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Quest Name: The Missing Elemental Elf (Epic Open Quest)

Quest Description: A young Elemental Elf Wei Weian has gotten lost somewhere around the Entrance to the Void. To the one who delivers Wei Weian safely to the Elven Court, may he be handsomely rewarded!

Such was written on the public notice board for the Epic Quest. Although Jiang Fei had not yet accepted the quest, it did not take much for him to guess how groups of hundreds could have been wiped out by this quest. He had personally been to the Entrance to the Void. It was surrounded by Level 70 monsters. This Elemental Elf had gone missing, and it was unlikely to find missing people in the middle of the main path. That meant that search parties would inevitably run into groups of Level 70 monsters. Based on the game's current average level, forget sending a hundred such players. Even ten thousand average players would have little chance of surviving!

This quest was indeed dangerous. However, the two words 'Elven Court' continued to jab at Jiang Fei's heart. As he intended to revive Isabella, he would need the Elemental Water, sooner or later. However, the Elemental Water lay in the hands of the Elven Court. They would not give it to him for no particular reason. Therefore, completing this quest was more of a side-job.

Accepting the quest was simple enough of a matter. The public notice boards were open to everyone. However, some quests could be completed repeatedly, like those that required the collection of materials. Other quests might only be completed once, such as killing some named monster or the search and rescue that Jiang Fei had his eye on. As soon as someone completed it, others would automatically be disqualified!

Having accepted the quest, Wei Weian's approximate location appeared on the quest map. It was indeed close the Entrance to the Void, a long way off from the main road.

"Now, how do I go about with this?" Jiang Fei said to himself. Although he had good equipment and was a hidden class with very high defensive attributes, there was no way he could handle a group of Level 70 monsters alone. Neither could he drag along others to their deaths against such high-leveled monsters. Most players would either cause very little damage or miss altogether. They would not be able to do much significant damage, let alone kill the monsters!

"Forget it! I should head over to where Isabella is. That blasted Black Dragon Prince lives close to the Entrance to the Void. He may know a thing or two!" Jiang Fei gave it some thought and decided to approach Init Stasa. After all, this Black Dragon Prince had the same objective as Jiang Fei, which was to revive Isabella. If he were to help, completing the quest would be as easy as playing a game for Jiang Fei!

As he arrived at the secret cave, Jiang Fei used the dragonian language to communicate with the dragon guards. He managed to make his way to Isabella and Init Stasa with relative ease.

"Explorer, have you brought ingredients for me to be revived?"

Isabella's attitude towards Jiang Fei had changed significantly. Jiang Fei's capabilities spoke for themselves. In only a few days, he had collected nearly half of the ingredients required for Isabella's revival. Now that Jiang Fei was once again here, he must have found something else. As such, her revival could not take any longer than a few more days. Naturally, Isabella was beyond elated!


Jiang Fei shook his head. Isabella's smile quickly faded.

"Then, what are you doing here?" Isabella asked coldly.

"Bella!" Init Stasa called out and stared at Isabella, pointedly hinting that she had to change her princess-like attitude. After all, Jiang Fei was helping them. If they ever annoyed him, he might blow and horn and call in a large army from the Church of Light. Even Init Stasa, the Black Dragon Prince might have his back against a wall.

"Hehe, Verdure Glider, c'mon, tell us already. If there is anything that we can do to help, we may consider it!"

The Black Dragon Prince may be charming and all-smiles, but he was a deviously cunning fox. He had emphasized on the word 'consider.'

He may have quickly lightened up the mood, but he had barely given Jiang Fei any ground whatsoever.

"I have found where the Elemental Water is. However, I need your help!" Jiang Fei said to the Black Dragon Prince.

"Oh no, no way! I'm not running headlong into the Elven Court with you!" The Black Dragon Prince quickly snapped. He had clearly allowed his mind to drift off.

"Who's asking you to attack the Elven Court?"

Jiang Fei rolled his eyes.

"Oh? What is it then?!"

Hearing that Jiang Fei was not asking him to rob the royal court of an entire race, Init Stasa's facial expression relaxed.

"I have a quest that could help foster positive feelings from the Elven Court, and have them owe us big time!" Jiang Fei said.

"Oh? How big a quest would that be?" Isabella asked. The Elemental Water was indeed expensive. The gravity of the quest would play a very huge factor indeed.

"By my estimations, when we're done, asking for a dash of Elemental Water would not be too much of a request!" Jiang Fei said. He was not unfamiliar with the Element Elves. The promotional clip for Dawnlight had often revealed some insight of their daily lives. These little Elves were high-level monsters, while also being divine beings. Their existence allowed the Tree of Life to continue surviving, and they also enabled the Elemental Spring to keep flowing. They could be said to be the roots of the Elven clan. Very few of these Elemental Elves existed. Therefore, every single one of them was highly precious. If Jiang Fei could rescue one of them, asking for some Elemental Water in return would not be an issue!

"Okay. How do I help?" The Black Dragon Prince asked.

"I need to get to the Entrance to the Void. However, as you know, my abilities are far too weak. I would die as soon as I leave the main road. That is why I need your help!"

Jiang Fei laughed it off, pretending that he had not just thrown his ego into the mud there.

"Of course, if you are not willing to help, I do not mind waiting. I could wait until I'm strong enough to go to the Entrance to the Void as I wish. No trouble."


Init Stasa was hesitating. According to the rules, if Jiang Fei could revive Isabella, Isabella would induct him to become a Nephilim. It was a fair trade, and it was also an examination of sorts. Technically, he should not be helping Jiang Fei. However, he also wanted Isabella to be revived as soon as possible. After all, Isabella was currently far too weak to even leave this miserable cave. The Church of Light might discover them at any moment. Therefore, the sooner Isabella could be revived, the sooner they could remove all these risks!

"Brother, go help him already!"

Jiang Fei was not impatient, but Isabella was. If she had a choice, of course, she would not choose to wander about like a ghost! Flustered, she reached out for Black Dragon Prince's arm. However, as an intangible, ethereal being, she could not touch a person's physical body. Her translucent arm merely went through the Black Dragon Prince's shoulder. Init Stasa's heart felt a pang of pain.

"Alright! Since Bella says so, I'm happy to help!"

Isabella was the initiator of Jiang Fei's quest. She was also the primary examiner for his test. If she had no problems with it, Init Stasa had no reason to object. After all, he too wished to revive Isabella as soon as possible.

"Let us go then!"

Jiang Fei was most delighted. If the Black Dragon Prince accompanied him, this quest would be as simple as an excursion!

"Who said that I'm coming with you?"

Init Stasa rolled his eyes as he asked the question.
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