The Almighty Ring
217 The Cunning Ant Queen
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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217 The Cunning Ant Queen

even jiang fei, a man, was alarmed as thousands of tiny ants came to him like a tsunami. what of isabella? a princess who had everything that she wanted in her life? how would she feel, from the position of a girl? at the very least, she could do something about it. terrified and disgusted, she had blasted these ants all to oblivion.

after a thousand ants perished, the ant queen's guard clapped its pincers together again. this time, it clapped twice. close to four hundred elite tier ants charged at them. they were different. this time, they were roughly the size of basketballs. hundreds of them clumped up together would be downright terrifying.

"disgusting pest!"

before the ants could get into melee range, isabella prepared herself. after one flame burst, all the incoming ants were left wriggling close to death.

shadow dragon's breath!


one massive aoe skill was unleashed, and all the elite tier ants were killed.

even though the ant queen's guard brethren was killed, it did not move, as if it had no emotions. again, its pincers met, and a group of advanced elite ants gathered. their numbers were close to 80.

"alright, perhaps it's time for me to act."

jiang fei felt that he stood on the sidelines enough while watching isabella do all the work. it was a little awkward for him.

while isabella had been like a stationary, fortified fortress, jiang fei leaped forward and called the attention of the advance elite ants to himself.

ice burst!


a sea of red text burst out as countless of ice structures were formed.

after a sea of crystalized ice formed, a powerful burst of red flame burst out from the earth beneath. the sea of white blue was immediately replaced with dark red. jiang fei's ice burst dealt insignificant damage. that skill was not meant for offense, but it gave out a freezing effect. once an enemy was frozen, all subsequent fire-based attacks would trigger a 100% critical strike. that was the destructive power of a combo attack. it was a wave of five-digit attacks. no less. however, it was not enough to kill them all just yet.

shadow dragon's breath!

no matter. one last aoe massive attack was enough to turn all the burning targets into gray ashes.

finally, after all the advance elite ants were defeated, the ant queen's guard made its move.

"kreee!" the ant queen's guard shrieked and leaped forward.

"oh no you don't!" cried jiang fei as he immediately activated intercept.

with haste, jiang fei glided across the dirt and collided into the boss. sadly, the boss was immune to effects like stuns. still, jiang fei's goal was achieved, and that was to reach the boss first before isabella landed an attack.

lightning strike!


when the boss was slowed, it turned to jiang fei and begun its attack. knowing that he could not last long trading blows with a boss, he immediately used all the active skills in his skill tree.

abyssal flame!


after jiang fei was finished with all his skills, isabella's ball of black flame landed on the boss. sadly, even though jiang fei wanted to deal as much damage as he could, isabella had already taken his place at the top of the aggro list after only three instances of abyssal flame. at the same time, the boss had lost so much health that it was left with less than 60,000 health points. by the time the boss had reached isabella's melee range, jiang fei already stood in front of her, getting in between the boss and isabella. they executed another devastating combo.

what was first thought to be an annoyance turned out to end in less than 20 seconds. as he recalled, the boss had died before it could even use even one of its skill.

"hoho. let's see what nice stuff we've got here!"

jiang fei was jubilant. he had always thought that bringing isabella with him would be a godsent.

soul of the beast (toy, legendary)
use: grants the ability to communicate with beasts. effects last for 30 minutes with a 4-hour long cooldown.

note: humans have their language, so do beasts. human's language could never be understood by beasts, and vice-versa for the beasts' growl.

however, with the soul of the beast, one can momentarily gain the power to communicate with beasts!

"wow. even toys come with legendary tier!"

jiang fei shrugged. even though this little item seemed… powerful? it had almost zero use in a fight. to begin with, beasts had next to no intelligence. communicating with them would be equal to talking to a bunch of inanimate statues!

after the training ground, jiang fei walked a little further and realized that he had reached the end of the secret dungeon!

"something's not right! i think we've been duped!" jiang fei reacted immediately. when the ant queen's guards had appeared, jiang fei remembered reading something about never leaving the queen's lair. if that was the case, the ant queen must have been up to no good!

"let's head back."

jiang fei dragged isabella and rushed back to the training hall. fortunately, jiang fei had felt something off just before he ended the dungeon run. if he had walked out, the ant queen would have escaped!

"hah! found you little pipsqueak!"

when jiang fei arrived, he immediately spotted the ant queen. it was hard to miss. the ant queen was massive. the back of the ant queen was a large white, flesh-colored sack like a large caterpillar. apparently, the ant queen was hiding beneath the ground while the battle was raging on, and when every ant was defeated and after jiang fei left, it had crawled out of the ground, trying to escape.

ant queen (beast, lord)
level: 30
health points: 300,000
attack power: 1
magic attack: 1
skills: egg production, lactation

note: the leader of the ant colony. possesses almost zero combat ability.

"no wonder you had to hide!"

jiang fei was delighted when he read the ant queen's stats. this little bugger was just too cunning! it knew that it had no combat ability and had relied on "cheating" the lives of others to survive! little did it know that jiang fei had returned! the ant queen immediately regretted crawling out this soon. if she had waited for a little more, both jiang fei and isabella would have stormed out of the caverns after failing to find her!

"squash it!"

without holding back, jiang fei began his barrage of attacks. bang and bang it went, jiang fei's hammer rose and fell.

the ant queen shrieked out in pain and cried for help. however, the critters on the wall were considered non-interactable objects.

the ant queen was just a large bug with zero combat capabilities. while it may have 300,000 health points, she could not run nor could she fight. after a short while, she was left with only 100,000 health points.

"ding! the ant queen had started to shake her head up and down! she seems to be begging for her life!"

a notification chime rang in jiang fei eyes. at the same time, the name tag of the ant queen had turned from red to yellow, indicating that she had no intention of harming jiang fei!

"haha, this is interesting. is this the power of physical persuasion?" jiang fei laughed. he then had isabella stopped her attacks. since the ant queen was nothing but a sitting duck, jiang fei decided to hear her out. if she wanted to play tricks on him, he could do anything to her.

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