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"What a kid! You really did it!"

When the leg-scratching man saw the golden weapon in Jiang Fei's hand, he tossed aside the wine bottle and drumstick.

"Oh well, in that case, I'll take you in as my apprentice!"

The leg-scratching man seemed to be playing a magic trick. All of a sudden, his appearance changed. One moment, he was a filthy, big drunk, now he was clad in a glittering golden helmet and body armor. Even the dirt on his face had vanished. His goofy face was now resolute and grim!

"Ding! Divine Blacksmith Ou Yezi has offered you the opportunity to advance your class into a Divine Blacksmith's apprentice. Do you agree?"

"Agree!" Only fools would choose NO at this moment!

"Ding! Your class has changed!"

"Ding! Obtained the Divine Blacksmith's Blazing Hammer!"

"Holysh*t!" Jiang Fei was dumbfounded. The opportunity of holding a Ascended Class would have been enough. Little did he expect to actually get through with it!

Divine Blacksmith's Blazing Hammer (Blacksmith Hammer, Chromatic Equipment)

Success rate +15%

Ascended Equipment Production Rate +5%

Equipped: Every time your character levels up, you obtain 1 Vitality stat point.

Equipped: When you receive a fatal blow, you would deny death. Instantly recovers your Health Points back to 50%! Cooldown duration: 30 minutes!

Equipped: Every time your class increases by 1 Level, your success rate increases by 1%!

Equipped: Every time your class increases by 3 Level, your Ascended Equipment Production Rate increases by 1%!

Equipped: Grants you a skill ------ Triple Bash. Delivers three consecutive bashes with the weapon Blazing Hammer. Increase 5% chance to create Ascended equipment if skill is used on Smithing. Deals damage that is equal to 5% of Maximum Health Point as damage, three times to a target, if skill is used for attack.

Jiang Fei stared at that short golden hammer in his bag, dumbfounded. It was indeed a Chromatic equipment that had the capacity for Growth. It was simply divine! Not to mention the extremely high success rate for both crafting and producing Ascended equipment. There were five lines of potent, additional attribute. They all could even grow along with the character. No wonder Hidden classes could end up crushing the other classes of the same genre. By just having an equipment that was capable of Growth would set a player on the ultimate path!

Jiang Fei then browsed through his class skills. Those skills that he had as an ordinary Blacksmith had vanished and a few new skills had replaced them!

Divine Smith Art------ Smelting: A skill to refine ores into metals. 20% chance to fail.

Divine Smith Art ------ Forging: You would be able to produce Heavy Armor equipment according to Recipes.

Divine Smith Art ------ Inlay: You are able to produce Accessories such as Necklaces and Rings according to Recipes!

Divine Smith Art ------ Rapid Cooling: Instantly blasts an icy gale ahead of you in a conical area. If used on an almost complete equipment, Ascended equipment production rate increases by 1%. If used on an enemy, 10% of your maximum Health Points would be dealt as damage. The enemy would be frozen solid for 1 second. After 1 second, the enemy's Movement Speed would be reduced by 50%. Lasts for 5 seconds! Cooldown duration: 1 minute!

"I'm invincible!" Jiang Fei was so excited that he almost shouted out loud. A Hidden class had the power to crush other players of the same class genre. As a Divine Blacksmith, not did Jiang Fei have a higher production efficiency, but he now had access to Jewel Meister-like abilities!

Although Jewel Meister burned through money in the early stages of the game, they became money-making monsters in the middle-late stages of the game! Besides, to Jiang Fei, those additional attributes from equipment were not enough for him to function on the front lines. He could only grow stronger if he widened his avenues of craftable equipment!

As a Blacksmith, Jiang Fei could only produce Heavy Armors and Weapons. But Weapons were useless to Jiang Fei. Therefore, Jiang Fei could only depend on those Armor. But now, things had changed. Jiang Fei was able to produce three additional types of equipment. Rings, Necklaces, and other Accessories, giving a total of five slots. The possibilities were endless!

