

"Ding! The quest "The Variant Forest" (Dungeon) has been completed. Obtained 50,000 Experience Points. Obtained 10 Silver Coins!"

The moment the scroll made contact with the Bishop's fingers, Jiang Fei and the girls within the Knighthood received the quest rewards altogether. With 50,000 Experience Points shoved into the pocket, Jiang Fei's Experience Bar shot up. Once again, he was close to leveling up!

"Sigh! May the Lord comfort their souls! Alright! I'll deal with this matter! Thank you very much!" said Bishop Phillip, turning and walked back into the cathedral. It looked like that was the end of it! No more follow-up quests!

Jiang Fei and the girls parted ways. It was high time for some major equipment upgrades. After all, he had a Green tier Recipe now. It should be enough for him to produce Blue tier breastplates. He even had a Blue tier Recipe that might actually produce Violet tier Legendary Shoulder Armor. The prospect almost got him weak at the knees!

Of course, the higher quality the Recipe, the more materials required, and the higher the cost. Although Jiang Fei almost had 400 gold coins on his person, he could not mass-produce the armor like before!
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