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After the chaos, the student council simply allowed the remaining performances to go on. It could be considered the celebration for their victory in the war. Engaging in a fist fight was not something to be proud of, but they were still pleased with how it all turned out. Even the teachers felt the same way. Not only did they not stop the show, but they also sat down and enjoyed the remaining performances.

Originally, Fatty Wang Huairen still planned on intimidating all of the students by asserting his authority. Even though he could not punish all of them, he could still give them a collective warning on Monday. Fatty Wang would not be satisfied if the slightest action was not taken.

However, when he shared his thoughts, the other teachers merely exchanged looks and glanced at Jiang Fei who stood among the crowd. Fatty Wang started to freak out. The teachers' message was clear: You can punish the students however you want, we have nothing to do with it. If you get into trouble later, we have nothing to do with it too!

He thought of Jiang Fei, the armed helicopter from the other day, and the four brawny men in black who carried actual firearms. In the end, Fatty Wang lowered his head and went to the infirmary to treat his injuries miserably. His plans of warning and punishing the students were never mentioned again.

When the show was over, it was already past six o'clock in the evening. The sky was already dark, for it was winter.

Jiang Fei walked home by himself. Something pricked at his senses, sending a chill up his spine. He spun around, but all he saw were the bright street lights.

"Strange! Why do I feel like I'm being followed?" Jiang Fei continued to walk in the direction of his home, muttering to himself.

Just as Jiang Fei walked into a dark spot between two street lights, he heard a gust of wind.

"Not good!" Enduring attacks from Chen Xi for a few hours was not for nothing. His instincts were screaming at him.

He quickly leaped to the side. Simultaneously, Jiang Fei looked back and saw a cold light flash before his eyes.

"Ah!" Although he had predicted the danger ahead of time, Jiang Fei still lacked experience and had reacted a step too late.

In desperation, Jiang Fei lifted his left arm and turned to the side while he rolled away.This prevented the attack from killing him!


Even though Jiang Fei avoided the fatal blow, his left arm had been sliced open. There was a wound of more than ten centimeters long, and blood flowed out of it. At the same time, Jiang Fei finally caught sight of his would-be assassin.

It was one man, and he was fully clad in black.

Jiang Fei did not hesitate one bit, and bolted. He would not stand a chance against an actual professional. He could only run and tire the enemy out, just like he did to the four Japanese bodyguards!

As he ran, Jiang Fei connected to the Spatial Ring and took a bottle of HP Potion out. He had to stem the bleeding at the very least.

After he drank a bottle of Medium HP Potion, the wound slowly began to heal, but it was still bleeding. Jiang Fei did not have time to stop and bandage himself, thus he decided to take another bottle of HP Potion out and poured it directly on the wound.

It was a desperate, instinctive act. He did not know if it would actually work. But once again, Jiang Fei was ridiculously fortunate. The moment the HP Potion trickled onto the wound, the bleeding immediately stopped. And lo and behold, his wound started closing up before his very eyes.

"F*ck me! This HP Potion actually works better when applied externally!"

Jiang Fei made a mental note and continued to run like a madman.

Nekoda gave chase. As a ninja, he was faithful to his master's orders. Ninjas were not bodyguards. They could run just as well as they fought. On top of that, their methods of offense were not limited to the sword alone.

*Swish, swish, swish*

When Nekoda realized that he could not shorten their gap, he whipped out three shurikens.

*Poof, poof, poof*

After three muffled sounds, Jiang Fei's haversack now had three shurikens embedded in it. Fortunately, his mother had prepared a lot of snacks for him. Jiang Fei's armor of canvas, nylon, and complex carbs saved his skin.

"This has to stop. He'll get me eventually!"

Jiang Fei's blood roared through his skull. The adrenaline drove him to run even faster, while his mind started to race.

Jiang Fei knew that the enemy would go for his legs next. The moment he slowed down, death would be a certainty.

"You're my only hope!"

Suddenly, Jiang Fei had an idea. He thought of the Enhancement Potion, which had been stored in the Spatial Ring.

After he took out a bottle of Beginner Defense Potion from the Spatial Ring, Jiang Fei chugged it down. Shortly after, Jiang Fei noticed his skin glowing with a faint, green light!

*Ding, ding*

Just after Jiang Fei finished drinking the Potion, he heard two crisp sounds coming from beneath him. At the same time, he felt a slight itch in his legs, as though pebbles had been tossed at them.

*Cling, clang*

Two more shurikens clattered on the ground.

"F*cking hell! Am I invulnerable, or did he actually miss?"

Jiang Fei was both shocked and slightly delighted at the same time.

However, whenever the cup of happiness overflowed, disaster followed. Jiang Fei had gotten too caught up with drinking the Potion, and he ended up running into a dead end in one of the alleys.

"Who are you? Why do you want to kill me?" Jiang Fei turned around and looked at the approaching ninja, his voice shaking.

The ninja was silent.

As a ninja, Nekoda only needed to follow and execute the instructions of his master. He had no obligation to clear Jiang Fei's doubts, so he remained silent. A long sword appeared in his hand. Grasping it with both hands, he charged at Jiang Fei.

"Oh, what the hell?! Bring it on then!"

Cornered prey were deadly. Jiang Fei's eyes were red with anger. Either he dies, or the enemy dies.

He unslung his haversack and held it by the strap. Jiang Fei started to swing it like a morning star[1] and charged at Nekoda.


The enemy casually neutralized the assault with a simple flick of his blade. The bag's straps were cut, and it flew far away. Jiang Fei was now unarmed and face-to-face with the sword-wielding ninja.


A cold light flashed, and the ninja slashed at Jiang Fei's face.


Jiang Fei was so terrified that he raised his arms to block the attack, and he squeezed his eyes shut. These movements had all been involuntary. The inexperienced Jiang Fei was simply no match for the ninja.


Something connected with his arm, but he felt no pain.

He slowly opened his eyes to see. The ninja's blade appeared to have ricocheted off his arm, and it was still vibrating.

"F*ck! I'm really invulnerable!" Jiang Fei was ecstatic. "Should I even fear you now?"
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