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Jiang Fei could see the light flashing on his Treasure Hunting Ring, but he could not find the treasure itself. He circled the Steel-back Dragon several times before he finally returned his attention to the region beneath the Steel-back Dragon.

The Steel-back Dragon was curled up, its huge body piled up upon itself like a small hill. That was why Jiang Fei suspected that the treasure had to be hidden beneath its body.

Jiang Fei felt troubled. Although the Steel-back Dragon would not initiate an attack towards him, he too, did not dare attack it. If it continued to sit on the treasure, he was never going to snag it.

In truth, Jiang Fei was not the only one troubled. The Steel-back Dragon would be drenched in sweat now, if it had sweat pores. It was peacefully sleeping in its own home before this human had come along and woken it up. If it was an actual human, it would have been fine, as the Steel-back Dragon could enjoy a delicious snack. However, a terrifying Dragon's Might emanated from this -- thing that took the form and wrappings of a human!

As a Yalong beast, the Steel-back Dragon was particularly sensitive towards the Dragon Might, compared to other wild beasts. It was very certain that the human before him was a high-level, Pure-blooded Dragon Race in hhis human disguise.

The Dragon Race was a high-level race. They were very particular about their bloodlines. As a mere Yalong beast, the Steel-back Dragon should be honored to bump into a Pure-blooded Dragon Race. It was both excited and also frightened at the same time!

It was excited because if it could associate itself with this Pure-blood Dragon Race, it would be able to go very far in life and no longer had to remain stuck in this tiny valley. It was afraid, on the other hand, of offending the Pure-blood Dragon Race which could cost its life with a single Dragon's Breath.

Therefore, as Jiang Fei did not seem to be actively hostile, and was instead circling around it with no apparent motive, the Steel-back Dragon did not dare to make any moves. It merely sat there in silence, afraid of upsetting the man and dying to his Dragon's Breath.

"How do I get this miserable pile of scales off?" Jiang Fei continued to inspect the Steel-back Dragon, murmuring to himself.

"yвaжatьctapwnxдpakoh,Вывпoprдke? (In Dragon's language: My respected Dragon Lord, may I ask what you are looking for?)" The Steel-back Dragon was getting most uncomfortable and finally voiced out its question.

"What the heck? You speak?" Jiang Fei was murmuring to himself, when the Steel-back Dragon spoke and gave him a fright.

"ktotы? (In Dragon's language: What branch are you from?)" Since it had wisdom and could speak, things had become much easier. Jiang Fei had even dared to trick the Nephilim's princess. Blackmailing a Yalong beast was nothing!

"rпoлykpoвkaдpakoh,3дecь摸nдom. (In Dragon's language: I am Branch Yalong from the Dragon Race. I live here.)" The Steel-back Dragon explained.

"cka3aл6ы,чtoo6wnnыk (In Dragon's language: Do you speak Common?)" Jiang Fei asked.

"Yes… Hiss… A little bit, hiss…"

The Steel-back Dragon was rather fluent in the Dragon's language. However, once it started using the common tongue, the words became heavily layered with hisses.

"What are you hiding under your butt?" Jiang Fei asked directly. Since he was pretending to be from the Dragon Race, he had to have the demeanor of someone from the Dragon Race. If he behaved very gently and politely, his pretense would be quickly discovered. The Dragon Race had to act like bullies without any grounds for reasoning.

"There is a treasure under my protection… Hiss…" The Steel-back Dragon answered.

"That is fine. The treasure belongs to me now!" Jiang Fei said bluntly.


The Steel-back Dragon was stunned. It was at a loss of words.

"What is the matter? Do you have a different opinion? Do you not want to give it to me?" Jiang Fei said as he stared at it. He looked as if he was about to attack.

"No! Not at all!"

The Steel-back Dragon might have sensed it wrongly, but when Jiang Fei stared at it, Jiang Fei's Dragon Might seemed to grow even stronger. The Dragon felt a chill running up its scaled spine. The fear nearly killed it. If it offended this high level Dragon Race, it would not likely survive!

"Then why don't you get out of the way and give me the treasure?" Jiang Fei shouted. He perfectly exhibited the barbaric attitude of the Dragon Race.

"Aye…" The Steel-back Dragon sighed in its heart. He had heard about the boorishness of the Pure-blood Dragon Race multiple times. The only exception of it was the Seventh Prince of the Black Dragon Race. The other Pure-blood Dragon Race members were all unreasonable and snatched any treasure that came in their way. If defied, they would kill mercilessly. There was no honor in meeting one, he was most definitely unfortunate!

In the face of a death threat, the Steel-back Dragon could only give in. If it were any other Boss level SS wave, the Steel-back Dragon would have defended the spot with its own life. However, Jiang Fei spoke the Dragon language perfectly. He looked like a Pure-blood Dragon Race member from all aspects. The Yalong beast has had all the fight sapped out of it.


The Steel-back Dragon slowly moved away from the spot. A wide gap that had a circumference of two meters was revealed.

"What is down there?" Jiang Fei asked.

"I'm just guarding the cave. I have never entered it myself…" The Steel-back Dragon spoke truthfully. In truth, it too did not know why it was guarding the place. All it had was a thought in its head that it could not let anyone else take away the treasure within. However, in the face of a Pure-blood Dragon Race, the Steel-back Dragon had no choice but to give in.

"You wait here. I will go down and have a look!" Jiang Fei said as he leaped into the cave.

The cave was not particularly large. It was only around the size of seven or eight square meters. The light from outside the cave was enough to illuminate the entire place. It was mostly empty, and not filled with treasures as Jiang Fei had imagined. There was a small box in the corner of the cave.

"Could this be the treasure?" Jiang Fei said as he picked up the small box.


As the box opened, a golden light filled the entire cave!

Heart Connecting Lock (Special Item, Quality: Legendary)

Effect: Cannot be resisted. Instantly causes the target to have positive feelings towards you while remaining loyal to you.

Remark: The Heart Connecting Lock ignores level, grade, and faction. It can even be used on an enemy camp's peak SS wave when it is in a weakened state. The Heart Connecting Lock would always take effect.

Remark: This item can only be used once!

The Heart Connecting Lock was shaped like a small golden arrow. The back of it was connected to a long and thin golden chain. The small arrow was as big as one's thumb. It looked more like a pendant.

"Wow, this toy is invincible!" Jiang Fei exclaimed as he looked at the item in his hands.
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