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That day, Jiang Fei had devoted the entire time of the day to craft equipment. Aside from the occasional short break, Jiang Fei had been crafting nonstop. In average, Jiang Fei had used a little over a hundred set of materials in an hour, and he had been at it for at least 20 hours.

In the beginning, Jiang Fei was able to get by with that sort of speed, due to Isabella helping a hand in running errands for him. However, Isabella quickly grew sick of it. She was, afterall, a Princess of the Demon race. How could someone in her position be running errands?

After some time, Jiang Fei had Isabella deposit over 30 sets of equipment, of Blue and Green grades into his own guild storage. The remaining equipments, left for Fafner in the Azure, were not delivered. If they wanted it, the members of Fafner in the Azure should come to Jiang Fei and get it.

While Jiang Fei was crafting equipment as if he was on steriods, Happy Drunk saw the opportunity and sent over ten men to retrieve as many equipment as they could. At the same time, those men were tasked to deliver materials for Jiang Fei. When Han Tian Ning gave the order to supply Jiang Fei with any amount of materials, Happy Drunk was not too happy about it. However, when a large number of Blue graded equipment were received, Happy Drunk was angry at himself for not delivering more materials for Jiang Fei.

After a whole day of banging metal, Jiang Fei had crafted over a thousand sets, minus a proportionate number of failed attempts. Out of the thousands of sets, 400 were Blue graded. Thanks to the smithing marathon, Jiang Fei's Blacksmith experience had shot up by a significant amount. If he repeated the same smithing marathon for another day, Jiang Fei would have gained enough experience points to graduate from being an Apprentice to an actual Divine Blacksmith!

Of the 400 Blue graded sets, Jiang Fei had kept over a 100 for himself, and gave the rest away to Fafner in the Azure. Those equipment were just enough for a small force in their guild.

At first, Jiang Fei had planned to feed all the Green graded equipment to the ring. But it soon became apparent that the ring could not consume the equipment as swiftly as he could craft. After over 20 hours of crafting, the ring had only managed to consume over 100 sets. The experience bar had only gone up by half a bar. In the end, Jiang Fei sent another 100 Green graded equipment sets into the ring and gave the rest away. He did not bother to keep any more for himself nor for his guild; they were already equipped with the Blue graded equipment, and 100 Green grades were enough for the ring to reach another level. Keeping any more equipment would only be a waste of space.

Even though they were just Green graded equipment, they were products of Jiang Fei's crafting. All of them came with skills! Some of them were even stronger than Blue-graded equipment's skills!

For a majority of players at the average level of 26 or 25, they often came fully equipped, although most of their armor would be a mix of White and Green grades. Players in guilds had a better time, as their guilds would dispatch a team of players to raid a dungeon every day and farm equipment. Most guild players would possess one or two Blue grades. Other small guilds and random pub players would never be so lucky.

When Jiang Fei gave all the "trash" Green graded equipment to the Fafner in the Azure, stronger equipment were given to the main attacking party of the guild, and the rest were "benefits."

This shower of equipment was an impossible feat that no normal guild could achieve. Afterall, most Profession players in guilds were still raising their mastery levels. The equipment that they could cough up were at best Green, and mostly White graded. It was partly because the guild was incapable of obtaining higher grade Recipes and even if they did, no crafter would dare to craft the item for fear of failing an attempt and wasting a large quantity of materials!

Once Jiang Fei had filled up the red slots of the ring's inventory, he ordered Brother Bear and his men to send the other 100 equipment to the guild storage. There was just not enough time, as there was only three hours left until the game shut down for the day.

With all that time left, Jiang Fei and Isabella went straight towards the dungeon inside Dawnlight City. The name of the dungeon: Bottom of the Bloodpool.

Before the appearance of Isabella, Jiang Fei had always thought that the dungeon could never be conquered. Now that Jiang Fei had evolved into a Demon, he had grown several times stronger. If he were to include Isabella in battle, they would be unstoppable! A level 30 normal dungeon is nothing but a walk in the park.

