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When everything was said and done, Jiang Fei took out the three samples that he had carefully picked out for himself.

Raider's Breastplate of Thorns (Chainmail Armor, Excellent)

Physical Defense +45

Vitality: +5

Avoidability: +1

Equipped: Grants you a passive skill ------ Armor of Thorns. Each time you receive Physical damage, 5 damage would be reflected back to the enemy, inflicting poison status. Attack Speed is reduced by 20%. Lasts for 5 seconds.

Furious Bear Roar of War (Shoulder Armor, Epic)

Physical Defense +65

Magic Defense +30

Vitality: +8

Critical Hit: +5

Avoidability: +5

Equipped: Grants you a skill ------ Battle Cry. Instantly deals 100 damage to all enemies 8 meters around you, weakening their Attack by 20%. Lasts for 10 seconds. Cooldown duration: 3 minutes! (This skill can generate a massive amount of aggro!)

Spellbreaker Ruby Viper (Accessory, Epic)

 Physical Attack +20

Magic Attack +20

Vitality: +10

Magic Resistance: +5

Equipped: Grants you a skill ------ Mana Burn. Instantly depletes all your Mana Points, burning off 50% of the target's Mana Points. At the same time, 50% of the total Mana Points consumed is dealt as damage to the target! Cooldown duration: 5 minutes! (Cannot be cast on bosses!)

 After equipping the three equipment, Jiang Fei spent 200 gold coins on materials to create an Armor Shield (Enhancer). Although the shield could only absorb physical damage, it was good enough to act as a last-minute deus ex machina! Jiang Fei's attributes had increased drastically. Besides, the Divine Blacksmith's Blazing Hammer had also added his Vitality by a longshot. With that, his Health Points had surpassed the 5,000 Health Point threshold!

By now, Jiang Fei's stats were just off the charts.

Player Name: Verdure Glider

 Level: 16

Class: Divine Blacksmith (Apprentice)

Experience Points: 112,475 / 125,000

Health Points: 5,080 / 5,080

Mana Points: 360 / 360

Physical Attack Power: 88 + 90

Physical Defense: 184 + 265

Magic Defense: 72 + 50

In terms of raw numbers, Jiang Fei could easily stand his ground against any of those specialized combat-type classes. On top of that, he had up to eight additional active skills!

Charge: Instantly dashes towards the enemy target, dealing 50 fixed damage, and stuns the enemy target for 2 seconds. The applicable range is 3-20 meters. Cooldown duration: 5 minutes!

Iron Fist: Bashes a single target, dealing 300 fixed damage. Cooldown duration: 50 seconds!

Triple Bash: Delivers three consecutive bashes with the weapon Blazing Hammer. Increase 5% chance to create Ascended equipment if skill is used on Smithing. Deals damage that is equal to 5% of Maximum Health Point as damage, three times to a target, if skill is used for attack. Cooldown duration: 20 seconds!

Rapid Cooling: Instantly blasts an icy gale ahead of you in a conical area. If used on an almost complete equipment, Ascended equipment production rate increases by 1%. If used on an enemy, 10% of your maximum Health Points would be dealt as damage. The enemy would be frozen solid for 1 second. After 1 second, the enemy's Movement Speed would be reduced by 50%. Lasts for 5 seconds! Cooldown duration: 1 minute!

Battle Cry: Instantly deals 100 damage to all enemies 8 meters around you, weakening their Attack by 20%. Lasts for 10 seconds. Cooldown duration: 3 minutes! (This skill can generate a massive amount of aggro!)

Mana Burn: Instantly depletes all your Mana Points, burning off 50% of the target's Mana Points. At the same time, 50% of the total Mana Points consumed is dealt as damage to the target! Cooldown duration: 5 minutes! (Cannot be cast on bosses!)

Claret Aegis: Instantly increases your Defense, causing you to take only 50% of the total damage you receive from the next three attacks! Cooldown duration: 5 minutes!

Armored Bulwark: Upon activation, absorbs Physical damage, equal to 20% of your maximum Health Points. Lasts for 10 seconds. Cooldown duration: 5 minutes!

Sadly, even though he was undeniable, the strongest tank in the game, he lacked the necessary skill that makes up a proper tank, that is aggro generating skills. Even so, he was still the game's strongest—No! China's one-of-a-kind, strongest, and most durable tank player!

