The Almighty Ring
130 Empyreal Dragon
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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130 Empyreal Dragon

as soon as jiang fei said that imrichierich was his friend, rosette rose's heart fell. other players might not know this, but the girls from the clan were always very well-informed, so rosette rose was well aware that the aristocrats had already changed owners!

although rosette rose did not know that the tycoon was han tianyu, jiang fei considered him a friend. the odds of jiang fei being snatched away had significantly increased.

'this won't do! i need to change the status quo immediately!' rosette rose thought to herself.

jiang fei held a key position in rosette knighthood. initially, rosette rose had only recruited jiang fei as he was a profession player, but she never expected him to be such a unique existence. other than the start-up funds that he took from rosette knighthood in the beginning, jiang fei never took anything more. moreover, he regularly contributed to the clan in the form of ascended equipment.

jiang fei had taken too little from the clan and given back too much. such a situation was already in itself— bad! if the clan was jiang fei's, that might have made sense. however, jiang fei only owned a tiny portion of the clan's shares.

on one side was a useless and burdensome clan, while on the other was a major guild owned by a friend. even though rosette rose wanted to convince jiang fei to stay, she could not think of any reason to make him!

"do i really have to use my beauty?" an idea flashed through rosette rose's mind, but it was soon dismissed. despite being from an enterprising family, she had not reached the point where she could bring herself to play dirty to achieve a goal.

"ah fei, let's create a guild!" in the end, rosette rose decided on something. since the chances of the small clan keeping jiang fei were already very low, it would be better to step back and upgrade the clan into a guild. then, she would have jiang fei become the leader, and stand by his side. considering how rapidly he was growing, she would be able to reach greater heights like never before!

"create a guild?" jiang fei was puzzled. he never expected rosette rose to mention this out of the blue.

"yeah! we can create a guild, and you can be the leader!" rosette rose said.

"me?" jiang fei was stunned at first. he was only a student after all. he was not as experienced as rosette rose, and he did not expect her to have that much faith in his abilities.

in actuality, jiang fei never left rosette knighthood precisely because of the freedom he had there. jiang fei never once felt that he was ever on the losing end. indeed, he had given rosette knighthood lots of equipment. but, while others regarded those pieces of equipment as ascended equipment, they were scraps to him! he had already taken the best and kept them for himself.

it was like how you dropped breadcrumbs when you ate bread. when small ants nibbled on those breadcrumbs, would you act like they owed you something?

he mainly stayed in rosette knighthood because he was often left to his own devices. he could grind levels when he felt like it and make equipment when he felt like it. even if he did not make any equipment, the girls in the clan would not bother him.

however, while jiang fei saw things this way, rosette rose did not. rosette knighthood was under jiang fei's care. jiang fei could leave at any time, which left her feeling insecure. therefore, she was eager to step things up. let jiang fei be the leader. that way, even if jiang fei joined the aristocrats, she and the other girls could follow jiang fei as his subordinates. then, they could join the guild as well. not only that, they could also rely on their connection with jiang fei to obtain some status in the guild!

"oh! since you want to make a guild, let's do it then. it just so happens that i have another clan!" jiang fei was far more simple-minded than rosette rose, but he still had some ideas. after all, big brother bear and the others were always on their own in the wild. it would be inappropriate to leave them be as well. if his clan changed into a guild, he could merge both clans together. the combat effectiveness of big brother bear and the others were not really far behind a second-rate team in a major guild. they were a lot stronger than the girls from rosette knighthood. moreover, if both clans were merged into a guild, those girls who did nothing all day long would not be useless anymore. they could be used as mascots to help attract many players into the guild. after all, beauty always had its appeal, no matter in what situation!

"as expected…"

when she heard that jiang fei had another clan, rosette rose's heart fell. she was even more convinced that jiang fei would not stay in the small clan of rosette knighthood for too long, and was secretly glad that she made her decision in time. now, with the merging of two clans, jiang fei would stay with her for a slightly extended period.

rosette rose was already gambling on the possibility that jiang fei would be some huge megastar in the future. so, she was determined to stick to jiang fei, and would not hesitate to pass him a role of leadership. even as jiang fei's second, she wanted to make a difference in the game world. such a train of thought was unique only to girls. if rosette rose was a guy, she would never swallow her pride and hand her chair over to a subordinate. however, girls were different. girls would not hesitate to rely on a man stronger than herself.

creating a guild was simple. the fee of 1,000 gold coins was nothing to the current jiang fei. after two consecutive unknown dungeons, he had already obtained 7,000 gold coins. even though he had already spent some of the coins to make equipment, jiang fei still had four or five thousand gold coins with him.

after they were done creating the guild, rosette rose merged rosette knighthood into the guild as head of the clans. it was even easier to add big brother bear and the others into the guild. one word from jiang fei, and they were herded in like sheep.

just like that, a small guild with only around 100 members was quietly born. no one could have thought that this discreetly-formed guild would become so powerful in the near future, that others would not even dare look up at them.

"empyreal dragons" was the name that jiang fei gave his own guild. it would also be the name that everyone in "dawn break" feared in the future. but for now, it was barely standing. the guild only had around a hundred people. even the weakest guild outnumbered them.

however, after the guild was created, a new bout of headaches came to jiang fei.

"young master, we're here!" since the guild had been created, it was time for the first major meetup. so, big brother bear brought along the group of punks from the original "young master's bodyguards" clan, while rosette rose brought along the girls from rosette knighthood.

"big brother ah fei! i miss you so much!"

of course, the crazy girl, mrsawesome would not miss the opportunity.

"ah fei, who is she?" sun mengmeng looked at mrsawesome, who was clinging really tightly on to jiang fei's arm.

"i'm big brother ah fei's girlfriend!"

before jiang fei could even speak, mrsawesome took the initiative to speak first. when mrsawesome saw such a large group of beautiful women, she instantly felt threatened. she became like a small dog that fiercely defended its food as she stood in front of jiang fei, blocking him.

"ah?" sun mengmeng was shocked. after all, they were classmates, but she never heard of jiang fei having a girlfriend before. the mighty class representative only gazed at zhao feng dubiously. the little fatty had never heard anything about it from jiang fei either, so he shrugged helplessly, expressing that he had no idea himself.

"little cutie, not bad at all. in just a few days, you've managed to get yourself another girl?" rosette fox smiled and said.

"don't stir up trouble…" jiang fei forcefully pulled his arm out of mrsawesome's grip.

"don't listen to her nonsense. she's really not my girlfriend…"

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