The Almighty Ring
186 Drastic Change in Dawnlight City
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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186 Drastic Change in Dawnlight City

Energy Crystal (Strengthening Item, Legendary)

Use: Provides you with an additional Backup Energy Pool!

Remark: You can only obtain an Energy Pool relevant to your Class. The Backup Energy Pool will not recover Energy on its own. You can only replenish it by using potions.

"D*rn it! How can such a thing exist?"

Jiang Fei was shocked by his latest discovery.

What did activating an additional Energy Pool mean? Bandits would have two bars of Spirit Energy, Warriors would have two bars of Rage while Magicians would have two bars of Mana. This was a treasure that would tremendously enhance one's Battle Power!

Although the Backup Energy Pool was incapable of recovering on its own and could only be replenished through drinking potions, it would rarely be used unless one was in a dire situation. A few bottles of potions in exchange for one's life was still a worthwhile tradeoff!

"Ho damn… This must be worth a lot of money. However, it is useless to me!"

Jiang Fei sighed. This was a godly item for any other player, but not Jiang Fei. All his skills came from his equipment. Not only did most of his skills not require any Mana Points, but his Ice Burst skill was also considered a Crafter's skill and just had a cooldown period without any Mana cost.

The only skill which cost him Mana Points was Mana Burn. However, a single use of the skill would deplete his entire Mana Pool. In other words, he had very limited to no use of Mana Points.

"Forget it! I'll hold on to it for now."

Jiang Fei casually tossed the Energy Crystal into his spatial ring. He was starting to take this safe box for granted.

That was the last of the items. Although many of them have ended up taking up real estate in his inventory, Jiang Fei was happy with the Divine Battle Technique Skill Book.

After he was done picking up the equipment, Jiang Fei shifted his gaze towards the ever-blinking Friends list.

"D*mn! Ah Fei, did you swallow a fairy pill? How did your Level just jump up like that?"

Han Tianyu had been forced by Chen Xi to message Jiang Fei.

"Brother Fei, are you in another single-player unknown dungeon again?" Zhao Feng's message swiftly followed.

"You went out to play without bringing us along yet again!" Sun Mengmeng sounded the most indignant of the lot.

Jiang Fei gave out some vague replies to silence them. After all, he had not expected to be teleported away by those two spies. This had been one big happy accident.

It took him several minutes to calm the crowd down.

As Jiang Fei was worried that he would bump into another Lord rank entity, so he quietly holed himself down in the huge crater. Half an hour later, some critters started respawning, but they were warded off by the Black Dragon Scale and left Jiang Fei alone.

As Jiang Fei was still waiting for the Warp limit to reset, Rosette Rose sent him a message.

"Ah Fei! Something has happened!" Rosette Rose screamed frantically.

"What?" Jiang Fei asked.

"I don't know. It's hell in Dawnlight City. Some Level 30 monsters have appeared out of nowhere. Most of them are Elite monsters. These monsters are killing everyone in their path. Players are being mowed down even as they respawn on their own corpses!" Rosette Rose said.

"Why would that happen? Aren't the guards taking care of them?" Jiang Fei asked with a frown.

"Guards? The guards are stretched thin across the entire city with their hands full. These monsters have pretty good Drop Rates and Experience points. The players from the larger guilds are also returning to the city to train!" Rosette Rose said.

"You should have our guild join in the fun. I won't be able to make it back so soon," Jiang Fei said after giving it some thought.

"Alright, Big Brother Bear and Little Rain have already brought some people over. Many people from the cities of the four main races are also on their way. The monsters' rampage should come to an end very soon. I just wanted to check if you could make it back in time for the Experience feast, just like the one we had last time!" Rosette Rose said.

"I don't know. I can only return in three hours…" Jiang Fei took a look at the Dimensional limitation timer.

"Do your best… I will get the girls some levels now!" Rosette Rose said with a nod as she ended the voice call.

"Blimey… Monster rampage. Wonder if the Brotherhood of Katya had something to do with that," Jiang Fei mumbled to himself. After all, he had been forcibly teleported from a most suspicious-looking room. It reeked of blood, and foreboding runes covered the walls. It was clearly some sort of evil ceremony. It was the best thing to pair with the sudden monster rampage.

Nearly three hours later, the limitation was finally lifted. Jiang Fei shot up to his feet and ripped a Return Scroll apart.

A white light flashed, and Jiang Fei was returned to Dawnlight City.

"Whew!" As soon as Jiang Fei landed back in Dawnlight City, he let out a sigh of relief. He felt as if he had returned to civilization after a long reign of self-exile. The Demon's map had been way too treacherous. He had been ridiculously fortunate to coincidentally carry a nuke in his bag. He was doubly lucky to have such a dumb boss confront him. If he did not have the nuke, or if the boss had been slightly brighter, Jiang Fei would have never been able to convince a boss to put a nuke in its mouth without chewing it.

That luck had given Jiang Fei three free level ups, and several high-Level Equipment, albeit being too high to be of use to him.

When Jiang Fei walked out of the teleportation portal, he was greeted by the significantly livelier sight of Dawnlight City. Even out of the smallest of back alleys, players were chasing after Elite-grade monsters.

"Dawnlight City's Training Team is lacking one player. We are about to start. We will only focus on killing Advance Elite monsters. The Experience Points will be very rewarding!"

"Pub players' Freedom Team will hunt down the Elite monsters. There are no restrictions on Class and Level. We only need two more people and will head out once the team is complete!"

"Challenger Group still needs two more healers and a strong tank. Come on, we will not wait forever!"

As there were no monsters around the teleportation portal, it had turned into some sort of safe zone. Those without guilds or were from small clans would all gather here to form teams. After all, most pub players were unable to single-handedly defeat Elite or Advance Elite monsters.

"Handsome! Join our team to battle! I heard that one team killed some big game and obtained Epic equipment!"

"Big brother, join our team! Killing Elite monsters will help you Level Up really fast. You will even be accompanied by pretty ladies. Training won't feel anything like a burden!"

As soon as Jiang Fei exited the teleportation portal, the equipment on his body attracted the attention of several teams in the area. They all asked him to join their teams.

"My apologies. I do not have time. Maybe we can work together next time!" Jiang Fei answered as he shook his head. Why would he train with these pub players?

"Fatty, where the heck are you?"

Jiang Fei sent Zhao Feng a message.

"We are next to the blacksmith's store at No.4, north of the city. Big boss Han has segregated an area for us to train. There are quite a lot of Advanced Elite monsters out there. Rewards are pretty sweet!" Zhao Feng said and laughed.

"Wait for me. I am coming right away!" Jiang Fei replied as he summoned the Earth Drake. He charged towards the location provided by Zhao Feng.
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