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After Smart Tomato left, Jiang Fei entered the cave alone. Even though Smart Tomato had warned him about the boss fight, Jiang Fei boldly strode into the cave. However, the boss did not budge.

"Hm. This Black Dragon Scale is excellent. Bella, you can come out now!"


A beam of light flashed in front of Jiang Fei, and Isabella appeared.

"Verdure Glider! If you ever put me inside that black room again, I'll really smack you!" Isabella roared at Jiang Fei.

"Hehehe," Jiang Fei snickered away at Isabella's empty threat. Jiang Fei had put away Isabella to hide her from Smart Tomato. Even though he had brought Isabella around in public before, Smart Tomato was too much of a risk factor to have him know about her true nature. He was the go-to information broker of the game. There was no way Jiang Fei could stop him from doing what he did best. He would only bring him chaos to no end.

As Jiang Fei ventured deeper into the dark, damp cave, he could hear echoes of loud breathing. He was closing in on the boss, but due to the effect of the Black Dragon Scale, he was in relative safety.

Gray Stash the Gerbil (Beast, Lord)
Level: 50
Health Points: 380,000
Attack Power: 8,800
Skills: Bite, Tail Swipe, Shriek, Raging Frenzy

Bite: Immediately attacks an enemy and causes Bleeding.
Tail Swipe: Deals damage to two enemies behind it. Knockbacks targets.
Shriek: Deals powerful damage to all enemies 100 meters around the caster. Silences them for 2 seconds.
Ranging Frenzy: Increase Attack power and Speed for 100%.

Note: The greatest adversary of all nearby farmers. Kill this beast to obtain a bounty reward from the farmers.

Jiang Fei gazed into the end of the cave and found his target. A gigantic, mouse-like creature was hiding, cowering at the end of the cave. With a pair of blood-red eyes filled with curiosity and fear, it glared back at Jiang Fei.

As a beast type boss, Gray Stash was not all too smart. However, the powerful intimidating aura that came from the Black Dragon Scale had sent this poor gerbil to the end of the cave.

"Bella, can you win this fight?"

"What nonsense is this? Of course not!"

Isabella rolled her eyes. Her transformation skill was still on a long cooldown period, and her human form was not strong enough to defeat this Lord tier boss.

"Tsk tsk. Never send a woman to do men's job!" Jiang Fei jokingly teased her. He knew that Isabella's transformation skill was still on cooldown.

That was why he asked that sort of question to trap her into a position that allowed him to easily tease the poor little girl. That way, he could show her that he was more capable than she often believed him to be.

Unlike the previous bosses that he had fought, Jiang Fei had to carefully calculate his strength and the enemy's. Theoretically, if he used his Demon transformation, three minutes would be just enough time for him to defeat the boss. Since the boss was not too smart, to begin with, Jiang Fei decided to forego using the Soul of the Beast to attempt speaking to it. Jiang Fei jumped to the boss and started the fight in his Demonic Transformation.

A bolt of purple lightning zapped down from nowhere and struck Jiang Fei. In that instant, he rose, hovering above the ground as his transformation started. Jiang Fei's skin turned into a mosaic of purple and red. A pair of large horns burst out from Jiang Fei's head. At the same time, a pair of demonic wings ripped through Jiang Fei's back. As he landed back onto the ground, a dark armor adorned his body. A long, curved scythe appeared in his hand to replace the hammer that he wielded. The glimmer of his metal scythe was so bright and elusive that one would immediately mistake him as the reaper of death!

"Chi!" the giant gerbil shrieked in fear as it jumped a step back.

"Time for pain!"





Jiang Fei started the attack. Even though he had supposedly gained doubled damage, the damage dealt by Bash was determined by Jiang Fei's health point, hence, a not-so-strengthened damage output. However, since he had gained Chaos element, all of Jiang Fei's attack would ignore all defense and the level suppression system.


Just when Jiang Fei had the time to land a normal hit, the boss had started to retaliate.


The boss leaped forward and bit Jiang Fei. Due to the effect of the Black Dragon Scale, the boss held its attack. However, after Jiang Fei had landed the first hit, the boss was relieved of the effect and knows the identity of the mysterious entity. It was not that of a powerful dragon but a mere foe!


A tremendous amount of damage struck him, despite having over 3,800 Defense. The overwhelming Level advantage had given the boss a boost in its damage. The only thing that came as a slight respite was the Damage Reduction effect from his armor and cape.

"Bella! Time for you to get in!" Jiang Fei cried out. At the same time, Jiang Fei started to attack as rapidly as he could.

"Alright," Isabella complied. Even after several blasts of her magic, Isabella was not dealing as much damage as Jiang Fei, due to the Level gap and not having Chaos element. All her attacks barely totaled over 2,000.

Life Link!

Jiang Fei activated the accessory's skill, and a magical rope burst out, connecting both Jiang Fei and Isabella. The line glowed with a greenish hue, and both of them started to heal by 500 health points a second. Jiang Fei had a Lifesteal effect of over 70%; 20% originated from the Blood Cross accessory, and 50% came from the additional power of the Demonic Transformation. As such, Jiang Fei's recovery rate was very high, but only if he kept on attacking. Jiang Fei attacks would only grow stronger as Ruthless Barrage gained more stacks. When Ruthless Barrage reached 10 stacks, his damage dealt was so high that even though the boss had knocked off two-thirds of his total health points, he was slowly regaining ground.


An attack landed on Jiang Fei and his health points were at a dangerous low of 6,000. In that infinitesimal moment of danger, Jiang Fei landed a chain of skills.


-852 (Dragon's Breath)

+2,982 (Life Steal)

+500 (Life Link)


-852 (Dragon's Breath)

+2,982 (Life Steal)

+500 (Life Link)

Jiang Fei's attack speed far outstripped the boss'. He was so fast that for every blow received, he gave out two of his own. As such, he was continually recovering at a rate that surpassed the damage taken.

Since Jiang Fei's damage ignored all forms of Defense, his regeneration was consistent and sufficient. When Ruthless Barrage had accumulated 10 stacks, he could deal, on average, over 5,000 damage on the boss per second! 10 minutes since the start of the battle, the boss had already lost two-thirds of its health points.
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