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"Everyone, stop! What is going on?" Old Lockster said as he glanced over at Han Tianyu, worried that Han Tianyu might slip away and start yet another fight. Finally, he forced himself to rush over to Jiang Fei.

"Master, what do we do?" A Tokugawa household's bodyguard asked, giving Tokugawa Kazuyoshi a look. As a Tokugawa household's retainer, he was prepared to take Jiang Fei down. However, now that the organizer of the gathering, Old Lockster, had spoken, he had to concede.

Tokugawa Kazuyoshi did not utter a single word, but simply gave a quick nod. Although Tokugawa Shingi was not a pampered kid, their household could not stand watching him being attacked and humiliated in front of everyone. This was beyond reproach.

When the bodyguard saw Tokugawa Kazuyoshi nodding his head, he immediately pounced at Jiang Fei. After all, Jiang Fei had not restrained himself earlier when he was throwing his punches. On top of that, Tokugawa Shingi was a clueless rascal and had therefore underestimated Jiang Fei's abilities. He had thought Jiang Fei had only managed to lay hands of his son because of the element of surprise. The bodyguard did not think much of him.

When Jiang Fei saw the bodyguard charging at him, he took action. What that seemed like a regular punch was actually part of the nameless fist technique that old man Hai had taught him. The seemingly normal attack was deceptively hard to evade and defend against.

"Hmph! East Asian weakling!" The bodyguard spouted in broken Chinese. Based on his observations, Jiang Fei knew nothing about self-defense. He completely let down his guard.

The bodyguard extended his left hand to grab on to Jiang Fei's wrist as he bent his index finger and middle finger to knife-hand Jiang Fei's throat. It was a fatal attack. Clearly, he intended to kill Jiang Fei before Old Lockster could take action. Nobody could bring back the dead.

"Tsk…" The crowd observing could not help but suck in a breath of cold air. They had not thought that the Japanese would be this cruel and go for the kill.

The only person who still remained calm at that moment was Han Tianyu. He had a good grasp of Jiang Fei's capabilities from old man Hai. Such a level of attack was incapable of breaking through Jiang Fei's defenses. There was no way the bodyguard would hurt his brother.

"Hmph!" Jiang Fei grunted in annoyance as he dodged the attack. While successfully avoiding the Japanese bodyguard's attack, Jiang Fei clenched his fist and returned fire, sending the bodyguard staggering a few steps back.

"That is interesting!"

When he saw the Japanese merely rubbing his shoulder after taking Jiang Fei's attack, Jiang Fei's facial expression darkened. Despite his confidence, he now knew that his power was not strong enough to defeat such a professionally trained martial artist with ease.

As Jiang Fei scanned his surroundings, he noticed Han Tianyu giving him a nod of approval. At the same time, Jiang Fei also noticed that Old Lockster was not uttering a single word, despite wanting to break up the fight earlier.

Clearly, he too intended to watch the show. After all, watching the people from Tokyo and people from Huaxia fight against each other would be quality entertainment for him.

"Hehe! This is interesting. It looks like I should take this more seriously!" Jiang Fei said as he laughed slightly. He retrieved the Bloodthirsty Divine Fists and put it on. It was an instant power boost. He had also instantly gained a few skills!

Although the Bloodthirsty Divine Fist looked just like regular gloves, they looked like cool, regular gloves. Everyone else would dismiss them as a gimmick for bravado, or some fighter's sense of professionalism more than anything. Therefore, they did not pay too much attention to it.


The bodyguard was sent staggering back yet again. He was beginning to sense the heat, losing ground in front of his master. He immediately charged towards Jiang Fei.



Jiang Fei successfully dodged the bodyguard's attack while delivering another blow to his left shoulder. This time the punch carried 500kg worth of force and Ignored Defense attributes. It was enough to crack bone.



Taking advantage of the situation, Jiang Fei struck the same spot on the bodyguard's shoulder. This time, he thoroughly shattered the bodyguard's shoulder blades.


The bodyguard was still a skilled, trained fighter. When Jiang Fei struck him the second time, he had thrown his fist at Jiang Fei's chest. It was an eye for an eye!

After all, Jiang Fei did not have as much fighting experience as he did.

Jiang Fei was only focused on attacking and had not expected an attack at such a moment. Therefore, he could not react to the attack in time!


Before the bodyguard's fist came into contact with Jiang Fei's chest, the area around Jiang Fei's chest glowed, emitting a layer of light. If one did not observe closely, one would not even see the light. However, the weak layer of light was able to completely nullify the bodyguard's attack!

"Die!" Jiang Fei shouted, more in surprise than anything, having been taken by surprise. Jiang Fei returned the blow to the solar plexus.



The strike on the bodyguard's chest did not cause much damage and only broke two of his ribs, but a white light was suddenly emitted from Jiang Fei's fist. It instantly sent the bodyguard over ten meters away. The bodyguard's chest completely caved in as he lifelessly slid across the ground. He could not have died a more terrible death!

Suddenly, the entire hall became silent. Everyone stared in shock at Jiang Fei who stood in the middle of the field.

"Qi…" Old Lockster mumbled the word with great difficulty.

"D*rn! Am I blind or what? Qi Body Protection coupled with Qi Projectile?"

Not only were others surprised by what they saw, but even Han Tianyu was also stunned. He had checked with old man Hai and confirmed that Jiang Fei would never be able to pick up on the Inner Qi technique. Even so, Jiang Fei had managed to master it in just a few days. Not only was Jiang Fei able to harness Qi energy, he had even managed to use the Qi Body Protection and Qi Projectile techniques at the same time. This was a level that nobody could achieve without more than ten years of hard work!

"Tsk, tsk… Where did this young man come from?" Stan acknowledged Jiang Fei's explosive powers. He was shocked beyond words. He had never heard of such a young Inner Qi expert in the entirety of Huaxia. Even Han Tianyu the genius had not yet reached a level that enabled the Qi Body Protection technique.

Jiang Fei had never thought that his punch could be this strong. He did not know that this single punch had also resolved the problematic situation that his potions had gotten him into. Before the eyes of such a young Inner Qi expert, the benefits Jiang Fei possessed could no longer be desired by just anyone. Moreover, Jiang Fei was providing advice and guidance to an Inner Qi expert. He was most definitely a formidable existence!


By now, even Old Lockster was left feeling embarrassed. Although he was a rather respected military arms dealer in his own right, he had no power over existences like Jiang Fei who defied the laws of nature. Now that the people from the North American Mutants Brotherhood were not present, he felt pressured to avoid communication with people like Jiang Fei. If he got on the wrong side of Jiang Fei, the consequences would be unimaginable!
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