The Almighty Ring
243 By Sheer Luck!
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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243 By Sheer Luck!

never once letting up on his blows, jiang fei was able to deal consistent damage to the boss. at the same time, the boss struck back violently, occasionally throwing out a silence-disabling debuff which disrupted isabella's attack rhythm.

nevertheless, that disruption only served as the slightest bit of disturbance for the pair. jiang fei, in his demon form, had taken on the role of the main dps. isabella, on the other hand, was only a supporting dps. jiang fei rarely threw out any offensive skills. ice burst and bash were significantly affected by jiang fei's maximum health points. when ruthless barrage had gained 10 stacks, jiang fei had skipped using skills altogether. his normal attacks dealt much more damage. hence, the boss' silencing effects did not affect them in the slightest!

even though jiang fei recovery was great and all, the boss' damage output was not to be underestimated. sadly, jiang fei armor was just too thick! if the boss was supposed to deal 100% of its damage to regular players, it was only able to deal less than 50% of his original power on jiang fei!

psionic cape had 20% damage reduction, and with 15% damage reduction from his body armor, and the 20% chance to block (nullify) damage, the boss was only able to deal less than 50% of its intended damage on jiang fei. if anyone else took his place in this fight, they would be flattened to the ground in no time at all!

ultra high damage reduction and jiang fei's double attack and defense demonic form had granted jiang fei the defensive capability of a level 50 high-def character, allowing him to tank a level 50 lord tier boss, and tank well, he did! naturally, the boss' own stats played an important role. compared to bosses of other race, beast type bosses had a lower attack value and higher defense. this battle would be a battle of wits and time. with lifesteal effect in his demonic form, jiang fei would almost always outlast such bosses. hence, even if the boss outleveled jiang fei by another 10 levels, jiang fei would still be able to defeat it.


half a minute later, the boss' health points closed in on the bottom. however, something happened at that moment. along with a loud, ear-piercing shriek, the boss glowed in a bloody hue. its attack and speed rose by a notch, and the overall damage output had quadrupled in the blink of an eye! at that point in time, jiang fei's lifesteal started falling back. he was losing health at an alarming rate.


after the buff, the boss was now an actual threat!



+2,982 (lifesteal)

+500 (life link)

it was useless. try as he might, the boss was slowly but surely manhandling him to the ground. before the overwhelming buff, jiang fei was able to recover over 20,000 health points. however, in less than 2 seconds, he was already knocking on death's door!



in an instant, jiang fei had fully restored his health. however…


in the next instant, jiang fei had lost almost one-third of his fully restored health points!

"what the f*ck! just what am i supposed to do!?" jiang fei grunted. the boss still had over 80,000 health points, whereas he was only able to last for 10 seconds; tops!

claret aegis!

armored bulwark!

under tremendous stress, jiang fei had activated two defensive skills. one granted a shield that absorbed 7,000 physical damage, and the other would reduce his damage taken by 50% for the next three instances.

-4,925! (absorb)


-852 (dragon's breath)

+2,982 (lifesteal)

+500 (life link)

even with two defensive skills, he was still taking a lot of damage. however, he was able to restore over 3,000 health points in that exchange.

three seconds later, jiang fei had managed to restore over 13,000 health points due to the effects of claret aegis and armored bulwark.

psionic acceleration!

this time, jiang fei got serious. after that series of exchange, jiang fei had already collected over 10,000 psion. activating the skill would grant jiang fei a 10% increase in attack speed and movement speed. that allowed a minor rise in jiang fei's lifesteal capability.

"bella! all out attack!"

left without any other defensive skills, jiang fei's last option was to go by the classic mantra, "offense is the best defense."

"will do!" isabella acknowledged her master's wish and used demonic flame infusion. ignoring the effects of the boss's tail swipe, she rushed to the boss and attack rapidly.


since the skill of claret aegis had worn off, the boss was once again striking at maximum capacity.

-8,520! (critical)

-1,702! (dragon's breath)

+5,764! (lifesteal)

+500 (life link)

"nice," jiang fei muttered to himself. that critical hit was just in the nick of time. not only had it dealt powerful damage to the boss; it also allowed jiang fei to restore double the average amount.

like a roller coaster, jiang fei's health points were going up and down haphazardly. however, death was inevitable, and jiang fei had triggered his ultimate skill, one would save him if a fatal hit stuck.


jiang fei health points were restored by 50%, and at the same time, jiang fei had activated bloodpool, despite it not being fully charged. at most, the skill had restored over 10,000 health points, giving jiang fei over 90% health points for the boss to demolish all over again.

"tsk! i may have just bitten off more than i can chew…"

jiang fei scolded himself. even though the demonic transformation was almighty, it was only useful for a brief moment. as expected, a lord tier boss could never be compared to a leader tier boss. even while at the brink of death, they could still pack a punch!


a loud, metallic sound rang when the boss' attack was blocked by jiang fei's shield.


a large white text popped up!

"haha! time for your death!"

just as jiang fei had pretty much ready to give up one level to learn from his experience, the ultra-rare proc rate of block was triggered!

even though it was only a single blow, jiang fei had immediately regained the upper hand in that battle. in just two seconds, the boss was no longer breathing.

at that moment, jiang fei only had over 6,000 health points. if block had not been triggered, jiang fei would have undoubtedly been killed. it could be said that jiang fei had won this impossible fight by sheer luck!

"come on! gimme that territory order! please pop for me!" jiang fei started to pray as earnestly as he could. after this battle, he had learned never to underestimate lord tier bosses! if this boss did not drop a territory order, jiang fei would never again try and challenge any boss while isabella had her transformation skill in cooldown!

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