Fortunately for Jiang Fei, the dungeon was inside the city itself. Jiang Fei and Isabella arrived at the entrance in no time at all.

"Where are we going?" said Isabella.

"Somewhere over the rainbow," Jiang Fei smiled as he answered nonchalantly. With a quick dip of his head into the entrance, both Isabella and Jiang Fei were sucked into the dungeon.

"EH!?" cried Isabella when she realized that Jiang Fei and herself had been teleported away.

"This place is not part of the Overworld!" Isabella added.
Indeed, the dungeon "Bottom of the Bloodpool" was not part of the Overworld but a part of the Blood Prison. The boss of this dungeon was one of Jiang Fei "old buddies," The Blood God Veiga.

However, it was impossible to encounter a Celestial tier Boss. Back then, when the Cardea brothers' evil planed to take Dawnlight City over, Warlock Sava had planned to connect the Blood Prison with the Overworld through a certain ritual. With the power of the Blood Prison, Sava intended to completely decimate Dawnlight City.

However, Jiang Fei and his merry lot had chimed in and interrupted the spell halfway through, resulting in a small portion of the Blood Prison remaining in the Overworld, forming said dungeon.

When both Isabella and Jiang Fei were in the dungeon, Jiang Fei started by selecting the Normal difficulty to test the waters. What he saw this time were the same monsters as he did the last time.

Demon Bleeder (Xenogenesis, Elite)

Level: 30

Health Points: 13,000

Attack Power: 1,300

Skills: Laceration, Sever

Laceration: Attacks a target and causes Bleed. Stackable up to 5 times.

Sever: Increase 20% Attack Speed.

Note: Infected unknown being.

This monster was the same kind as the ones that were running amok in Dawnlight City. They were monsters that were infected and not native to the Blood Prison.

"Bella! Follow me!" Jiang Fei bellowed and took the first initiative to blow a mouthful of icy cold breath.

"Ice Burst!"


Just after Jiang Fei had cast Ice Burst, Isabella had just finish channeling her spell.

Two pillars of fire burst out of the ground, completely enveloping both the monsters.

-12,357! (Critical!)
-12,764! (Critical)

Isabella's magic attack was close to 4,000. After a combined attack with Ice Burst, her damage was amplified to over 6,000, making both Jiang Fei and Isabella's attack skills a perfect combination. Another reason for that was that all fire type attacks dealt on a frozen target would result in a 100% Critical attack. Before the two monsters could even move a muscle, they were both killed instantly.

"Ding! You have killed Demon Bleeder! Obtained 9,800 Experience Points!"
"Ding! You have killed Demon Bleeder! Obtained 9,800 Experience Points!"

"Oof! That feels good!"

It had been a while since Jiang Fei ran through a dungeon solo. Hence, when he received experience points, it was not divided amongst others. That was most incredible.

"This just the first monster in this Blood Prison," said Isabella condescendingly, as if Jiang Fei was behaving like a villager who had just received his first gold coin.

"Oh, come on missy. You may look down on me, but I still like you!"

Jiang Fei did not give much care about Isabella's tsundere (1) attitude. In truth, he adored the little girl! Such a pet was so strong, that she was practically invincible! She was both a powerful ally and an obedient lackey! What's more, she would never argue over the loot! As a pet that possessed intelligence and conscience, you could talk to her when you are bored, play pranks on her whenever you want! She was the best partner any adventurer could have!

"Tsk!" Isabella clicked her tongue. However, beneath her cold appearance, she smiled when Jiang Fei was not looking. Even though she was an AI pet, she was programmed as a girl. Being praised like that only gave her joy.

Translator's Note:

Tsundere. I'm pretty sure everyone knows what tsundere means by now. However, for those who don't watch anything related to Japanese, it is a personality type of a girl which on the outside, portrayed as a cold or a high-and-mighty character yet caring and thoughtful on the inside.
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