The Almighty Ring
251 Source of Energy
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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251 Source of Energy

since jiang fei was now the captain, there was no way he would
allow his ship to be in pieces, scattered all over the world. he had earned this.

how could he not retrieve it?

however, to find all parts of the spaceship and repair them,
jiang fei would have to fix the smart assistive system of the ring. without the item's guidance, he would never be able to collect all the missing pieces of his spaceship.

"hey! how do we fix you?" jiang fei asked 0541.

"captain, the most important thing now is to provide me with
energy. otherwise, once the currrent radioactive energy is used up, my main program will sink back down into sleep mode again. if that happens, forget about fixing the main engine. i won't even be able to respond verbally!" 0541 said.

"what kind of energy do you need?" jiang fei asked curiously.

"i can absorb any form of energy. i am not a picky consumer when
it comes to energy!" 0541 replied.

"does solar energy work for you?" jiang fei said as he rolled his
eyes. he could not believe that such a smart system would actually make up stories. jiang fei thought to himself disgruntledly, are you not a picky consumer? your main program nearly sucked me dry by absorbing all the energy from my crystals!

"in theory, that may work. however, based on the level of exposure on earth, i may need around 758 years to recharge 50% of my power
supply." 0541 replied.

"get out of here! my bones would have turned into dust by then!"
jiang fei growled.

"i suggest that you move on to a denser source of energy, captain!"
0541 said.

"can i use electricity?" jiang fei asked again. electrical energy
was far easier to obtain. all he had to do was to find a cable connected to a source of electrical energy.

"that would work. i need approximately five times the amount of
electricity being used by this city to complete the initial charge!" 0541

"why don't you just die?" jiang fei nearly passed out from the rage. where would he find such a large amount of electricity? if he were to connect the mysterious ring to a high voltage cable, it might burn down the entire electric station!

"of course, if you can gather more of those energy crystals, i will
only need ten energy crystals to complete the initial charge!" 0541 quickly
added, when it saw that jiang fei was nearly going mad.

"where can i find these energy crystals?" jiang fei asked curiously.

"before courage crashed, it had set up an energy collecting array near the sun. the station could continuously produce energy crystals and use space teleportation technology to transfer the energy crystals to courage's engine room. if you can locate the engine room on earth, you would be able to obtain a large amount of energy crystals!" 0541 said.

"then where is the engine room?" jiang fei asked urgently.

"i do not have sufficient energy to activate the search function. i am unable to locate the engine room's whereabouts!" 0541 replied in a deadpan manner when presented such a demanding question.

"oh goddamnit! why mention it if you cannot find it?" jiang fei exclaimed as he rolled his eyes.

"based on the current situation, the radioactive energy from this crude piece of technology is still a decent source of energy. however, the required amount would be much greater!" 0541 said.

"how much of it do you need?" jiang fei immediately asked. although he was unaware of how much of the energy the zhang household could produce, this was currently the most reliable source of energy he could obtain!

"i need 500,000 of this nuclear battery!" 0541 said. clearly, it had a huge appetite.

"heaven's above! you were already consuming a lot when asleep. why are you demanding even more now that you are awake?"

jiang fei was so angry that he nearly wanted to throw the ring away.

however, he still could not bring himself to do so in the end.

"captain, i have limited energy. if you do not have any more questions for me, i would like to request for permission to enter sleep mode. you can awaken me through the ring's gem when you need me!" 0541 said. as it noticed jiang fei about to go crazy, it came up with the excuse of not having enough energy. this was a whole new level of bullsh*t for jiang fei!

"alright! get lost!" jiang fei nodded helplessly. he knew that this little thing was just trying to find an easy way out. besides, jiang fei had already acquired enough information. he needed time to calm down and digest the messed-up cluster of information!

"buzz!" a white light flashed as the hologram above the ring's surface disappeared. apart from a small gemstone which appeared on jiang fei's mysterious ring, it looked just the same as before!

now that the risk of a nuclear leak had been mitigated, jiang fei returned to his home in manda square. by then, it was already 3 o'clock in the morning. therefore, jiang fei's actions had not drawn anybody's attention.

back in his room, jiang fei looked at his mysterious ring which had undergone a most bizarre transformation. perhaps he should refer to it as the host carrier of 0541's smart assistive system. jiang fei replayed the scenes which had happened earlier in his head, as if he was watching a movie.

"regardless of every other weird shit, some things now make more sense. the origin of the ring. how i could bring items out of the game into the real world. no wonder they look different. they are just reproductions of the ring itself!" jiang fei mumbled to himself on his bed.

"hehe, metahumans, alien technology, and… a technological revolution!" jiang fei suddenly felt a light bulb go off in his head. however, that bulb quickly faded off. it would take time.

"d*mn it! i forgot to ask when the courage had crashed!" jiang fei exclaimed and smacked his forehead.

"forget it! i will think about this later. wasting 0541's little remaining energy for one question is not worth it!" jiang fei said as he shook his head.

"damnit. that spaceship is now my inheritance. i must retrieve all of its pieces. it seems like i must first solve 0541's energy problem!" jiang fei mumbled to himself.

for the time being, the most suitable source of energy would be nuclear batteries. however, the zhang household had just only broken through the experimental stage for this new weapon. even if they could produce more of it, the cost would not go down anytime soon. it would be extremely difficult for jiang fei to obtain 500,000 nuclear batteries!

"eh? didn't this fellow claim not to be a picky eater? since nuclear energy is also a type of radioactive energy, why don't we go to a bloody nuclear reactor?"

jiang fei felt as if a light bulb had been turned on in his head.

"tsk tsk… the manda group should have nuclear power at their disposal. after all, they produce nuclear bombs and build nuclear stations. they must have quite a lot of nuclear fuel. however, the problem therein, is how do i even ask for nuclear fuel from them? even if han tianyu is cool with it, the country would not be!"

jiang fei naturally thought of the military arms dealer, han tianyu. however, it would not be easy to approach han tianyu when trying to get your paws on his destructive superweapons. besides, jiang fei had no way of justifying his use of nuclear fuel!

"i'll simply have to find a way!" jiang fei murmured to himself thoughtfully.

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