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That morning, Jiang Fei left the game. After having breakfast, Jiang Fei began his journey to school once again.

Although Jiang Fei had only taken a few days off, everything he experienced in the past few days made him feel like a year had passed. Those few days had been far more eventful compared to the past decade of his life!

When he thought about his conversation with Shroder the day before, he started looking at passing pedestrians differently. Jiang Fei felt like he was traveling back and forth between two completely different worlds. The world of an average person was so ordinary; stagnant like dead water. The world of a Metahuman was beautiful and colorful, but this excitement was matched by the danger of facing death at any moment. Although Jiang Fei was eager to enter the world of the Metahumans, fear gave his heart some pause.

As he took halting steps through the Metahumans' doorstep, little was he aware that his life was already inevitably entangled with Metahumans the moment he had picked the mysterious ring up. Even if he tried his best to avoid it, the peaceful life of an ordinary person had long abandoned him!

After he arrived at school, Jiang Fei did not find many people surprised, despite having been absent from school for a few days. Only Sun Mengmeng complained to him a little, saying that he was not taking his studies seriously. Everyone had even accepted his lengthy periods of absence as a norm for him, let alone taking leave from school!

After a dreary day of classes, Jiang Fei began his journey home.


On a relatively quiet road, Jiang Fei stopped and frowned slightly. Having trained consistently for quite a while now, Jiang Fei had honed his senses by a fair bit. This person that was following him was not as strong as Nekoda, his would-be assassin from back then.

Just as Jiang Fei stopped walking, the person attacked!

*Woosh* He felt some wind, but no sound of a sharp weapon could be heard. Without even turning back, Jiang Fei could already tell that the person was attacking him unarmed!


Jiang Fei suddenly turned around. He was not the ignorant teenager that almost lost his life to Nekoda. Jiang Fei instantly moved and grabbed hold of the person's wrist.

"Ah!" Jiang Fei only used a little force, but the person was already screaming.

"Ah?" Jiang Fei was shocked. At that moment, he realized that the person who attacked him was actually a girl!

The girl in front of Jiang Fei was dressed in black, and she had a delicate-looking figure. Her face was covered with a black scarf, and her hair had been done up into a long ponytail. At that moment, her face was cringing in pain. She tried to break away from Jiang Fei's grip but failed to do so.

Although Jiang Fei was not wearing the Bloodthirsty Divine Gloves, a girl was absolutely no match for him. His big hands were like a pair of steel tongs, firmly grasping the girl's wrist. She could not break free at all.

"Let me go!" The girl shouted, dissatisfied.

"Who are you? Why did you want to attack me?" Jiang Fei asked.

"None of your business! Let me go now, or else!" The girl yelled as she struggled.

"Hoho, I want to see who you are!" Jiang Fei sneered. Then, as he grabbed the girl's wrists with his left hand, he used his right hand to tear off the girl's black scarf.


The black scarf was ripped off, revealing a delicate face. The girl was not old, she looked to be about the same age as Jiang Fei. The worst part was, Jiang Fei had absolutely no recollection of that face!

"Do you know me?" Jiang Fei asked, confused.

"I don't!" The girl shook her head.

"F*cking hell! You don't even know me, and still decided to attack me?"

Jiang Fei was annoyed and rolled his eyes. The clothes that she was wearing were quite high-end, and she was also wearing expensive jewelry. If this girl said that she was out to rob people, Jiang Fei would not believe it at all. On the other hand, they were complete strangers. Why would this girl come to him and ask for trouble?

"None of your business! Let go of me now!" The girl opened her eyes wide and said.

"Hey! Can you be a little more reasonable? You attacked me only to fail miserably. How is this none of my business?" This girl was driving Jiang Fei crazy, but he also did not know what to do with her. She posed absolutely no threat to him. Although Jiang Fei had caught her, he had no idea on how to deal with her.

Although she had attacked him, she had not used any weapons. Obviously, she had no intentions of taking his life. Jiang Fei could not bring himself to kill her just like that. He thought about handing her to the police, but he was already a Metahuman, so it would be shameful if he bothered the police. However, Jiang Fei was unwilling to just let her go like that. No matter what, he had to teach this girl a lesson!

"Hey! You're hurting me!" The girl shouted, dissatisfied.

"What's your name?" Jiang Fei asked.

"None of your business!" The girl rolled her eyes at Jiang Fei.

"F*ck you!" Jiang Fei dragged the girl over to the flower bed at the side of the road.

"You… what are you doing?!" The girl looked at the greenbelt and immediately remembered the story of the rogue bully that her brothers had once told her. It had never bothered her in the least, but at that moment she was horrified!

"Hehe! What do you think I'm doing?" Jiang Fei laughed evilly.

"You b*stard! You rogue! Let me go now! Or my older brother will never spare your life!" The girl shouted as she struggled to break free.

"By the time your big brother arrives, I'll be done with you!" Jiang Fei smiled and dragged the girl towards the greenbelt!

"You b*stard! I won't let this slide even if I die!" The girl shouted in horror.

"Hmph! If I don't teach you a lesson, you'll never learn to not mess with someone as strong as me!" Jiang Fei smiled and sat down on the edge of the flower bed. Then, he tugged at her wrist hard and forced her down onto his lap.

*Slap slap slap slap slap*

Jiang Fei's right hand rose and fell continuously, and a burst of crisp sounds followed. He spanked the girl's ass -- seven or eight times!


When Jiang Fei had spanked her the first time, she had been surprised. At the same time, Jiang Fei could clearly feel the girl breathe a sigh of relief. Soon, however, the girl's face turned red, and she continued to kick at Jiang Fei. As she threatened him, she was also calling him things like b*stard, rogue, and the like.

"Hehe, I guess that's it for today. Let's see if you still dare to randomly attack others next time! Although you're quite unreasonable, you have a nice ass!" Jiang Fei smiled slightly. The girl's face turned even redder.

*Slap* Before Jiang Fei pulled the girl up, he spanked her one last time!

"Stupid rogue! Didn't you say that was it for today?!" After Jiang Fei released her from his grasp, the girl stood with her arms akimbo and glared at Jiang Fei. It seemed like she wanted to kill him right there and then.

"Hehe. It felt too good, I couldn't help it… I couldn't help it…" Jiang Fei laughed, embarrassed.

"Idiot! I won't forget this!" Her face was still red. After she glared at Jiang Fei one more time, she ran away without looking back.
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