The Almighty Ring
60 A Disorderly Crowd
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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60 A Disorderly Crowd

after hesitating for a moment, jiang fei accepted the request in the end. after all, xiong dazhuang was not only representing himself, but that bunch of punks at the underground gaming center, courtesy of han tianyu. besides, it was true that jiang fei was a little short-handed in-game. the girls in the knighthood were great fun, but they were no good in an actual fight.

"young master ah fei! i've gathered the brothers around. they're waiting for your inspection!" xiong dazhuang seemed significantly more normal in-game.

"okay! where are you?" jiang fei intended to size up his new potential army.

"we're at xxx,xxx." xiong dazhuang sent him the coordinates.

jiang fei quickly spotted the disorderly crowd. it was difficult not to.

well, actually, it was a little inappropriate to call them a disorderly crowd. they were street punks, after all, but they knew their stuff in-game. they had the passion. if anything, they were more capable than the girls from the rosette knighthood!

of the 30-strong, 15 had exceeded level 20, while the others hovered around the level 18 to 19 mark. at worst, they could be called above average. on the other hand, the rosette knighthood ladies, armed to the teeth with jiang fei's premium equipment had barely managed to exceed level 20. several were lingering around level 18 to 19, while those who truly detested the grind were only around level 14 to 15.

"hee hee! brother ah fei, so you have come!"

the moment jiang fei arrived, a cute girl immediately pounced on him.

jiang fei looked back. through the mysterious ring, he had access to all other players' information.

mrsawesome (elf, mage)

level: 21

health points: 1,120

magic attack power: 184

remark: not affiliated with any group.

despite the characteristically pointy ears and a slender body, jiang fei was still able to recognize the crazy girl this morning ------ xiong nini!

"get off me…" jiang fei pleaded, one of his cheeks scrunched up by the creature that had entwined itself around him like a deep sea creature.

"okay!" mrsawesome seemed to be exceptionally obedient within the game. she immediately leaped off and stood beside him like a good girl.

"hey, this game is pretty good!" said jiang fei, amazed. these siblings seemed to have been cured of all mental ailments in the game!

"instead of running about like herdless sheep, you guys should get a guild going. xiong da, get one up and running, stat!"

jiang fei turned to xiong dazhuang, who was standing right beside him. the two brothers had made no attempts to rename themselves, going by their real-life names in the game.

"yes, young master!" xiong da, the wuxia-maniac who now saw jiang fei as his messiah immediately set off to fulfill the newfound prophecy.

"young master ah fei…"

jiang fei had originally intended to gauge the strength of this group before heading off to grind. he did not expect to be held up this long, and this much.

"hmm?" jiang fei turned to the voice.

curly monkey (elf, rogue)

level: 19

health points: 1,350

attack power: 187

remark: not affiliated with any group.

"isn't that huang mao? as far as i remember, he had a guild!" jiang fei murmured to himself.

little was he aware of han tianyu's actions that had taken place behind his back. everyone involved at the gaming center on that day had all left their respective guilds. let's not even mention that they were now official recruits of the manda group. even without the mention of manda group, they had to at least treat han tianyu's words as an imperial edict!


"well, i found something, young master ah fei!" curly monkey grinned sheepishly.

"oh? what would that be?" asked jiang fei, curious.

"a solo unknown dungeon!" curly monkey had replied via private message.

"what? a solo unknown dungeon?!" jiang fei was surprised.

the word "solo" was not difficult to understand. it meant that participation was limited to only one player. whereas the term "unknown dungeon" meant that it was a "one-time" dungeon. it would vanish when cleared. in exchange for that, both the difficulty and rewards were superior to that of an equally-leveled hero mode dungeon!

naturally, curly monkey was most unwilling to divulge his knowledge of this secret. at the moment, it may be too much for him, but it was only a matter of time before he grew powerful enough to take it on. however, circumstances were different now, as he had to rely on jiang fei. out of the thirty punks, he probably hated jiang fei the most. if he had not lost the bet and attempted to stack the deck, he would not have ended up kidnapping jiang fei.

it was a happy ending to everyone, as not only were they not dead, but they were now working for the very manda group. however, everyone -- xiong da included -- had been alienating curly monkey; whether intentionally or otherwise. they could not tell if jiang fei still bore a grudge towards this particular culprit. what if this guy single-handedly writes their death sentences?

curly monkey had wisely decided to attempt currying favor with jiang fei. even if jiang fei did not actively seek his blood, the others would isolate him to death, sooner or later. working for manda group was a dream come true. he was not about to squander that with bad blood!

"that's right, young master ah fei. i'm the only person who knows about this unknown dungeon, and it's all yours from now!"

curly monkey decided to place it all on the line for his future!

"what's the level requirement for this unknown dungeon?" asked jiang fei.

"it's level 15!" answered curly monkey.

"interesting…" jiang fei nodded. he clearly got the gist. he haltingly accepted the present.

"alright! tell me where it is, and you'll be xiong da's assistant from now on!" said jiang fei, grinning.

"thank you so much, young master ah fei!"

being xiong da's assistant was not curly monkey's objective, as there was nothing much about helping lead thirty-odd people. xiong da most definitely did not need an assistant. he had been wary about jiang fei. if jiang fei ever made it clear that he held nothing against the monkey, he would no longer be ostracized!

jiang fei immediately started moving out to the unknown dungeon. it may be more difficult than a hero mode dungeon, but it was still a solo dungeon. jiang fei could most probably handle it on his own!

mrsawesome had initially intended to tag along for fun. now that he was headed for a solo run, she had been left without a choice. before leaving, she had left curly monkey a sharp, merciless glare. if not for him, she would have been able to have fun with jiang fei!

jiang fei left the punks behind and headed for the west of dawnlight city, according to the coordinates given by curly monkey. as it was a mining zone, few monsters were there. the problem was that they were relatively tough individuals. on top of that, they only dropped garbage ores.

only profession class players frequented the area. according to curly monkey, he had been escorting the profession class players of his original guild and inadvertently came across this beautiful accident.

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