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After he finally got through the lessons, Jiang Fei plunged into his room and took a bottle of Evolution Blood out from the Spatial Ring!

The appearance of the Evolution Blood was no different from the normal HP Potions. It was also a reddish liquid, but it looked a little more viscous than HP Potions. They came in the form of slender test tubes, and there were about five or six milliliters of it.

"If I drink this in the real world, I won't grow scales on my body, long claws on my hands, and a tail attached to my buttocks, right?" Jiang Fei talked to himself while looking at the bottle of bright red Evolution Blood.

"Well, the game did not transform any of our characters. Here's to my great health!" Although he felt like looking for a cat or a dog to test it out for him, this thing was just too precious. In the end, he had to clench his teeth and pour the Evolution Blood into his mouth!

The Evolution Blood did not taste like blood, as he imagined. Instead, it had a sweet taste, it tasted just like yogurt.

After drinking a bottle of Evolution Blood, Jiang Fei suddenly felt a rapid flow of heat spinning in his stomach. Then, it turned into countless tributaries and scattered towards his four limbs!

"How do I test this thing out?" Jiang Fei frowned. Although he had ingested the Evolution Blood, how was he supposed to test if he had been enhanced?

After looking around, Jiang Fei finally locked his eyes on his desk. This was a solid wood desk. It was quite heavy. Normally, using all his strength could only lift the corner of the desk by about one centimeter.

"I should be able to tell with this!" Jiang Fei said while he grabbed the corner of the table with both hands and pushed.

"Hmm?" Jiang Fei was stunned. He had actually lifted the corner of the table by more than an inch -- without much effort!


Jiang Fei was delighted.

To get more accurate measurements, Jiang Fei decided to go to the gym and test it out after dinner.

"Mom, I'm going out for a bit!" After dinner, Jiang Fei shouted to his mother and hurriedly left the house. He was already unable to suppress the excitement within.

"Okay! You've just finished eating, don't run!" When his mother heard that Jiang Fei was going out, not only did she not stop him, she was actually pleased. After all, Jiang Fei had been more focused than ever. He no longer went on the internet in the study room. Moreover, whenever he got home, he would take the initiative to finish his homework as swiftly as possible. This made Jiang Fei's mother worry that her baby son had become a blown-out nerd!

After arriving at the community gym, Jiang Fei immediately tested his strength. He could now lift 20 kilograms more, compared to the records a month ago!

As to why the unathletic Jiang Fei had his own records in the gym -- his mother wanted to lose weight last month, so he had been dragged along to the gym by his mother.

Strength was the easiest to test. After that, Jiang Fei quietly took off his Cat Spirit Boots of Accuracy and tested his speed on the treadmill. He noticed that he was a little faster than before, but it was not as apparent. However, the aspects of flexibility and endurance of his body have vastly improved! Moreover, his recovery had similarly improved!

After gaining a general understanding of the effects, Jiang Fei donned his Cat Spirit Boots of Accuracy once again and returned home.

"Xiao Fei, where have you been? Why are you all drenched?" At this time, Jiang Fei's father had just come home from work.

"Oh! I went to exercise for a bit!" Jiang Fei replied.

"Mmm! Exercising is good. You used to be too much of a shut-in!"

His father was quick to buy his excuse.

"I'm going to go back to my room to do my homework!" As soon as Jiang Fei completed his sentence, he ran back to his room. After all, a bottle of Evolution Blood had already been so potent. He still had nine bottles to go.

After returning to his room, Jiang Fei took out the remaining nine bottles of Evolution Blood and emptied them all. His body reacted almost immediately!

"So comfortable…"

As his whole body grew pleasantly warm, Jiang Fei sighed in pleasure.

When the effects of the Evolution Bloods were released to every single cell in Jiang Fei's body, Jiang Fei forcefully clenched his fists together. He could even feel the explosive strength within his own muscles that still looked remarkably normal.

"Adding one point of strength meant 20 kilograms. Now that I've added ten points, that equals to 200 kilograms. Damn, I'm prolly as fit as a professional boxer now!"

But Jiang Fei was aware of the fact that he knew shit about boxing. Even a third-rate boxer could beat him into a pulp. Now, he was just a teenager with some lethal-dose of roid rage. With all his strength, all his might, what could he do?

"I need to pick up MMA, or something?!" Jiang Fei said to himself. Even though Jiang Fei has had a superhero heart ever since he obtained the mysterious ring, those guys who wore their underwears on the outside were just regular guys with some extra oomph. They relied entirely on their own abnormal strength to bully people, while barely having the actual skills. So, Jiang Fei had paid no notice to it. Now that he had the power, he had realized that he did not know how to use it!

As Jiang Fei knew a limited number of people, he thought that Sun Mengmeng could be a potential trainer. After all, this girl learned Krav Maga from God knows where and it was a well-known fact throughout the entire school. However, after meeting Han Tianyu, Sun Mengmeng's Krav Maga appeared to be like child's play. After all, anyone from Han Tianyu's group of bodyguards could totally put her down ten times in a second!

Therefore, Jiang Fei naturally placed his goal on Han Tianyu. It should not be too difficult to ask Han Tianyu for help in finding a fighting instructor.

"I was planning to send the first batch of potions on Friday. When I do that, I can also talk about this!" Jiang Fei made a decision in his heart!

After making a decision, Jiang Fei began to do his homework. It was unclear as to whether it was because 10 intelligence points had been added to himself, but Jiang Fei felt that his homework was much simpler today. Although he went to the gym and wasted a lot of time, he managed to complete his homework -- ahead of time!

At ten o'clock sharp, Jiang Fei logged into the game!

When Jiang Fei got online, the girls from the clan were noisily allotting the necklaces that Jiang Fei had created yesterday. This included Sun Mengmeng, who had just newly joined the clan. All the Physical Damage Classes had a share, and everyone chose the necklaces according to which Attributes better suited them. The items created by Jiang Fei was of excellent quality and the necklaces all looked the same, but the girls picked jewelry with the caution and deliberation that girls did when picking their life-long partners. There were often interests and preferences which guys could never understand!
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