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Jiang Fei rushed back with the Elemental Elf Wei Weian in his hands. As the Elven Court was not a place anyone can enter, Jiang Fei should hurry back to Dawnlight City as soon as possible to complete the task at the tavern. Someone from Elven Court would come to pick Wei Weian up. That way, Jiang Fei could earn his rewards!

Jiang Fei walked on, trying his best to ignore Wei Weian's nonstop cries.

"Wu… Wu… Big brother, you are a bad guy!"

"I do not want to go home! I want to play…"

"Big brother, let me go! I do not want to go home…"

After being on the road for more than two hours, Jiang Fei could no longer stand the annoying brat. Although the monsters here still highly outclassed him and there were no other training players around who would come running up in curiosity, the unceasing cries were truly starting to get on Jiang Fei's nerves.

"Hey! Little thing, would you shut it for once?"

Jiang Fei gazed down spoke to the little elf.

"Wu… Wu… Big brother, if you take me somewhere to play, I will stop crying…"

Wei Weian stopped crying immediately and started bargaining with Jiang Fei.

"No way!"

Jiang Fei did not have time to mess around.

"Wu… Wu…"

Jiang Fei barely finished his sentence. Wei Weian had already started crying once again.

"Even if you cry, I have to send you home!"

Jiang Fei said with a straight face. He had no idea what to do with a spoilt brat like her.


Jiang Fei started rushing back. That was when Wei Weian suddenly bit down on Jiang Fei's hand.


A diminished sense of pain was part of the game. Nevertheless, Jiang Fei had relinquished his grip in surprise.

"Hehe! Off to play now!" Wei Weian cheered as she flew away from Jiang Fei's hand.

"Oy, come back!"

Jiang Fei immediately tried to catch the little elf. However, the little fellow was well prepared. It was not going to be easy.

"Hehe, you cannot catch me!"

Wei Weian happily flew around Jiang Fei in circles. As she weaved around Jiang Fei, she did not forget to throw snowballs at him.

"Wei Weian, listen to me, come home with me now!"

Jiang Fei was still trying to persuade the little elf.

"Haha, come and get me then!"

Wei Weian threw a snowball at Jiang Fei's nose. Immediately after that, she flew off the main road with a flap of her wings.

"Come back! It's dangerous!"

Jiang Fei quickly ran after her. The monsters around them were mostly close to Level 40, but they still posed a threat to Wei Weian. If the little fellow actually died, Jiang Fei's mission was finished!

"Hehe, big brother, I knew that you would never abandon me. Come and get me!"

Wei Weian continued flying, but she also turned back to fling snowballs at Jiang Fei, from time to time. This was most probably how she pranked members of the Elven Court back at home.

Wei Weian maintained a certain distance between herself and Jiang Fei. She dared not stray too far away from Jiang Fei, but she also made sure that he could not catch her. After all, she had grown somewhat aware of the dangers in the world, such as Steel-back Dragons swallowing her up.

Wei Weian was a terrifically fast flyer. In fact, they were roughly heading towards Dawnlight City. Therefore, the monsters around them were gradually thinning out. After some time, Jiang Fei noticed that the monsters around them were all less than Level 30. While this meant that they were in less danger, it also meant that they might start encountering players.

"Wei Weian, come back, stop running around!"

Jiang Fei started frowning. After all, finding the Elemental Elf was an open task. Anyone could take it. They were nearing the destination. If someone else snagged Wei Weian from his hands, he might just burst into tears.

Jiang Fei took the mission of finding Wei Weian very seriously indeed. This was not a normal public noticeboard task that offered a miniscule amount of experience and money. This task could allow Jiang Fei to get in touch with the Elven Court directly. There was a high possibility of him obtaining the Elemental Water. If he could obtain the Elemental Water, he would only be one step away from reviving Isabella!

Therefore, this was not merely an epic task from the public noticeboard. It was related to Jiang Fei's hidden clan task. That was why Jiang Fei was so intent on completing this task.

"No way!"

Wei Weian shook her head and accelerated even more. Abruptly, she turned into a forest somewhere up front.

"Ahhhh! You gotta kidding me!!"

Jiang Fei frowned and followed after her. He could not allow Wei Weian to leave his sight.

"Ah! Big brother, save me, there is a bad guy!"

Jiang Fei had only just entered the forest. Wei Weian's shouting could already be heard from somewhere afar.


Jiang Fei was shocked. He quickly rushed over to the place.

It only took a few steps before Jiang Fei caught sight of Wei Weian.

By then, Wei Weian had already been put into a special cage. The cage was a unique item that could be used to capture a smaller life form, such as Wei Weian.

The cage was currently in a player's hand. The player had already retrieved a Return Scroll, and was clearly going to teleport directly back to the city.

The reason Jiang Fei had to run all the way back was due to the simple fact that Wei Weian did not belong to him. If he had used the Return Scroll earlier, Jiang Fei would have returned to Dawnlight City, but Wei Weian would have remained at the same spot. This player had locked Wei Weian upin the cage, so she was now a property of his. He could use the Return Scroll to teleport back home directly.

"Big brother! Save me, quickly!"

Wei Weian was now so frightened that tears had started rolling down her face.

"Oh no, you don't!"

Jiang Fei became worried and instantly emptied a bottle of Speed Potion. He rushed up to the player. If this fellow brought Wei Weian back to Dawnlight City, then it would mean he had worked his arse off for the benefit of someone else!

"Hehe! Thank you, brother!"

The player smiled at Jiang Fei and opened up the Return Scroll. It would only take two seconds of chanting before he could return to the city. This epic task was his to claim!

By then, Jiang Fei was still twenty meters away from him. It was impossible for Jiang Fei to reach him in two seconds. The fellow could not help but smile.

Never Decreasing Tooth (Elf Clan, Thief)

Level: Unknown

Health Points: 2,215

Attack Power: 537

Remark: Member of the Phantom Killers

Jiang Fei scanned the fellow's information. If only he had remained clueless about his identity. Now that he had scanned the player, he had learned that this fellow belonged to the group that had ambushed him. It was such a small world. They were all from The Phantom Killers!


As the chant of the Return Scroll was almost complete, Never Decreasing Tooth had the gall to wave at Jiang Fei.
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