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Within ten minutes, six beautiful figures appeared in front of Jiang Fei.

"Wow…" Little fatty Zhao Feng was dazzled. Although he knew that Jiang Fei was in a clan full of beautiful girls, he never expected them to look this good!

Jiang Fei glanced back to check on his male team mates. Zhao Feng had a noticeable flush to his cheeks but he looked fine enough. On the other hand, Young Master Azure Roc was visibly drooling. After all, Sun Mengmeng was only around fifteen or sixteen years old. She was young and lively, but she was not yet fully developed. Rosette Rose and the others were different. Let's not forget about Rosette Fox who had exquisitely perfect curves. Her boobs were practically spilling out of her top. Young Master Azure Roc's soul had almost been sucked into a vacuum.

"Hey cutie, we're here!" Rosette Rose happily skipped up to Jiang Fei.

"Hey handsome, and here I was wondering why you don't bring us to Dungeons anymore. Turns out, you're playing the game together with this little cutie!" Rosette Fox walked towards Jiang Fei, her steps ever so gracefully elegant. Her swaying feminine figure showcased the ultimate allure of women. While Jiang Fei felt a slight tingle inside, Zhao Feng and Azure Roc Prince's were fighting to keep their eyeballs from falling out!

"Grandaunt, what are you trying to do?" Jiang Fei scoffed.

"Bleh! Who cares about you!" Rosette Fox rolled her eyes, then turned to Sun Mengmeng and asked, "This little sister is so beautiful, how should I address you?"

"My name is CutiePie. But big sister, you're the real beauty!" Sun Mengmeng smiled at Rosette Fox.

"You're so pretty, and you have such a cute name. It's no wonder that you've reeled in our Xiao Fei's soul!" Rosette Fox grinned.

"It's not like that... I'm just classmates with Ah Fei…" Sun Mengmeng's face suddenly turned red.

"Fox, don't create trouble. Don't we already have enough girls in the clan for you to tease?" At this time, Rosette Rose also came over.

"Just party up already, we need to leave now!" Jiang Fei did not want to get caught up in these girls' nonsensical talk. These girls would say anything!

A party of ten people was quickly formed. In addition to the original four, the Sub-Tank Rosette Dazzledance, the two healers, Cleric Rosette Miaomiao and Knight Rosette Rose, the two Sorceresses Rosette Fox and Rosette Narcissus, and the Hunter Rosette Bubbles had joined their ranks.

"Mengmeng, lead the way!" As the girls from his clan were around, Jiang Fei did not feel like calling Sun Mengmeng " class representative."[1]

"See! I knew something was going on! Little brother Ah Fei, explain yourself now. You address her so intimately -- you fancy her, don't you?" Rosette Fox would never let any opportunity to tease Jiang Fei slide.

"It's not like that, my real name is Sun Mengmeng…" Sun Mengmeng quickly rushed to explain herself.

"Hehe, you have such a cute name. I bet you're the school queen!" Rosette Fox clung onto Sun Mengmeng, and the two of them quickly began chatting like they were best friends.

All this while, Azure Roc Prince grew increasingly dejected. If looks could kill, Jiang Fei would have already been dismembered! His heart had never been filled with so much envy and hate!

"F*ck him! Why! Why is this kid surrounded by beauties? Why is Sun Mengmeng so close to him? Why is he the party leader? Why does he have better equipment than me?" Azure Roc Prince starting churning up his internal furnace.

The moment they passed the East Gate, the party advanced swiftly. Soon, they had moved away from the current main leveling area and into a jungle. It looked just like any other forest-like terrain in the game. If anything, it was brimming with herbs. Unfortunately, several major guilds had already laid claim to most of the area. Their Herbalists spent all day foraging there, escorted by their personal protection parties!

A little further in, they came into a clearing. There was a small lake, and a small island sat in the center of the lake.

"It's on that island!" Sun Mengmeng said.

"Let's go!" Jiang Fei nodded. The game provided no water transportation as of yet, but players could swim by default. However, they swam like land tortoises in water with a highly limited lung capacity!

As the lake was not really big, all of them quickly got through the water and reached the central island.

At the entrance, Jiang Fei took his time to read what information the mysterious ring could give him.

Asukuna Ruins (10-men Unknown Dungeon)

Level: 15

Remarks: This was originally the temple of the Ancient Demon Asukuna, but has been long abandoned. Although the power of the Demon has subsided, danger still lurks within!

"Let's go!" Jiang Fei took the first step into the Asukuna Ruins.

"Hmm..." As soon as he stepped into the secret, a film passed through Jiang Fei's vision and the scenery drastically changed. They were now indoors and underground, like the basement of a palace, or the interior of a temple!

"Oooh, so creepy!" Rosette Miaomiao puckered her lips, muttering. Obviously, such an eerie atmosphere was a little daunting to the ladies.

"It's quiet. Way too quiet!"

Rosette Rose frowned. Among the girls, she was considered to be one of the bravest.

"Everyone, be careful, Bats tend to ambush us here, and they deal lotsa damage!" Sun Mengmeng had been here twice. It was no surprise that she knew this much.

"Everyone, follow me. Dazzledance, back me up!" Jiang Fei marched in, clanging his shield.


Two steps, and an entire colony of black bats rushed down from the ceiling!

Ice Burst!

Jiang Fei sent a gust of cold air spewing out of his mouth. Against a group of small enemies like these, Ice Burst was particularly effective!






One blast of cold air, and all of the bats were frozen. They lost half of their Health Points while dropping to the ground like miniatures.

Jiang Fei took the opportunity to learn what he could about these pesky creatures.

Cave Bat (Wild Animal, Normal)

Level: 19

Health Points: 1,250

Attack Power: 112

Remarks: Small-sized, agile monster. No threat by themselves, but they generally appear in groups. Light Armor Classes can easily burn to death!

"Get on them!" Jiang Fei shouted at the Damage Classes behind him. Half of their Health was already gone. No matter what, he already held the majority aggro.

In the blink of an eye, the monsters were all dead. After all, this was a party who was the first to clear an Elite Dungeon. These monsters were nothing to them.

"Wow! You guys are amazing!" Sun Mengmeng was surprised.

Even Azure Roc Prince could not deny the surprise in his heart. After all, the previous party had barely scraped through this encounter. How did they even clear the Bats like it was nothing?
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