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Jiang Fei made a table, inserting the detailed introduction and trigger time for the skills of each Boss within the Elite Mode dungeon. He then sent it to the four major guild masters, along with his bank account number. His mum had created this bank account long ago for Jiang Fei's red envelop money!

Jiang Fei was not worried at all that the four financiers would repudiate their debts. They would absolutely not tarnish their own reputation by a mere 50,000 RMB. Besides, he was the best Blacksmith in Dawnlight City, even throughout the entire Empire. He did not believe that the four major guilds would be willing to reach a deadlock with him due to such a small profit!

Usually, a 200,000 RMB into the pocket was a king's ransom to Jiang Fei, that he even did not know where to spend it. But it was different today, as he had a cheating ring that would feast on diamonds; 200,000 RMB would not even make a budge.

Later, Jiang Fei accepted a large order from the four major guilds, helping them to smith equipments in order to earn more money. Due to his uber high Ascended equipment creation rate, the lousy Purple grade Shoulder Armors that he had produced later was then sold to the four major guilds at a high price as well. Through such a smithing process whole day, Jiang Fei had procured another extra 10,000 gold coins profit which is worth around 100,000 RMB in the black market.

At 6 am the next day, when Jiang Fei logged out from the game, there was an additional 300,000 RMB in his bank. Looking at how rich he became, Jiang Fei felt somewhat proud of himself, as his ability to earn money was way incredible compared to his dad!

Jiang Fei finished his breakfast hurriedly and left his house. He ran directly towards the marketplace and headed towards the jeweler, and smashed all 300,000 RMB into purchasing lots of diamonds. He then found a place where there was no one else, and let the mysterious ring devoured all the diamonds. However, the next thing that happened drove him into complete madness!

Diamonds worth 300,000 RMB, devoured by the mysterious ring, and yet the progress bar had only increased by 1%!

"You're now f*cking kidding with me, aren't you?" Jiang Fei broke out into curses at the mysterious ring!

Although Jiang Fei had earned a 300,000 RMB huge sum in one night, that was due to the inclusion of selling information about the Bosses. Even if he did nothing else other than specializing in smithing equipment for the four major guilds, he would have around 100,000 RMB income. Although it sounded quite a lot, a three-day effort was only able to increase the mysterious ring's Experience Points by 1%. It would take almost one whole year for the ring to level up!

Could it be that he had to specially work hard for the four major guilds for this one whole year?

This was absolutely impossible!

Jiang Fei was already fed up by the experience yesterday, as he had been wielding his hammer all day long. His original expectation was to withstand such suffering for three to five days at most for the ring to level up. However, the answer was actually 1 whole year! This was completely out of his expectation!

"F*ck! It's true that one won't turn rich without searching for extra income, horse won't grow fat without extra grasses as supper! Hard habour is truly the worse possible way to earn a living!" Jiang Fei spat hard, deciding not to work for the four major guilds like a dumb*ss anymore in future!

"Brother Fei, how about some fun outside?"

As it was Sunday, Jiang Fei had no need to go for school. As he was on his way back home, Zhao Feng gave him a phone call.

"Where to?" asked Jiang Fei.

"Heh heh, a nice place! Just come, and you'll know!" said Zhao Feng mysteriously.

"Where to meet?"

Jiang Fei happened to have nothing to do, as his original intention was to level up the mysterious ring. But it seemed impossible to be achieved within a short period of time.

"Manda Square!" said Zhao Feng.

"Okay!" Jiang Fei agreed. He then hung up the call.

Manda Square was the landmark building located in the city center, with a total of 108 floors, having 630 meters height, also known as the "Empire State Building in China"! As the name had stated, this was also a property under the name of the Octopus Group, which had gathered office work, catering, entertainment and many other functions in one body.

Jiang Fei arrived at Manda Square via taxi very soon, where Zhao Feng the little fatty was already waiting for his arrival!

"Where to?" asked Jiang Fei.

