The Almighty Ring
253 Poverty is a Single Word!
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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253 Poverty is a Single Word!

After scanning through the content of the updates in the game, Jiang Fei received a mail from the system!

Sender: Auction System!
Your Soldier Ant Egg has been sold in the auction at the price of 1,025 gold coins! A commission of 2% is charged to process the auction. Here is the payment you have received!

Sender: Auction System!
Your Worker Ant Egg has been sold in the auction at the price of 514 gold coins! A commission of 2% is charged to process the auction. Here is the payment you have received!

Sender: Auction System!
Your Dantian Pill has been sold in the auction at the price of 1,000 gold coins! A commission of 2% is charged to process the auction. Here is the payment you have received!

The series of system mails had all come from the Auction System. These were all the items that Jiang Fei had tried to auction off in the past.

However, due to the sudden game update, Jiang Fei's auctions had been interrupted mid-way. Therefore, he had been unable to make the best of the opportunity.

Besides, just as Jiang Fei expected, the Dantian Pills were left untouched. He had to arrange for someone to buy them. For that, he had to pay 20 gold coins for every transaction, which totaled up to 200 gold coins. It was quite a significant loss!

Apart from that, Jiang Fei was still rather satisfied with the price of the pet eggs. Out of the ten pet eggs, two of them were green Soldier Ant Eggs, while the remaining eight were white Worker Ant Eggs. The price of the Soldier Ant Eggs had soared over 1,000 gold coins, while the Worker Ant Eggs were priced at around 500 gold coins. In total, Jiang Fei had earned approximately 6,000 gold coins!

After paying off his debts, Jiang Fei was left with around 1,000 gold coins. Thereafter, Jiang Fei placed yet another ten pet eggs in the Auction System. Although continuously auctioning the pet eggs may potentially cause their value to fall, there were far too many players in Dawnlight City. Even a thousand of the pet eggs would not be enough to satisfy the players' demands!

After sorting matters out, Jiang Fei retrieved a golden treasure from his storage!

Territory Order!

This was something Jiang Fei had worked very hard on. Upon using it, he would be able to completely control the Ant Queen. From today onwards, the Ant Queen would be able to produce pet eggs worth 6,000 gold coins every day for Jiang Fei!

With both the Castle and the Guild Base, no one would be able to touch the Ant Queen unless they first occupied Jiang Fei's Guild Base.

Jiang Fei excitedly brought the Territory Order over to the City Hall.

There, he was met with a great shock, courtesy of the government official!

Jiang Fei was to pay 50,000 gold coins as a deposit! The figure sent his eyes flying open wide. He had initially been happy with paying off all his debt and still being left with 1,000 gold coins. In fact, he had once made fun of Happy Drunk for going around to raise money. Today, he finally had a taste of his own medicine!

"Holy shit! This is extortion! I don't even have 5,000 gold coins. Where would I find 50,000 gold coins?" Jiang Fei groaned, smacking his face.

In reality, if Jiang Fei had collected resources from Empyreal Dragon, it would not be too difficult to gather 50,000 gold coins. Although there were not many people in Empyreal Dragon, the girls who Jiang Fei had previously brought to clear Secret Dungeons were all insanely rich. At least eight of them had over 5,000 gold coins each. Therefore, raising 50,000 gold coins was not that difficult a feat!

However, Jiang Fei was determined not to borrow anything from the girls. From his point of view, this was a personal matter. Besides, he did not intend to share the Ant Queen with anyone else. The reason for using the Territory Order was not to build a suitable Guild Base for his guild. It was for the sole purpose of protecting the Ant Queen's nest!

Since the money spent would not benefit the guild, Jiang Fei did not want to ask for any resources from the others. The fastest way to earn money was to approach the big shots from other guilds!

However, most of the stronger players in the big guilds had already reached Level 30. Jiang Fei was still holding on to Level 20 recipes. Although the equipment he made from these could still be sold, Jiang Fei was not attuned to selling anything at a lower price. As the Level of the equipment increased, the time taken to craft them would also increase.

Jiang Fei did not want to spend a few days crafting thousands of equipment to pay for the deposit.

Since the beginning, Jiang Fei had decided to only craft equipment at the upper tiers. Therefore, he planned to acquire two Level 30 Good or Excellent recipes to rake in some serious cash from the big guilds!

Speaking of recipes, Jiang Fei was sick of the terrible drop rates. He had been clearing Level 30 dungeons for days. With Isabella's help, he was able to easily clear the Bottom of the Blood Pool's Normal and Elite difficulties. Even so, he had not yet obtained a single recipe. On the other hand, when Jiang Fei heard that Southern Azuresword had obtained a Good grade recipe from the first stage of the Elite dungeon, he nearly passed out from anger!

"Sunuva! My high Luck points must be fake!" Jiang Fei cursed. He then brought Isabella through another Normal Mode Bottom of the Blood Pool dungeon.

After the game update, the difficulty of Normal small monsters had increased. However, as the small monsters in dungeons were all Elite monsters, the dungeon instances had been kept largely unchanged. In contrast to that, the Elite dungeon had become much easier due to the lowered difficulty of Leaders. As such, many guilds were able to clear these dungeons. When it came to the four big guilds, each of them basically had two or more groups capable of clearing the Elite difficulty.
After a single round of the Normal difficulty dungeon, Jiang Fei obtained a few useless pieces of scrap. Due to the massive difference in Levels, the Experience Points Jiang Fei obtained were far from significant.

"Why are you always coming to these lousy places?" Isabella said impatiently. They had been clearing the Bottom of the Blood Pool every single day. It was beginning to bore the Nephilim princess!

"Just a few more! Perhaps we could get some treasures!"

Jiang Fei tried his best to convince her. If this young lady were to bail on him, it would be difficult to clear the dungeon alone!

With Isabella's powers, even the Elite difficulty dungeon was a walk in the park. On top of that, with the Leaders having been adjusted, they were able to reach the final stage of the dungeon in less than an hour!

Bloodborne High General (Bloodborne, Leader)
Level: 37
Health Points: 200,000
Attack Power: 3,300
Skills: Speed Slash, Heavy Slash, Blood Vortex, Sudden Attack, Blade Storm!

Although the monster's Health Points had not changed much, its Attack Power and Skills' strength had both been significantly watered down. Otherwise, the other big guilds would not have been able to clear the dungeon so easily. In fact, each guild had more than one group capable of clearing the dungeon!

When fighting against such a monster, Jiang Fei and Isabella did not even need to transform. All they needed to do was jump right in with a few uncoordinated attacks.

"Tsk tsk, this poor beast has seen better days. Its offensive capabilities are barely half of what they were previously!" Jiang Fei murmured after killing the monster.

"Why don't we try out the higher level of difficulty?" Isabella asked eagerly. She was sick of these easy battles.

"Hmm… Alright!"

After examining the monster's corpse, Jiang Fei still failed to find any Level 30 recipes. Therefore, after some thought, he decided to focus his attention on dungeons above the Heroic difficulty. As the monsters had been drastically weakened, Jiang Fei was fully confident that they would be able to clear them now. He even started thinking about how he could pull off a prank with the dungeon's clearance notice!


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