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"Jiang Fei, our school is having a get-together with another school this Saturday. Everyone from our class is going, so there are no excuses for you!" Sun Mengmeng prodded Jiang Fei upright -- he was slumped over his desk, taking a nap as usual.

"Don't you Student Council guys have some actual work?" Jiang Fei complained.

"Cut the crap. Just be there!" Sun Mengmeng snapped. She had already announced this on the podium after school. However, a shut-in like Jiang Fei would have automatically switched off his hearing at the convenient moment. But the mighty Class Queen knew better and had not left this stone unturned.

"Okay then!" Jiang Fei shrugged. Since the class representative had personally hunted him down, he could not pretend not hearing it any longer. Anyway, he had no plans that weekend...

"Hmph! At least you're sensible. If I don't see you there…" The mighty Class Queen waved a small fist at him.


Afternoon classes were boring as usual. However, the high school students who were about to face the College Entrance Examinations still had to persevere and cram a bunch of useless information into their brains. Information that only proved relevant to the College Entrance Examinations!

After going through a whole difficult day of class which lasted until night, Jiang Fei went home and had his dinner. Then, he quickly finished his homework and prepared to log into the game!

At exactly ten o'clock at night, a flash of white light once again sent Jiang Fei into the game world!

"Ding! Meaty Juggernaut wants to add you as a friend, do you accept?"

"Hey! Stupid fatty, can't you change your name for once?" Jiang Fei was already tired of this same old, unoriginal name.

"Hehe, Brother Fei, admit it. It's badass, at least it's much better than Verdure Glider!" Zhao Feng laughed and said.

"Bah, shut it. Come to XXX, XXX! I'm waiting!" Jiang Fei snapped.

"I'll be right there!" As they were all in the city, it should not take too long.

"Big Brother Bear, how's the clan?" While Jiang Fei waited for Zhao Feng, he sent a message to Big Brother Bear.

"Young Master, it's all done! Should I add you?" Big Brother Bear asked.

"No, I already have a clan! By the way, what did you call it?" Jiang Fei asked with a smile. Although the girls of Rosette Knighthood did not play games very often, they treated him well. Rosette Rose shared most of the goodies with him, while also allowing him to act as leader. Even though he no longer needed any funds from external forces, it was still inappropriate to just slip away.

"It's called 'Young Master's Bodyguards'!" Big Brother Bear said proudly.

"Damn, how did you even come up with such a stupid name…" Jiang Fei's smile vanished. This Big Brother Bear was way too loyal for his own good!

"If you are not satisfied with the name, Young Master, should I re-register?" Big Brother Bear said immediately after sensing Jiang Fei tensing up.

"Forget it, don't bother, this will do…" Jiang Fei shook his head.

"Sure, is there anything you need, Young Master?" Big Brother Bear asked.

"I'll look for you guys in a bit, for now, give me your coordinates and stay put!" Jiang Fei said.

"Yessir!" Big Brother Bear complied, while also sending out a call to arms. The master needs to inspect his men!

"Brother Fei, I'm here!" Almost after that, a rotund figure appeared in front of Jiang Fei.

"Damn, what's with that Class of yours?" Jiang Fei asked, his eyes wide open. There was nothing special about the fatty's equipment. It was just a set of White equipment, but the weapon in his hand was way too bizarre. No matter how he looked at it, it looked like the banners that fortune tellers constantly held aloft in their hands.

"Hehe… it's a Rare Class ---- ---- Fengshui Master!" Zhao Feng said proudly.

"What does it do?" Jiang Fei asked curiously.

"It's a Support-type Rare Class. It's not like it's a Unique Class, but the quest is a backbreaker…" Zhao Feng explained.

"Don't you need to transfer twice before becoming a Rare Class?" Jiang Fei wondered.

"I completed a Hidden Quest, and the Quest Reward was this Class. I was originally a Cleric, before I took a banner in the hand…" Zhao Feng said.

"So... What can your Class do?" Jiang Fei, leading Zhao Feng to walk towards the rendezvous point.

"Other than Heal, I can cast a variety of Buffs. I've got Buffs that increase your Attack, Buffs that increase your Defense, Buffs that increase your Attack Speed, and Buffs that increase your Movement Speed. I've got Buffs that help you regenerate Mana. Sometime in the future, I'll get my hands on an Ultimate that allows me to reduce the cooldown of other people's skills!" Zhao Feng said proudly.

"F*ck! That's pretty strong!" Jiang Fei was also shocked.

"Not really!" At that moment, the little fatty Zhao Feng was feeling so smug that if he did not have ears, the corners of his mouth would have reached the back of his head!

"Young Master! You're here!" When Jiang Fei got to where Big Brother Bear and the others were at, the group of punks were already lined up, waiting to greet him.

"Hehe, brother Jiang Fei, did you miss me, or did you miss me?!"

MrsAwesome immediately ran towards Jiang Fei, before taking his arm into her embrace.

"Please behave and be quiet…" After Jiang Fei spent a great deal of effort freeing his arm, he turned to Big Brother Bear and panted.

"This is my friend, add him into the clan. Next time, when I'm not around, just contact him if anything comes up!"

"Yessir!" Big Brother Bear asked no questions. He immediately added Zhao Feng. Although Jiang Fei had obviously sent someone to supervise them, Big Brother Bear had been too severely poisoned by wuxia novels that he was as loyal as a dog. He genuinely had no qualms about adding this stranger to their ranks. Since Big Brother Bear had said nothing, his cronies dared not utter a single sound. As it was, they were already quite content with the fact that they would be able to at least get something from the Manda Group!

"Haha... Meaty Juggernaut... little fatty, you're funny!" The moment Zhao Feng joined the clan, MrsAwesome burst into laughter.

"Hehe, what do you think? Domineering, right?" The little fatty was not bothered by the laughter. On the contrary, he actually started acting cool.

"Big Brother Bear, pick some of your men. I'm taking you guys to the Elite Dungeon!" Before Jiang Fei got here, he had already said hello to Rosette Rose and passed his Blue shield to Rosette Dazzledance. This way, they girls no longer needed him to fight their way to the second boss of the Elite Mode dungeon, even if they fail to clear it entirely. Rosette Dazzledance also happened to wield a legendary one-handed sword in her other hand, and it turned her very mighty indeed!

"I wanna go!" As soon as Jiang Fei's voice fell, MrsAwesome was the first one to squeak.

Soon, a party of ten people was formed. Jiang Fei led the team, followed by Zhao Feng, Big Brother Bear and his two siblings, and five other people, including Huang Mao.

As Jiang Fei's Defense at this time had gone far beyond the Elite Dungeon's Defense requirements, he had only asked for one healer.

After entering the Dungeon, Jiang Fei finally got to see Zhao Feng the Fengshui Master in action. Zhao Feng's Attack Power was pretty average. It was a little better than Clerics, but most certainly could not be considered an actual DPS. However, his banners had raised the entire party's damage output by at least 30 percent!

Moreover, these punks were pretty useless in the real world, but they were rather capable gamers. Even the silly Second Brother Bear could morph into a bear and was proficient in whatever role he filled, whether it was killing monsters or filling in to save someone else. This bunch was far more capable than the Rosette Knighthood girls!

MrsAwesome's performance was also beyond Jiang Fei's expectations. As soon as they entered the Dungeon, MrsAwesome went crazy. While yelling out like a mad woman, she flung fireball after fireball at her enemies. It was a little too much noise, but her damage output was sky-high.

"Interesting!" Jiang Fei smiled. Unexpectedly, these punks were more useful than he had thought!
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