The Almighty Ring
254 Group Secret Dungeon!
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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254 Group Secret Dungeon!

After exiting the Elite difficulty dungeon, Jiang Fei adjusted the level of difficulty for the next run. He then brought Isabella into the Heroic mode of the Bottom of the Blood Pool!

"Ding! You are about to enter the Heroic mode of the Bottom of the Blood Pool. The standard number of participants is forty for this dungeon. Your team is incomplete. Would you like to enter?"

"Yes," Jiang Fei said as he nodded. Although it was a dungeon meant for groups, Jiang Fei could deduce that the weakened monsters meant that it was now possible for him. Besides, he still had Isabella. After so many days, the cooldown period for Isabella's Demonic Naga state would have ended. On top of that, Jiang Fei had also acquired the true form of a Nephilim. Even if they could not clear the dungeon completely, passing one or two stages would not be a problem!

As soon as they entered the dungeon, Jiang Fei immediately saw large groups of small monsters!

"Oh, shit! No wonder this was supposed to be a dungeon for groups. The small critters are stronger than ever, and they run in hordes now!"

This was the first time Jiang Fei had ever laid eyes upon the group dungeon. In the past, be it five, ten, or fifteen people, the scale of these dungeons would pale in comparison to this. Any group of more than forty people would be considered a group dungeon!

Demon Lacerator (Strengthened) (Xenogenesis, Elite)
Level: 35
Health Points: 28,000
Attack Power: 2,000
Skills: Laceration, Sever.
Laceration: Your normal attacks will rip the enemy's wound, causing a bleeding effect which can be stacked 5 times.
Sever: Instantly increase Attack Speed by 20%.

Remark: It is an unknown being that has been infected.

These strengthened monsters were normal monsters whose various attributes had been enhanced, but their skills had remained unchanged. They would typically appear in dungeons of a high level of difficulty!

There were initially one or two small monsters guarding the entrance of the dungeon. However, Jiang Fei was now facing ten strengthened Elite monsters!

"The small monsters in the Heroic mode dungeon have a lot of Health Points. Let's kill them slowly to avoid attracting more of these monsters!"
Since they had just only entered the dungeon, Jiang Fei was still very cautious. After voicing out his concern to Isabella, he started approaching the monsters.

Right then, Jiang Fei's Defense was close to 2,000. These small monsters could barely hurt him. However, the stackable bleeding effect was still rather annoying. Jiang Fei's Life Link healing effect was not enough to sustain his Health Points.

Fortunately, these small monsters did not have too much Health Points.

Jiang Fei could reduce these small monsters' Health Points by 3,000 with a single Ice Burst. Apart from that, Isabella's Flame Burst was guaranteed to inflict critical damage on these frozen monsters. She could instantly deal more than 13,000 damage to these monsters. With these two skills combined, the small monsters would be left with little to no health. Whenever Isabella activated her Dark Dragon Aura, a simple Abyssal Flame could easily kill any one of the monsters.

Therefore, the ten small monsters standing guard at the entrance were unable to stop Jiang Fei from charging straight in. Soon enough, the two of them had successfully defeated all the small monsters!

"Ding! You have eliminated Demon Lacerator. Obtained 19,800 Experience Points!"

"Ding! You have eliminated Demon Lacerator. Obtained 19,800 Experience Points!"

"This is awesome!" Jiang Fei was delighted. Prior to this, Jiang Fei's Level had exceeded the dungeon's Level. The normal difficulty only offered hundreds of Experience Points for each small monster he eliminated.

Even at the Elite difficulty, the monsters only offered slightly more than 1,000 Experience Points, which was as good as nothing at his Level.

Unexpectedly, the small monsters in the Heroic difficulty dungeon offered a treasure trove of Experience Points!

"If we can clear this dungeon, this would be a great spot to train!" Jiang Fei exclaimed excitedly.

