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When he got home, Jiang Fei did not dare tell his parents about the whole assassination thing. After all, his parents were ordinary people. Apart from reporting it to the police, they could only spend sleepless nights in worry!

As he laid down in bed quietly, Jiang Fei began to recall the events of the day. Jiang Fei knew that Tokugawa Shingi was undoubtedly the culprit. He had never offended anyone else, and the only person who ever held a grudge against him was this Japanese kid. This ninja was also clearly Japanese, so one could easily put two and two together.

Whenever he thought about his encounter with that ninja, Jiang Fei would involuntarily tremble in fear. Fortunately, Chen Xi had awoken his combat instincts. What little instinct he had was enough to save him from certain death.

He also had to thank his lucky stars that he had a Beginner Defense Potion with him, or he would have really died today!

Thinking of this, Jiang Fei could not help but look at his left arm. There was no scar whatsoever. No indication that it had once been sliced open by a sword.

By then, the green light on Jiang Fei's body was already gone. The effect of the Beginner Defense Potion had ended.

Then, Jiang Fei thought of what the old man said to him when he was leaving. Obviously, the old man was not there when he was being chased. The old man only came when he used his arm to block the sword and surprised the Japanese. Therefore, this old man thought that Jiang Fei was only invulnerable because he had learned Iron Shirt, a hard style martial art!

"It seems like learning martial arts is imperative!"

If not for the potion, he might not even be alive now. It was luck that saved him when the ninja was caught off-guard by his sudden impenetrable skin. If the ninja had somehow prolonged the fight, it would all be over for him when the effects of the Potion ended! Jiang Fei knew that he had to quickly gain strength, if he wanted to live.

The ninja had been taken away by the old man, but Tokugawa Shingi was still very much alive. If this kid still wanted to kill Jiang Fei, there was no guarantee that he would not send a second, third, or even fourth ninja!

This was the first time Jiang Fei ever felt a sense of urgency since obtaining the ring. He had to improve himself if he wanted to live.

Now, there were two ways for Jiang Fei to become stronger. The first was to learn martial arts. The second was to get equipment from the game and then bring it into reality. However, martial arts was not something that could be mastered in a day or two. It required dedication and perseverance. Now, Jiang Fei could not tell when Tokugawa Shingi would send someone to kill him again, so time was not an available luxury. Leveling the mysterious ring up was imperative. Nothing else took precedence.

"I need 30 million worth of diamonds to level up the ring. I have 10 million now, so where do I get the remaining 20 million?"

Han Tianyu gave him 10 million in cash for the skill book the other time, but to level up the ring, he still had a ways to go.

"I'm gonna sell more Potions!"

Thus, Jiang Fei began to implement his own fund-raising plan. He changed his clothes and went to the supermarket downstairs to buy five huge containers of drinking water. After someone delivered the water to his house, he emptied them all and took the empty containers back to his room.

Although his mother had raised an eyebrow at the empty containers, she asked no questions. Jiang Fei just gave her some weak excuses and went on his way.

At ten o'clock at night, Jiang Fei logged into the game. He told Rosette Rose and Big Brother Bear that he had things to do today and would not be playing together with them. Thus, Jiang Fei began to carry out his plans!

Jiang Fei went directly to the NPC Potion Shop and bought ten sets of Medium Health Points Potions. After storing it into the Spatial Ring, he logged off.

After all, "Dawn Break" was a game, and players were allowed to log off the game halfway through. This game was only different in how it could only be played at night during sleeping hours, so relatively few people tended to log off in the middle of the night.

After he logged off, Jiang Fei opened the Potion bottle and poured the Potion into the empty containers. A bottle of Medium Health Points Potion was only about five milliliters. Jiang Fei could bring ten sets of Potion out each time, and each set contained 30 bottles, which equated to a total of 1.5 liters. As he urgently needed to level up the mysterious ring, there was no time to send the Potions to Han Tianyu, set by set. It would be quicker if Jiang Fei filled all the Potions into huge containers and allowed Han Tianyu to distribute it any way he liked!

Jiang Fei logged into the game to buy Potions and logged off to fill the containers, which he repeatedly did so several times. An in-game day contained 24 hours but, Jiang Fei only had eight hours in real time to fill the containers. After an entire night, Jiang Fei finally took 20,000 bottles of Potions out of the game.

Five empty drinking water containers were now completely filled with valuable Health Points Potions!

"Done! After my meal, I'll just ask Han Tianyu to come over and pick it up!" Jiang Fei sealed the five containers properly and tidied the empty bottles of Potions that were on the floor. He placed the empty bottles in a big bag and planned to throw them out later when the sun comes up.

By then, it was almost six o'clock in the morning. Jiang Fei did not log into the game again. He went back to sleep. After lunch, his mother went out shopping, and Jiang Fei rang Han Tianyu up.

"Big brother Yu, come to my house, I've got more potions here!" Jiang Fei said.

"Okay!" Han Tianyu nodded. When it came to potions, he would never laze around.

"By the way, don't take your sports car, there are a lot of Potions this time, get something bigger!" Jiang Fei said.

Not long after, Han Tianyu reached Jiang Fei's house, bringing Ah Loong and two other bodyguards with him.

"Come! Take these away!"

Jiang Fei had already moved the five large containers into the living room.

"Holy f*ck! Why does it come in truckloads now?"

Han Tianyu was surprised.

"Stop wasting time, do you think it's easy for my master to make these Potions? It's probably good for 20,000 small bottles. Do you want to kill my master? Fill them yourself!" Jiang Fei rolled his eyes at Han Tianyu. He had spent so much energy because he still wanted to use the facade of a fictional master to keep the mysterious ring a secret. However, as a high school student who was not very experienced in deceit, he could only think of this much!

"True!" Han Tianyu nodded. He did not care how the Potions were packaged. As long as it could save lives, it was all good.

"Ah Loong, take these and go back for now!" Han Tianyu waved his hand and motioned for Ah Loong and the other two bodyguards to transport the containers.

"Yes! Young Master!"

Ah Loong led the two bodyguards. They picked up the five containers and left Jiang Fei's house.

"Brother, tell me, are you in some sort of trouble?" Han Tianyu was not stupid. Jiang Fei was behaving oddly today. He had no intention to dig out Jiang Fei's secrets, but as his brother was in trouble, he could not just leave without caring!

"Yeah! My teacher needs a bunch of diamonds!"

After thinking about it, Jiang Fei decided to disclose a little information to Han Tianyu, but he would not say anything about the mysterious ring.

"How much?" Han Tianyu was not curious to know why he needed diamonds at all. He went straight to talking about quantity.

"The total amount of diamonds needed is equivalent to the market value of about 30 million."

"No wonder you passed me the equivalent of 20,000 bottles of Potions in one-shot…"

Han Tianyu instantly understood the situation.
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