The Almighty Ring
171 Awanda Geminis
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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171 Awanda Geminis

Awanda Prince (Humanoid, Advance Elite)
Level: 28
Health Points: 50,000
Attack Power: 1,200
Skills: Frenzy Attack, Triple Slash, Life Link

Frenzy Attack: Instantly attacks the target and causes the Awanda Prince to have increased Attack Power by 20% for the next 10 seconds!

Triple Slash: Instantly attacks the target thrice. The first attack causes 50% damage, the second attack causes 100% damage, while the third attack causes 200% damage!

Life Link: Awanda Prince and Awanda Princess share their Health Points.

Awanda Princess (Humanoid, Advance Elite)
Level: 28
Health Points: 50,000
Magic Attack: 1,200
Skills: Magic Ball, Swallowing Eye, Life Link.

Magic Ball: After two seconds of singing, a magic ball is thrown at a target and deals 150% of Magic Attack's damage!

Swallowing Eye: Instantly deals 600 points of damage to the target and heals herself!

Life Link: Awanda Princess and Awanda Prince share their Health Points.

Remarks: The Demon's most loyal sidekicks – the Awanda Geminis!

"Shit… I really do need a healer for this one! I could still deal with the physical one. However, the magical damage from the other one is too much for me!" said Jiang Fei as he frowned.

"No problem! Little Rain and I will work together to stop the princess from casting her spell!" said the Seven Stars Warrior.

"Alright then!"

Jiang Fei nodded. This was no time to hesitate, for the Awanda Geminis were already making a move towards the players.


Jiang Fei immediately activated his skill. After all, there was no other enemy before him. It was the best time to use this skill!


The Awanda Princess was stunned by Jiang Fei for one second!

Battle Cry!



Before the others could attack, Jiang Fei quickly built up aggro.

"Kill the princess!" shouted Jiang Fei as he used the Sunder Strike on the Awanda Princess. After all, the magical Princess was more vulnerable and fragile.

By then, Zhao Feng and Little Rain had already started attacking. The two used their magic attacks on the Awanda Princess. However, Seven Stars Warrior did not immediately participate in the battle.

One second was a very short amount of time. The Awanda Princess very quickly regained her consciousness. She immediately started singing, preparing to cast the Magic Ball spell!


At long last, Seven Stars Warrior finally starting moving. He used a common warrior's skill and instantly teleported in front of Awanda Princess, stunning her for a second. At the same time, he also stopped the princess from casting her spell.

After one second, Awanda Princess still did not give up and continued to sing again!

Ice Burst!



Jiang Fei let out a cold breath and froze both the prince and the princess.

Naturally, the princess was unable to cast her spell.


-1217 (Critical Hit)



Mana Burn!

-4852! (Mana Depleted!)

-2426! (Health Point Deduction!)

Before the Awanda Prince could use Triple Slash, Jiang Fei struck his significant other with a solid blow! Mana Burn was particularly effective against these Advanced Elite monsters, as they had plenty of Mana Points! The other party members leaped aboard and started pounding the daylights out of her.

Although the Awanda Princess had been rendered helpless, the Awanda Prince was not going easy on them. The prince swung a massive sword about, dealing some serious damage to Jiang Fei.



-618! (Critical Hit!)



After the Critical Hit, the Awanda Prince's Attack Power increased significantly!



-1389! (Triple Slash!)

Although Jiang Fei was a truly tough nut to crack, the Awanda Prince was still slowly but surely beating him into submission.

"Quick, wrap it up already, I can't hold on for long!" Jiang Fei called out.

Coupled with the prince's fierce attacks, and the princess' occasional activation of the Swallowing Eye that dealt 600 damage, Jiang Fei found himself losing the battle of attrition.


The other three nodded. However, the Awanda Geminis had a total of 500,000 Health Points. It was not going to be a quick battle, even with four of them attacking together.

"Do not interrupt this Magic Ball!"

By then, Jiang Fei was doing all he could to increase his damage output!


It was supposed to be Little Rain's turn to interrupt the spell. However, Jiang Fei had just saved her a cycle of cooldowns.

Jiang Fei focused his gaze on the singing Awanda Princess. Just as she was about to complete the singing, Jiang Fei fiercely raised his shield before himself.

Demon's Harborage!

A stream of light appeared before Jiang Fei's shield. As the Magic Ball came into contact with the light shield, it immediately shot back at her.


A huge number appeared above the Awanda Princess' head!

"D*mn! A counter attack?"

Little Rain and Seven Stars Warrior were at an utter loss of words.

"Don't just stand there, keep attacking! We must break the spell this time!"
Jiang Fei jolted them back to their senses.

As the battle progressed, Jiang Fei's Health Points gradually decreased. Jiang Fei started turning to emergency skills. Armored Bulwark ended up absorbing nearly 3,000 damage for Jiang Fei!

Claret Aegis was activated by Jiang Fei when the prince was about to hit him on the third attack of the Triple Slash. It significantly reduced the damage dealt by the prince.

"That's it! We are through!"

When the Awanda Geminis' Health Points were less than 5,000, Jiang Fei still had over 3,000 Health Points. It was a close call, but at he still had more trump cards up his sleeves.


"Master… will avenge us…"

As the two cried out in pain, the Awanda Geminis fell to the ground. The party quickly executed the coup de grace.

"Quickly, heal yourselves!" shouted Zhao Feng.

It was an absolutely unnecessary reminder. The four of them immediately sat on the ground and started eating and drinking items to recover their Health Points and Mana Points.

"Useless rubbish! You should all die!"

The deaths of the Awanda Geminis had clearly upset the shadow figure in the red light. As he roared, cries of pain could be heard.

"He's wiping out his followers. It plans to use the blood of the followers to activate the transport door and exact its revenge upon us!"

Zhao Feng had seen this before.

"How about the big boss man himself? What's he got?" asked Jiang Fei as they continued making their preparations.

"It is a Level 29 Boss!" said Zhao Feng.

"D*mn! The four of us are fighting a Boss without a healer?"

Jiang Fei's eyes flew wide open.

"Brother Fei, are you out of your mind. How could a real Boss be Level 29?"

Zhao Feng rolled his eyes at Jiang Fei.

"Bullsh*t. Didn't you just tell me that?"

Jiang Fei glared at Zhao Feng.

"A Boss is a Boss. Well, this one's a clone though. That explains why its level is so low!" explained Zhao Feng.


Jiang Fei nodded. In Dawnlight City, several high ranking monsters who could not leave certain maps. However, they could use items to summon a shadow figure or a clone to influence the external world. Zhao Feng's shrine-related quest could end up involving something like this!


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