"Heh heh! Come, Brother Fei, let's go play games!" said Zhao Feng, pulling Jiang Fei along towards the underground of Manda Square. There was an electronic entertainment center located on the fourth floor underground, with all kinds of classical and modern gaming facilities!

"Okay!" Jiang Fei was originally a game maniac. His affection towards games was not only limited to online games!

"Yo! Little fatty, come to give me money again?" said a guy who dyed his hair in yellow smilingly towards Zhao Feng the moment he entered the gaming center.

"Monkey, don't you mess with me. I've brought along reinforcement today!" Zhao Feng spoke quite unashamedly, as he had Jiang Fei at his back!

"I knew it!" Jiang Fei felt speechless the moment he saw such a stance. As expected, this little fatty had lost to the guy in game. Feeling anxious, Zhao Feng had asked him for help on taking revenge!

This was a common experience to Jiang Fei. As Zhao Feng the little fatty's gaming skills were just slightly better than ordinary players. He might be able to bully newbies, but he would be damn when it came to some slightly proficient players. However, Zhao Feng always loved to have a bet with others. Once he lost, he got anxious, and he would ask Jiang Fei to have a comeback on his behalf.

"Heh heh… Brother Fei, please help me. I'll invite you for a meal later, my treat!" Zhao Feng felt slightly embarrassing, as he was the one who involved Jiang Fei into the business after all.

"Haha, kid, just a garbage like you, your reinforcement won't be any stronger as well!" Huang Mao clamored.

"That's enough! Cut the crap! How do you want to play?" As best brothers, Jiang Fei did not mind having merry laughs or angry curses between him and Zhao Feng. But he would never allow others to humiliate his best brother!

"Hey, kid! Quite the arrogance you have there!" said Huang Mao, as he walked forward wagging his body, with more than ten subordinates following behind.

"I'm being arrogant, as I have the capital to be so. Shoot, what to play?" said Jiang Fei, as he took a glance at these young people on the opposite. The way they dyed their hairs made them look like traffic light.

"Aren't you helping this little fatty out? Let's play the current most popular game "Dawn Break" then!" said Huang Mao, pointing to the machine beside.

Although "Dawn Break" would not run during the day, there were some gaming centers that were able to copy your character within the game. Players would then fight against each other on a separate platform. Since the data was just a copy, it would not cause any influence to your game data within "Dawn Break". Therefore, many players had chosen to practice their Player versus Player skills or studying the techniques to utilize their skills during the day at these gaming centres.

"No way…" Zhao Feng immediately wanted to refuse. As in his eyes, Jiang Fei did not own a game account.

"It's alright. "Dawn Break" it is!" Jiang Fei nodded.

"Brother Fei, your dad has agreed?" asked Zhao Feng with delight. But then, he immediately frowned. Even if Jiang Fei had a game account, he had begun playing the game few days later than others, which would definitely be leading him to getting the short end of the stick in terms of character level and equipments!

"It's fine. Don't you worry!" said Jiang Fei as he was going to put on the gaming helmet.

"Best of three, 5,000 RMB!" said Huang Mao, while stopping Jiang Fei from putting on his gaming helmet.

"No problem! I'll pay!" Zhao Feng the fatty took the initiative to speak. He was extremely confident towards Jiang Fei's talent in gaming aspect.

"Holysh*t! You're playing this big? How much did you actually lose?" Jiang Fei frowned, as he did not expect Zhao Feng to play so big. He thought that Zhao Feng had only lost a few hundreds bet against others!

"Brother Fei, I've lost all my resources. You have to help me!" The moment Jiang Fei asked him, Zhao Feng the little fatty immediately showed an aggrieved look.

"Come on!" Jiang Fei nodded towards Huang Mao. He then put on the gaming helmet.

"Hmph! I'm truly lucky today. Little fatty, you're truly my angel of fortune!" Huang Mao smiled at Zhao Feng with his bared yellow teeth.
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