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Another five minutes passed. The Blood Bat Commander had slapped itself in the face close to death's door. But suddenly, it released a skill!



All of a sudden Jiang Fei lost 500 Health Points, whereas the Blood Bat had recovered by 500 Health Points!

"Oh, sh*t!" Jiang Fei was shocked. He quickly chugged a potion down his throat.




Potions such as this one no longer helped Jiang Fei much, thanks to their relatively meager restoration, in the face of his massive Health Bar of 6,500 Points. In this case, it was a great help against this frenzied Blood Bat. It was slapping him in the face at a rapid-fire pace, except that it was trying to clobber him to death with a fluffy stick of candyfloss!

More than 20 minutes passed in the blink of an eye. Jiang Fei had downed a few bottles of Health Points potions, but the Blood Bat Commander was still desperately attacking Jiang Fei!

Jiang Fei had come upon an epiphany. This Blood Bat was utterly unstoppable. Whenever its Health Points fell below 20%, it immediately cast Lifesteal once, before resuming its attacks.

"F*ck this sh*t, I'm out!"

In the end, Jiang Fei blatantly ignored the Blood Bat Commander's attacks and continued moving forward, allowing the Bat to harmlessly swarm him with its huge, fluttery bat-wings.

Jiang Fei got closer to the crystal coffin, catching sight of the person buried within!

It was an extremely beautiful girl. She had snow-white skin and an exquisite appearance. The crystal coffin had perfectly preserved her beauty. Nobody could tell when the girl breathed her last, but a certainty was that she looked incredibly lifelike!


Just as Jiang Fei closed in on the coffin, the Blood Bat Commander grew even increasingly manic, if that was even possible. It grabbed hold of Jiang Fei and sunk its fangs into his shoulder, before furiously dragging him away from the coffin!


A debuff appeared on Jiang Fei's head!

Bite: Grips the enemy with its teeth, dealing 50 damage per second, while forcing the enemy away from its position!

Jiang Fei immediately started on another bottle of healing potion.

Fortunately, the Blood Bat Commander had given up its high Movement Speed in exchange for a higher damage output. Finally, Jiang Fei could fight back!

Iron Fist!


Ice Burst!



Triple Bash!

-638! (Critical hit!)



A wave of attacks had taken the Blood Bat Commander's Health Points to a dangerous low of 10%!


Even so, the Blood Bat Commander still clung on as Jiang Fei grounded its flesh up with his hammer. It no longer had any regard for its well-being!

"That's enough! William!"

At that moment, a beautiful voice tinkled through the atmosphere. The Blood Bat Commander immediately let go of Jiang Fei and swiftly gained distance between the both of them. It collapsed beside the crystal coffin and morphed into a humanoid form!

He was quite the looker, much like those Western, blonde, long-haired hunks. However, he was clearly wounded, and blood was continuously flowing out from his mouth. He had taken quite the severe beating from Jiang Fei!

"Your Highness! You have woken?" William the Blood Bat Commander said delightfully, going down on one knee and facing the crystal coffin.

"What the f*ck? Is the Princess pretending to be dead?" Jiang Fei was taken aback. He did not bother going after a huge Bat. The game had appeared to have entered a cutscene.

"No, I am not yet ready. But I could not stand by and watch you die!"

A translucent figure floated out of the crystal coffin. Apart from being a spirit, she looked just like the girl within the coffin itself. There was no other explanation about it. This had to be her soul!

Princess Isabelle (Ghost, Master)

Level: 50 (19)

Health Points: 1,350

Attack Power: 0

Skill: Illusion, Captivate, Induce.

Remark: The young Princess of the Demon race. Fresh from her resurrection, she has the power of a Level 50 Lord. At the moment, she is only Level 19 and barely has Health Points to speak of. Moreover, she is extremely weak and unable to attack. But be warned, do not be deluded by her lies!

"I'm useless! Please allow this servant to take his life, Princess!" said Blood Bat Commander, lowering his head.

"Forget it. An adventurer coming across this hidden tomb has been the most unprecedented. I did not expect this myself!" Isabelle shook her head and turned towards Jiang Fei.

"Adventurer, I'm the Princess of Swan, a small kingdom located to the North of the Empire. Unfortunately, this beauty met an untimely end. Knowing that I would succumb to an ailment, I had prepared my grave here. If you love the money and treasures here, you may take them all back with you. But please, leave me in peace," Isabelle said.

"Hahaha!" Jiang Fei laughed boisterously. Others might have turned around. After all, no one would expect an NPC to try talking its way out of a fight. But Jiang Fei had been warned by the mysterious ring. She was bluffing. It was time to take action!

"What is it, Adventurer? These treasures are not to your liking?" Isabelle frowned.

"Hah. Treasures? Your Highness, keep your illusions to yourself!" said Jiang Fei with a broad grin on his face. He had deduced that all the luminous pearls, money and treasures were all fake. If he had truly accepted her request, he would have lugged back an entire sack of broken bricks home!

"What?! How did you know?!" Isabelle's expression suddenly changed when she heard what Jiang Fei said. If she had flesh and blood, she might have broken out in cold sweat. Not like Jiang Fei would actually stick around to fight a fully powered Level 50 boss!

"Hahah, a little princess of the Demon race. Interesting!" Jiang Fei grinned.

"Who are you?" Isabelle dropped the pretense. Her face turned gloomy.

"Back off, Kid!" the loyal Blood Bat Commander immediately staggered in front of his princess.

"And who's to stop me. You? You barely escaped me with your life. Just give it up." Jiang Fei snorted.

"Don't you ever think of hurting our Princess. I will not back down!" The severely wounded hunk spat out another mouthful of blood.

"It wouldn't take much to end you in your current state, right?" Jiang Fei pointed out.

"Where does this leave us now, Adventurer? Kill me, then claim the bounty from the Luminous Vatican?" Isabelle asked darkly. She may seem calm on the surface, but at that very moment, she never feared death any more intensely. She was utterly useless in a fight, and her one guard already had one foot in the grave. They were at the complete mercy of this adventurer. The only saving grace was his status as a non-member of the Luminous Vatican. Otherwise, he would have killed them without speaking a word. This was her one remaining lifeline. She might just be able to talk her way out of death. Heck, she might even have him aid in her resurrection!
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