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When the situation at noon was resolved, Jiang Fei thought that it was all over. However, he did not expect this to just be the beginning…

Due to the addition of 10 points of Intelligence, the afternoon classes were also very easy for Jiang Fei. Without even realizing it, the dismissal bell had already rung.

When he got back home, Jiang Fei did everything as usual. He ate his dinner, then did his homework. At ten o'clock sharp, he entered the game world on time!

"Cutie, are you back yet?"

As soon as Jiang Fei got online, he received a voice call from Rosette Miaomiao.

"What's wrong? Something's up?" Jiang Fei asked.

"Hehe, nothing!" Rosette Miaomiao said and hung up the voice call.

"What the hell…" Jiang Fei scratched his head. He could not figure out what the girl was thinking, so he gave up altogether.

The girls from the clan were still bringing their friends in to clear the Elite Dungeons. It was not just Rosette Rose and the others -- even people from the four major guilds were attempting Elite Dungeons. Everyone's levels had increased quite a bit, and the four major guilds were almost exclusively decked in equipment made by Jiang Fei. So, they had managed to get through the Elite Dungeons two days ago. However, unlike the Divine Blacksmith Jiang Fei who sold wholesale equipment, they needed much more equipment. Thus, it was compulsory for them to spam Elite Dungeons every single day!

"Should I get out of the city to grind some levels?"

As Jiang Fei muttered to himself, he walked out of Dawnlight City.


Not long after he left the city, Jiang Fei realized that several Bandits were shadowing him.

These Bandits were hidden, but Jiang Fei's mysterious ring were flinging huge red arrows above the heads of the Bandits. It was way easier to spot them compared to unhidden players.

"One two three four five six…" Jiang Fei counted carefully. There were actually six of them behind him!

"Are they trying to f*cking rob me again?"

Jiang Fei sighed. Now that he was quite famous in Dawnlight City, his fame had also made him widely known as a walking bank!

Jiang Fei had made a lot of equipment for the four major guilds. This included a lot of Violet equipment. It was no longer a secret. If he could sell Violet equipment to others, he had to be modeling his own products, right? He might even have Golden equipment! So, several Bandits were targeting Jiang Fei!

These Bandits usually worked as a clan. Other than leveling, they did not kill bosses or attempt any Dungeons. They specialized in killing others and taking their equipment at places where there were no NPCs!

Jiang Fei's status in Dawnlight City had quite the standing at the moment. Everyone knew that Jiang Fei had valuable equipment. However, only Bandit groups such as this one dared rob Jiang Fei. It was something that not even guilds dared dream of.

This was because Jiang Fei was a Divine Blacksmith. He mass-produced Ascended Equipment, so he had a good relationship with the four major guilds. If any guild robbed Jiang Fei, Jiang Fei could just make a whole bunch of equipment for the four major guilds in anger. The four major guilds would definitely be thrilled to help Jiang Fei destroy the small guild that robbed him!

However, Bandit groups did not have to worry about this. They had very few people and no physical headquarters. Moreover, guilds could not declare war on small organizations like clans. So, even if they could not beat other big guilds, they could make a run for it. Even if Jiang Fei had four major guilds supporting him, it would be a waste. The guilds could not do anything for him whatsoever.

"Ooh! There's a familiar face!" Jiang Fei took a closer look and found a familiar face among the invisible Bandits!

Venomous Wolf (Elf, Bandit)

Level: 20

Health Points: 1750

Attack Power: 287

Remarks: Member of Phantom Killers.

"Hoho, some people really never learn!" Jiang Fei sneered. There was no doubting it. It was the Wild Wolf Trio!

After he looked at the levels and equipment of the Bandits, Jiang Fei already had a good gauge on their strength. After all, players had to rely on clearing Dungeons to get proper equipment. However, Elite Dungeons were not something that average parties could clear. Anyone who cleared Elite Dungeons were all part of big guilds, or clans that were especially strong. People from these organizations rarely went anywhere on their own. When they moved about in groups, these Bandits did not dare to rob them. Most of the players that they killed were pub players who only had a few Green pieces of equipment on them. So, Jiang Fei could only imagine the gear on these Bandits!

"Since you guys wanna play, I'll play along!"

Jiang Fei thought about it and deliberately walked towards a place where NPCs did not patrol!

"Boss! That Verdure Glider is courting his own death. He actually went to Zone B. NPCs only patrol that place once every three hours!" Venomous Wolf reported.

"Mmm! Encircle him! Let's look for an opportunity to kill him and make a fortune!" A pleasant female voice replied.

No one would have thought that the leader of this Bandit group was actually a girl!

The more Jiang Fei walked, the further he got from the city. The Bandits who were following him slowly caught up to him. These invisible Bandits were not alone -- many other Classes who were incapable of becoming invisible had also swarmed in from all directions. They ran ahead of Jiang Fei, prepared to ambush him. This was because Venomous Wolf and the others had experience in fighting with Jiang Fei. They knew that Jiang Fei had a lot of Health Points and Damage, and he was not someone that could be killed by just a few people!

"Hahahaha! Verdure Glider! You could have easily taken a different path, but you walked right into hell!" Just as Jiang Fei walked into a dense jungle, Vicious Wolf and Hungry Wolf showed themselves and blocked his path.

"Hah! My old, naked friends. Do you wanna streak again?"

Jiang Fei remained as poised as ever. His words were sharper than a thousand blades, they precisely struck the Wild Wolf Trio's weak spot. After they had to run around naked the last time, they had not dared lift their heads up for a few days!

"Verdure Glider! You're too arrogant for your own good! We are going to wipe the floor with your ass this time!" Hungry Wolf sneered.

"Heh. Why so confident this time? The six Bandits tailing me?" Jiang Fei laughed and said.


Hungry Wolf was shocked. If Verdure Glider dared to come here, even though he knew of the six Bandits behind him, had he already called for reinforcements to destroy all of them?


The more Hungry Wolf thought about it, the more he felt like that was the case. It was time to send them out.

"Are we not going to wait for big sis?" Vicious Wolf asked.

"We can't afford to wait any longer! His reinforcements are arriving soon enough! Attack now!" Hungry Wolf shouted loudly.

"Alright! Kill!"

Upon Vicious Wolf's shout, about four or five people jumped out of the bushes on both sides. These guys were all Warriors or Magicians -- classes that could not turn invisible. They even had a healing-type Knight among them! As these people were not invisible, the mysterious ring had not marked them. Their sudden appearance had given a genuine scare.

Shocked as he was, Jiang Fei was not afraid. He had once tanked a Vice-Leader boss along with around 30 to 50 Elite monsters at the same time, so there was no way he would be afraid of these garbage players!


A widely known battle tactic was to kill the Healer first. With Charge, Jiang Fei instantly appeared beside the Knight and knocked the player down! At the same time, Jiang Fei immediately used Charge again to vanish elsewhere, evading the attacks of the Bandits. Once again, he had run out of their range.
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