The Almighty Ring
196 Doughty Nephilim
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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196 Doughty Nephilim

"hoho, i've been in luck. i found a few fruits!" as jiang fei spoke, he flashed the devil's fruits before isabella's eyes, then immediately kept them back!

"what!? you've really managed to collect all the materials needed for my resurrection!" although she definitely saw the devil's fruit, isabella still found it hard to believe. after all, such good news had blindsided her. it felt surreal!

"hoho! i really did not make a mistake in choosing you!" aeneidstrasza laughed as he patted jiang fei on the shoulder. since isabella was going to be resurrected, he was elated!

"quickly, give me the devil's fruit. we shall start the resurrection ritual immediately!" isabella said excitedly. she was already tired of her soul form. the moment she saw that jiang fei had really gotten the materials, she was not willing to delay it any further!

"sure!" jiang fei also wished to go through a race evolution quickly, so he gladly completed the quest.

"ding! quest updated!"

following the sound of a system prompt, jiang fei's appearance began to change!

although his appearance still maintained the shape of a human, jiang fei's skin turned darker. his pupils that were originally black turned blood red. at the same time, there were significant changes in his attributes!

name: verdure glider

level: 33

race: nephilim (temporary)

class: divine blacksmith (apprentice)

experience points: 17,580/8,123,500

health points: 17,840/17,840

mana points: 680/680

physical attack: 388+230

magic attack: 68

physical defense: 670+718

magic defense: 136+454

strength: 97 (affects the character's physical attack strength, nephilim attack power growth 2.0, divine blacksmith class attack power growth 2.0)

agility: 78 (affects the character's attack speed, movement speed, flexibility, nephilim agility growth 2.0, divine blacksmith class agility growth 1.0)

physique: 223 (affects the character's health points and physical defense, nephilim health growth 20, nephilim defense growth 2.0, divine blacksmith class health growth 4.0, divine blacksmith class defense growth 1.5)

intelligence: 68 (affects the character's magic attack and magic defense, nephilim magic attack power growth 1.0, nephilim magic defense growth 1.0, divine blacksmith class magic attack growth 1.0, divine blacksmith class magic defense growth 2.0)

spirit: 68 (affects the character's health and mana recovery speed and the increase speed of skill proficiency. in a non-combat state, one point of spirit will allow the recovery of one health point and mana point every five seconds. in combat state, one point of spirit will allow the recovery of 0.1 health point and mana point every five seconds! divine blacksmith class growth: none!)

undistributed attribute points: 115

at this time, the most significant change in jiang fei was the increase in his health points and physical attack. the nephilim attack growth was 2, and 1 for humans, which meant that the attack power that jiang fei gained from his strength attribute had been doubled!

the same was true for his health points. the nephilim health points growth was 20, and it was 10 for humans. the bonus health points that jiang fei gained from his vitality attribute had also doubled. at the same time, the defense that jiang fei obtained from his vitality had also doubled!

the other adjustments were that agility growth had changed from 1 to 2, which increased jiang fei's movement and attack speed.

at this time, due to the race change, jiang fei's undistributed attribute points were all returned. however, his health points had increased by nearly 5,000! if he put all the undistributed attribute points into vitality, his health points could be increased by nearly 10,000. his total health points would be close to 30,000!

such was the advantage of race evolution. they were basically demigods. although it was difficult to evolve into the 36 rare races, the evolution was accompanied by godly advantages. once players evolved into a rare race, their combat power would soar over the top. they would absolutely destroy the other players.

in addition to the attributes, jiang fei also acquired a new skill!

demon morph: instantly transforms into nephilim form, increasing your attack power and defense by 100% and transforming into a chaotic attack mode whereby 50% of the damage you deal will heal the damage you take! movement speed is increased by 200%, and you will have the ability to fly short distances. transformation lasts for ten minutes. cooldown time is four hours!

"holy shit!" when jiang fei saw this race skill, he was blown away.

this transformation ability was absolutely godly. his attack and defense would double, and the transformation into chaotic attack mode was equivalent to him being able to ignore the enemy's defense type, the level difference, the enemy's avoidability, block attributes, and defense value. in short, the damage he could deal would be directly proportional to how much attack power he had, like activating god mode! coupled with the lifesteal effect, jiang fei was invincible as long as he was not taken down by a single blow.

moreover, after the transformation, his movement speed would increase greatly, and he would have the ability to fly. this godly skill meant that he would be able to get close to the enemy to attack and move back to retreat. the skill was so powerful it surpassed an average ares' skill!

"oh f*ck! if i was an attacker class, i would definitely be able to kill anyone instantly now!" jiang fei pursed his lips together. as a divine blacksmith, he was tanky, but he could not hold weapons with attacking attributes, and the growth of his attack power was low. these two points were drawbacks, no matter how he looked at it!

jiang fei had basically noted all the changes to his attributes. although there was a 'temporary' word next to nephilim, jiang fei was not really bothered. it was most definitely because isabella had not completed her resurrection ritual. when she completes it, jiang fei would be able to make it a permanent change!

as for the 115 undistributed attribute points, jiang fei would put all of it into vitality, as usual. although his attack growth had doubled, jiang fei understood something. as he could not use attacking weapons, he would not be able to get on the same level as an average attacker class just by increasing his attack power through attribute points. hence, it was better if he carried through to the end by making the best use of the advantages he had and ignoring the disadvantages.

after he finished distributing the attribute points, jiang fei's health points reached 27,000. it had doubled from before the race evolution, while his attack had increased sharply. also, his defense was now an astonishing amount of over 1,700!

just as jiang fei expected, he had completely turned into a steel plate. the surge in power made jiang fei feel like attempting the normal mode of "bottom of the blood pool" and the unfinished single-player secret dungeon on his own!

"verdure glider! i'm going to start the resurrection ritual now! you must now be a custodian alongside my senior!" isabella said to jiang fei.

"i knew it!" as jiang fei had guessed, the quest had granted him nephilim status in advance. there was a more difficult task awaiting him. otherwise, he would have directly undergone the race evolution and received the quest rewards. there would not be anything 'temporary'!

"you and i shall seal off the cave entrance! we do not have to worry about isabella's ritual over here!" obviously, aeneidstrasza had been triggered by a script. he was no longer communicating with jiang fei freely just like before. instead, he ran directly to the cave entrance and cast a spell to form a magical barrier.

"this is an interdiction quest, right?" jiang fei could already more or less guess its nature. it was obvious that isabella's resurrection ritual would not be completed peacefully. he had to act as her bodyguard!

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