The Almighty Ring
255 Bloodthirsty Chestplate
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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255 Bloodthirsty Chestplate

Jiang Fei was not unfamiliar with the concept of having one Leader being accompanied by two guards. Although their attributes had been markedly enhanced, Jiang Fei had already experienced the weakened Skills of the Leaders in the updated version, having gone through the Elite Dungeon.

In Dawnlight: Best Friend and Adversary, the Leader's skills' Attack Power had been watered down. Even its Defense was barely a shadow of its actual self. Although it had more Health Points than usual, the overall battle power had been weakened by at least one-third, compared to the older revision!

For that reason, Jiang Fei had been confident enough to bring Isabella alone into a dungeon that had been designed for forty people. In the older version, Jiang Fei would only be wasting hard-earned experience points and time if he entered the dungeon with less than twenty people!

"I'll kite them. You can get rid of the two smaller brothers first!" Jiang Fei shouted at Isabella as he prepared to attack.

"Alright!" Isabella replied as she nodded her head. Although the two small monsters could potentially hit like trucks, she had a very high Resistance towards Darkness Magic due to her Demonic Naga's Darkness attribute.
Therefore, fighting against these two small monsters was not a big deal!

"I'm making a move!" Jiang Fei said as he immediately used Intercept to engage with a small monster. As soon as he got close enough, he immediate used Ice Burst on the three opponents in front of him, dealing 3,000 damage to each of them. At the same time, his skill froze the two soldiers.


Right then, Isabella's Abyssal Flame had made contact with the monsters and instantly reduced a large amount of their Health Points!





Jiang Fei turned around and canceled the Aggro effect on the two small monsters. Instead, he immediately started attacking them and continuously stacked the Ruthless Barrage effect!

Isabella focused on one of the small monsters. Meanwhile, as the other small monster was defrosted, it immediately cast a Shadow Bolt at Jiang Fei!

Demon's Harbourage!

Jiang Fei raised his shield and, as soon as the Shadow Bolt collided with his shield, it was instantly deflected back to the small monster, taking off several thousand of its Health Points!


The damage came at last!


Although Jiang Fei's Physical Damage Reduction was sky-high, judging by the effect of this attack, the monster's skill had definitely been weakened significantly!

As vast the Health Points of the soldiers were, Jiang Fei still had to focus on killing them first. Otherwise, they would end up healing the Health Points of the Leaders. Therefore, Jiang Fei could only wait for Isabella to get rid of the two soldiers!

Isabella was engaged in a battle with one of the soldiers. Due to her high Darkness Magic Resistance, the damage she received were all less than 1,000. However, the Life Link replenished her Health Points by 500 every second. In other words, Isabella was basically impossible to wound!

On the other side of things, Jiang Fei was facing a tougher time. He had to deal with not one, but two of the soldiers. This resulted in his Health Points decreasing quite rapidly. Although Life Link and his regular attacks could recover his Health Points, Jiang Fei's attacks were not very effective without activating his Nephilim's pure form. Therefore, the amount of Health Points he could recover was minimal, and it also meant that his Health Points were continuously being reduced!

Approximately one minute later, Isabella finally managed to kill the first soldier. Thereafter, she threw two Abyssal Flames at the second soldier to drag its Aggro towards herself.

With one less monster assaulting him, Jiang Fei felt a load being taken off his shoulders. Although he was only left with one-third of his Health Points, there was only one monster attacking him now. Right then, his Ruthless Barrage had already accumulated ten stacks. Therefore, he was able to maintain his Health Points with potions alone!

Soon enough, the second soldier was also killed. Isabella now joined Jiang Fei to fight against the final monster!

"This doesn't feel too hard either!" Isabella mumbled.

"Nonsense! You're not the one taking the hits! Don't you see that I'm already forced to activate my armor and shield?" Jiang Fei said as he rolled his eyes. Although the level of difficulty was not overwhelming, Jiang Fei felt that it was a close call. The two other small monsters attacking him at the same time could not simply be dismissed as a non-threat either. After those two fell, the fight became much easier!

Soon after, the number one monster -- which was weaker compared to the previous one in the Elite difficulty -- fell before Jiang Fei!

It was easy, only because Jiang Fei's Physical Damage Reduction was very high. His robust Damage Reduction nearly reduced the standard attacks on him by more than 50%. Meanwhile, the skills cast on him were weakened to a laughable degree. Therefore, Jiang Fei and Isabella were able to clear the stage with ease!

With the death of the number one monster, Jiang Fei received an extra 500,000 Experience Points and 200 gold coins, for this was his first time killing it. At the same time, the corpse was glowing brightly and awaited Jiang Fei.

"Come on! Equipment recipe!" Jiang Fei mumbled to himself as he flipped the corpse over.

As a golden light flashed, Jiang Fei was expecting a Legendary grade item to appear as he had become used to it from past experiences of killing such monsters for the first time.

Bloodthirsty Chestplate (Chainmail, Legendary)
Physical Defense +280
Magic Defense +150
Strength: +20
Agility: +10
Critical Hit: +5%

Equip: Increase your Attack Power by 10%!

Equip: You will obtain a new skill – Bloodthirsty Rage, instantly uses up 20% of your Health Points to increase your Attack Speed by 100%. Lasts 30 seconds! Cooldown is 5 minutes!

Remark: When your Health Points is less than 20%, using this skill will cause you to die! (Killing yourself will not result in a loss of Experience Points. However, you will lose the equipment on your body!)

Level Requirement: 31

"Such a great item! Sadly, it is not a defensive type!"

Jiang Fei could not help but admire the equipment.

He was still wearing a Level 25 Excellent grade chainmail!

Now that he had obtained Legendary grade chainmail, how could he not admire it? Unfortunately, this equipment did not suit him. It did not increase his physical attributes one bit. If he put it on, it would not even benefit him as much as wearing the Excellent grade chestplate which came with the Blood Pool effect.

Now that he had a great attacker by his side, Isabella, he was determined to reach the end of the dungeon!

"Aye! This works too!"

Jiang Fei suddenly thought of something. Although he could not wear the chest plate, he could give the equipment to Seven Stars Warrior. That fellow was an Attacker, and a member of the Heavy Armor Hidden Class. The equipment was ideal for him. Besides, Jiang Fei had acquired an Epic grade pet egg a few days ago. Previously, he was still hesitating on who to give it to. Now that he had two items, he could give one to each person.

Although the pet egg would provide the promise of greater growth, it was not suitable for close distance attackers like Seven Stars Warrior.

Therefore, the Legendary grade equipment was a perfect substitute for him!


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