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Jiang Fei kept the Heart Connecting Lock away. Although he would not be able to use it in the near future, who knows when? This item disregarded an opponent's level and grade. If he could capture someone akin to the Black Dragon King, then he would become invincible!

When he exited the cave, he found the Steel-back Dragon still waiting for him. For one, this was its old home. Secondly, the Steel-back Dragon had regained its freedom of thought.

It had only stayed here to look after the treasure in the cave. Although it was not sure who had given it the task, the treasure was now gone. It no longer had any reason to stay in this wretched place!

Here stood someone of the Pure-blood Dragon Race. On top of that, he was the new proprietor of the very treasure he had been guarding. There is an old saying that if one took someone's meal away, he should be responsible for looking after the person. This should also apply to even the most barbaric of all Dragon Races. Since he had taken away the treasure, he could not possibly leave the Steel-back Dragon alone.

Therefore, the Steel-back Dragon was still contemplating on how he could latch on to Jiang Fei who was of the Pure-blood Dragon Race. As a Yalong beast, being a follower of this Pure-Blood would already be the highest of honors.

"Congratulations, Dragon Race lord, for obtaining a worldly treasure! Hiss…" In truth, the Steel-back Dragon did not even know what the treasure beneath actually was. In any case, it was better for it to say something nice. If Jiang Fei was unhappy with it, how could it beg him to take it in?

"Alright! I will take the treasure with me! I am leaving now!"

Jiang Fei was rather thick-skinned. He left as soon as he got what he wanted.

"Dear lord! Look at me now. I am nothing without the treasure. Please take me in! I will be your follower! I will do anything for you!" The Steel-back Dragon quickly blurted out. In its panic, it was barely even coherent.

"What would I do with you?" Jiang Fei said as he rolled his eyes. He did not even turn back as he left.

"Lord! You can use me as a ride!"

The Steel-back Dragon was truly anxious now. It seemed that he did not even have a care for the impure Yalong beast.

"No way!" Jiang Fei said with his teeth clenched. Riding a freaking Boss, and one that is Level 70 at that! Who the heck would even dream of it? He would not even trade it for an Epic Quality pet egg!

The problem was that he could not take it in! The player's pet system required him to be at least 30 Level. Even if he activated it, he could only accept a pet that was no more than five levels above him. This Steel-back Dragon was forty or fifty levels higher than him. How could Jiang Fei keep it?

If he accepted the Steel-back Dragon without the pet deed being recognized by the system, it would be equivalent to a walking time-bomb. Jiang Fei had relied on his scare tactics all this while, which was why the Steel-back Dragon had believed him to be the Black Dragon Prince. That was the only reason why he could be so shameless. If Jiang Fei entered a battle with someone else and clearly appeared to be a Level 20 human, wouldn't he be in deep trouble?

As a mere human, Jiang Fei had terrorized the monster and even took its treasure away. If the Steel-back Dragon found out, Jiang Fei would be torn to shreds!

"Lord! Please, I am begging you, please take me in!" The Steel-back Dragon begged pitifully. There were not many opportunities to be associated with the Pure-blood Dragon Race. Since he had taken away its belongings, this was the best time to bring this up. Once this opportunity flies by, it would never have a second chance.

"Aye! No way!"

Jiang Fei's heart bled as he rejected its offer. This was after all a Level 70 Boss, and it was actually begging to become his follower. Although he had the Ring of Domination and the Heart Connecting Lock in his spatial ring, the Ring of Domination required the target to be heavily injured and must not be five levels above himself. Getting the Steel-back Dragon heavily injured might not be a huge challenge based on its current stature, but Jiang Fei could not resolve the issue of level incompatibility.

Even if he could take it in with the Heart Connecting Lock, Jiang Fei was not willing to do so. It was a divine weapon capable of affecting a Boss and could only be used once. Jiang Fei would never be so wasteful as to waste it on a Boss.

"Lord, I am aware of my weakness. However, please accept me. Think of the powerful treasure that you have just acquired!"

The Steel-back Dragon could only count on the assumption that the Pure-blooded Dragon Race still had some heart in him. After all, he had just taken its belongings. However, he could not do anything about it.

"This…" Jiang Fei said hesitatingly. He was not a bully. After all, the opponent was merely an NPC. He was very used to playing single-player games and tricking NPCs without once considering their simulated feelings.

What Jiang Fei truly worried about was the Steel-back Dragon losing its temper after being shamed by his rejection several times over. If this fellow was actually pushed to a corner, he might simply lash out!

"Please accept me, Lord!"

The Steel-back Dragon noticed that Jiang Fei hesitated. Its heart lightened up slightly. Apparently, the Pure-blood Dragon Race was not entirely devoid of conscience after all.

"I have something to attend to now, and it you would only get in the way. You can stay here for now. Stay here, I'll be back for you."

Jiang Fei finally decided to stall for time. He would wait until he reached a higher level before returning to accept it.

"Thank you, Lord!"

As Jiang Fei had finally agreed, the Steel-back Dragon was delighted. Although the Dragon Race was notoriously barbaric, known for robbing and raping others relentlessly, their word held more value than gold. They would never back down on any promises made. This was a golden pass!

In all honesty, the Steel-back Dragon had been extremely nervous when it spoke earlier. If the Pure-blood Dragon before him was truly without conscience, he would retaliate and kill it without batting an eyelid!

However, the Pure-blood Dragon Race was well-known for keeping their promises. The Steel-black Dragon was more than satisfied.

"Well, you must have been here for a while. I was just wondering if you happened to see an Elemental Elf?" Jiang Fei asked all of a sudden. This was like searching for a needle in a haystack. There was no way he would find it on his own. There was no harm in asking this Boss.

"An Elemental Elf? What is that?" The Steel-back Dragon asked, confused.

"It is a person about the size of a palm. Two pairs of dragonfly wings on its back, vast amount of elemental power!" Jiang Fei explained.

"Lord… Are you perhaps interested in this thing?"

The Steel-back Dragon started stammering. Even a fool could see that it was extremely guilty of something

"Rubbish! I simply need her power!" Jiang Fei said with a bad temper.

"I have seen her…" The Steel-back Dragon said shamefully.

"Oh! Great! Where is she? Tell me immediately!"

Jiang Fei was thrilled.

"I ate her…" The Steel-back Dragon said as it carefully looked at Jiang Fei like a guilty little kid.

"What? You freaking ate it!"

Jiang Fei felt his sanity quickly leaving his mind.
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