Besides, Jiang Fei now had the perfect alibi, "Why am I so good with my hammer? Well, I dunno... Oh, maybe it's because I'm a HIDDEN CLASS, like a DIVINE BLACKSMITH, maybe? BOOM!"

Anyway, Hidden classes were all one-offs. Nobody else would be able to verify the truth behind his statement!

"Alright. Practice hard, kid. I'm leaving!"

After Jiang Fei completed his class advancement, the Nameless Blacksmith vanished into thin air.


Jiang Fei did not expect that. This class advancement master did not seem very mortal... Or corporeal. Well, there he was now. He did not need to continually learn new skills. He could literally craft new ones for himself. As for those White grade Recipes, he could sell them off to the ordinary Blacksmith master.

The class advancement was complete. The skill master had ran off. Jiang Fei could only return to the previous Workshop to continue producing equipment. After all, he had not yet finished his Blue tier Shoulder Armor consignment for the four big guilds!

Two hours of smithing later, Jiang Fei finally completed all the Furious Bear Roar Shoulders. As a Divine Blacksmith and the additional attribute of the Chromatic tier weapon, Jiang Fei's success rate had shot up.

Jiang Fei had originally assumed that less than 200 Shoulder Armors would come out of the 500 sets of material. He had not expected more than 300 sets! Moreover, 30 of them were Epic grade Shoulder Armors!

In line with the "Benefits should always be kept for one's own people" hidden rule, Jiang Fei stashed the 30 Violet tier Shoulder Armors in the Knighthood's storage. He then went on to pick the worst of that 30, ready to raise hell on the four major guilds!

Aside from the Epic grade Shoulder Armor, Jiang Fei also had 280 Blue tier Shoulder Armor. By the ratio of 1:15, Jiang Fei only had to provide more than 30 of them to the four major guilds. But he would not be able to hold on the remaining 250 forever. They would only remain relevant for so long. When the average player got to level twenty or so, they would be next to useless! He had to liquidate them, fast!

"These were the Blue tier Shoulder Armors that should have been given to you guys. According to our agreement yesterday, the 500 material sets should have produced 33 items in total. I'll be slightly generous and give you 35 instead! You guys, divide them among yourselves!" said Jiang Fei, while handing all the equipment to Lady Casanova.

"Aw, little brother, such a good chap!"

Southern Azuresword gave Jiang Fei a thumbs up. Two extra Blue tier equipment, just like that? He was a great man. Little did Southern Azuresword know that Jiang Fei simply had too much of that garbage in his hand; therefore he had grown lazy and resorted to rounding up everything!

After the four Guildmasters were finished dividing the equipments, Jiang Fei revealed the Epic grade Shoulder Armor. It was the worst among 30 other Epics, but its violet brilliance had almost blinded the four Guildmasters!

"Holysh*t! Epic tier equipment!"

"Little kid, is that for sale?"

"State your price, brother!"

They all turned into deers with their eyes caught in the headlights of moving trucks. Aside from Happy Drunk who had a Chromatic weapon, the others have never seen such a high-class weapon. Even their Blue tier equipment were all products of Jiang Fei!

They could not imagine Jiang Fei actually mass-producing these babies. All of them had believed that this was the first Epic tier equipment in the whole of Dawnlight City. This was no longer an issue about the equipment's attribute, but an issue about self-respect!

"Hahah, just put your offers up. gold coins, Recipes for equipment smithing and accessory crafting, I want all of them! By the way, I'm not afraid to tell you guys this. I'm actually not a member of some workshop. I've produced this all by myself. I'm a Hidden class just like him!" Jiang Fei called out, brandishing the Blazing Hammer in his hands and lifting it high in the air. Might as well clear the air around him. If not, questions would be asked about the 200-odd Blue grade Shoulder Armor.
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