After reading through his skill descriptions, Jiang Fei decided to start grinding levels outside the city. After all, the 1-day cooldown duration was finished. The Normal Mode "Deep in the Night Forest" had been reset. A solo dungeon run should get him to Level 18.

Currently, he was just at the brink of reaching Level 17. It may be a slippery slope with an ever-increasing gradient up ahead, but a solo dungeon run should fill his bar once over, with some excess to spare.

Jiang Fei had planned to raid the dungeon by himself, hence, he had not informed the girls in the guild about his expedition. Even after he had led them to claim the First Clear achievement for an Elite mode dungeon run, most of the girls in the guild still lacks the proper skill to even do a Normal mode dungeon run. Hence, Rosette Rose and the other main party of the guild had led a few of the other members to raid the Normal run as training.

"Hey hey, kid, look who's out of the closet finally!" Just as Jiang Fei was walking into the Night Forest, a haughty voice came up from behind him.

"Huh"? Jiang Fei looked back. What a small world. It was the very "Wild Wolf Trio"!

"Hey, kid, you're quite incredible, aren't you? We heard that you solo-ed a five-member dungeon," Venomous Wolf drawled, sauntering up to Jiang Fei before staring him down.

"Kid, tell us the secret of the dungeon. You exploited a bug, didn't you? We'll only kill you once if you do. Or so help me God, we're going to camp at the graveyard and show you what power-deleveling looks like. Wanna have a rerun at the Beginner's Village?" Vicious Wolf snarled.

Although Jiang Fei had become famous overnight, the concept of "Profession class players have no damage" was deeply rooted among people's heart, including those of the four major guilds. Apart from the girls from the Knighthood who had seen it themselves, the rest of the players had considered Jiang Fei as a cheater for utilizing an unknown bug to raid the dungeon. They even thought that it was due to the same bug that Rosette Knighthood was able to achieve First Clear for the Elite Mode dungeon!

Therefore, no one had paid attention to Jiang Fei's combat power, including this Wild Wolf Trio. Venomous Wolf coincidentally saw Jiang Fei at the entrance of a Blacksmith's Workshop today. Therefore, the three of them then began to tail him. After all, they would be caught by NPC soldiers if they beat Jiang Fei up within the city. Therefore, the three of them had been waiting for Jiang Fei to leave the city!

"As a Profession class player, you should have been staying still within the city, yet you insist to come out and show off. Heh heh, we should be blamed for being so lucky as well! Kid, if you don't want to go back to the Beginner's Village, you better tell us about the bug in the dungeon now!"

Hungry Wolf walked towards Jiang Fei. His pointing finger tip almost poked Jiang Fei's nose, not to mention his arrogant attitude! To the Wild Wolf Trio, Jiang Fei was a fish out of the water, laid out on the chopping board. He was all theirs to chop!

"Do you still remember what I said at the Beginner's Village?" asked Jiang Fei, smiling coldly.

"What the heck did you even say?" asked Venomous Wolf, blinking in surprise.

Vicious Wolf guffawed.

"Kid, drop the act. It's clear as day that you're a Crafter." He had no reason to fear a Blacksmith!

"Hmph! You're just stalling for time until those girls come to save you, aren't you? Now, I'll give you three seconds to reconsider that silly attempt. Or else, don't blame us for being cruel!" Hungry Wolf snapped.

"You three? Please. You don't deserve the need for more manpower," said Jiang Fei with an evil grin. Ever since Jiang Fei had armed himself with skills to fight, he had been fighting monsters all the time. Not even once that he had tried to fight a player. However, since the trio had offered themselves to Jiang Fei, why not accept the "duel" and practice some move?

Unlike the trio, who had zero knowledge about Jiang Fei's combat capabilities, Jiang Fei knew all about there was to know about them due to the ring's mysterious power! Two of them were Level 16 Warriors and the other was a Level 15 Bandit. Even though they were almost at the same Level as Jiang Fei, their equipment were as weak as toilet paper compared to the ironclad Jiang Fei!

Just what they were thinking? Could their bloat self-esteem blind them of their own weakness? They should know that their equipment were as common as dirt on the ground! Challenging someone else without knowing the opponent's capabilities is like jumping into a ravine and expect it to be as shallow as a kid's pool!
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