As they moved forward, small monsters from the Crimson Demon clan appeared before Jiang Fei. However, these Elite monsters had all been strengthened and came in groups. Each group contained at least thirty monsters. Some groups even had forty to fifty monsters. In fact, some of the groups had one to two Advance Elite monsters with their own Enhancement Halos, which significantly increased the Attack power of its surrounding minions.

"Hiss…" Jiang Fei could not help but take in a breath of cold air when faced with the prospect of a troublesome fight.

"Bella, take the two Advance Elite monsters first. After that, you can go after the group of small monsters!" Jiang Fei pondered for a while before finalizing his decision.

After that, Jiang Fei lured the monsters away, as he always did in the past. When the small monsters discovered his presence, they charged towards him. Jiang Fei then adjusted his stance and used Ice Burst to immobilize all of the small monsters!

Ice Burst!




At that moment, Isabella used her Flame Burst which was a guaranteed Critical Attack. Although it was a multiple-target attack, the damage dealt was not any lesser than a single-target Magic Attack!




As row after row of damage values that went over tens of thousands appeared, even the Advance Elite monsters lost most of their Health Points! Isabella picked them off with single-target Magic Spells before turning to the small monsters.

Jiang Fei's Heath Points were rapidly decreasing. Although Isabella was killing off the Advance Elite monsters at a speed the developers would not have accounted for, Jiang Fei was being bombarded by over thirty small monsters buffed by the Enhancement Halo. 20,000 Health Points was lost in no time at all!

When Isabella was finally done with the Advance Elite monsters, Jiang Fei was left with slightly over 10,000 Health Points.

"Sigh! Still can't escape from potions!" Jiang Fei said as he sighed. Ever since he obtained the Blood Cross, he had been able to use the Life Link to recover his Health Points and, coupled with his innate damage-to-heal conversion effect, his lips had not felt the cold glass of a potion bottle for a long time.

Egged on by Jiang Fei's predicament, Isabella went all out on her attacks. If she only depended on Jiang Fei's low Attack Power, she would have died at least seventeen to eighteen times by the time he was done with the minions!

When Isabella was done with killing all the small monsters, Jiang Fei was only left with less than 6,000 Health Points. He was close to activating the Undying Aegis!

"D*mn! This is way too tiring!"

When Jiang Fei saw that the last of the small monsters had been killed, he could not help but let out a long sigh of relief.

"Let's keep moving forward! It is only fun because of the challenge!" Isabella exclaimed excitedly.

"At least let me recover my Health Points first!" Jiang Fei said as he rolled his eyes at Isabella.

After Jiang Fei was done with replenishing his Health Points to the maximum amount, the two resumed their journey!

For every wave they fought, Jiang Fei found himself regularly close to death. Sometimes, when fighting unusually large waves of monsters, Jiang Fei would even need to activate Blood Pool to recover his Health Points. Otherwise, he would have been forced to use the Undying Aegis!

After twenty minutes of stumbling along the way, Jiang Fei could finally see the number one monster in the dungeon!

Sentry Guardian Felix (Bloodborne, Leader)
Level: 36
Health Points: 250,000
Attack Power: 3,500

Skills: Charge, Frenzy Attack
Charge: Instantly charge towards the furthest enemy and deal a large amount of damage to the target while knocking the opponent to the ground.
Frenzy Attack: Instantly activate a strong attack, and increase Attack Speed by 10%.
Remark: A true Blood Prison monster. It is the manager of demonized beings outside the Blood Prison.

Bloodborne Foot Soldiers (Strengthened) (Xenogenesis, Advance Elite)
Level: 35
Health Points: 100,000
Magic Attack Power: 2,500

Skills: Shadow Bolt, Curse of Pain, Darkness Recovery.
Shadow Bolt: Projects a Shadow Bolt towards the enemy and deals Magic Damage. Casting time is 2 seconds.
Curse of Pain: Instantly casts a curse on the opponent. The opponent receives continuous Shadow damage. The effect lasts for 15 seconds.
Darkness Recovery: The Bloodborne Foot Soldier will heal Sentry Guardian Felix by 30% of its Health Points!


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