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After he put the Bloodthirsty Chestplate aside, Jiang Fei took another Legendary equipment from the boss's corpse!

The Heroic mode of "Bottom of the Bloodpool" provided the first opportunity for players to attempt a 40-man Dungeon. The drops were far better than other Heroic mode Dungeons. This was because Dungeons with such large capacities were not only relatively harder, but also possessed longer cooldowns. Even if you and your party members cleared such a Dungeon, you could not clear it every single day like the other Dungeons. This Dungeon took a week to reset!

Dungeons with large capacities were harder and had longer cooldown times, but offered better drops!

Dark Healer's Robe (Cloth Armor, Legendary)

Physical Defense +

Magic Defense +157

Intelligence: +10

Spirit: +25

Magic Critical: +5%

Equipment: Restores 10 Mana Points every 5 seconds!

Equipment: Increases your healing effects by 20%!

Level Requirement: 30

Evidently, this was a Robe for Clerics. It added a lot of Spirit which helped boost healing effects and Mana regeneration. There was also a fixed Mana regeneration effect that triggered every five seconds. These were perfect attributes for Clerics! Mana regeneration was not affected by anything at all, so this would significantly improve a Cleric's ability to heal continuously!

"Not bad! Not bad!" Jiang Fei nodded. Although there were no Clerics in his guild that really stood out in terms of gaming skills, both Rosette Miaomiao, and Rosette Peach could use the equipment. Their skills were pretty average, but Jiang Fei was strong enough as a Tank, so battles would never get out of hand!

After the Robe, Jiang Fei obtained another Epic piece of equipment from the boss's corpse. The drops in this Dungeon were not only better than normal Dungeons in terms of Quality, but were also more numerous!

Bloodborne Necklace (Necklace, Epic)

Physical Attack +227

Strength: +15

Vitality: +10

Critical Hit: +5%

Equipment: Increases your Attack Speed by 15%!

Level Requirement: 30

"Hoho, not bad!" Jiang Fei smiled slightly and swapped out the necklace with Sunder Strike that he was wearing on his neck. He did not use Sunder Strike very often because his other equipment already allowed him to ignore 15% of the enemy's Defense. This did not stack with the Sunder effect! Moreover, he was not the main Attacker, and Isabella dealt Magic Damage, so Sunder Strike was of little significance!

Additionally, while Bloodborne Necklace greatly improved Jiang Fei's Attack Power, it also enhanced his Attack Speed. This was very beneficial when it came to stacking Ruthless Barrage!

After he equipped the new Necklace, Jiang Fei lost an Active Skill, but his Attack Power had increased to more than 900. His Attack Power was no longer lower than any other Defense Class!

With his new Necklace, Jiang Fei left the first boss's area. After all, he had already taken all the pieces of equipment. So, it was time for him to proceed!

Although the first boss of this Heroic mode Dungeon still did not drop the equipment Recipe that Jiang Fei needed the most, it had dropped two pretty good Legendary pieces of equipment. It was not a bad deal. Jiang Fei also understood that he should not be too greedy, so he had no complaints about the system's stupid Drop Rates.

Only a person with an additional 50 Luck like Jiang Fei would experience such a thing. One could only imagine what the other players would get. It was so difficult for them to even get equipment from Dungeons, so those who wanted to reap without sowing had naturally joined the Bandit forces!

Due to the activation of the Camp System, many Second Job players had started to get in touch with the Bandit forces. Jiang Fei could tell that some players would completely abandon the main city and become full-time robbers!

After he defeated the first boss, he had to fight a large number of Bloodborne monsters, as usual. These monsters came in groups!

Crimson Warrior (Enhanced) (Bloodborne, Elite)

Level: 36

Health Points: 27,000

Attack Power: 2,400

Skills: None

Remarks: Crimson Demon is the lowest level Bloodborne!

Crimson Bandit (Enhanced) (Bloodborne, Elite)

Level: 36

Health Points: 24,000

Attack Power: 2,500

Skills: None

Remarks: Crimson Demon is the lowest level Bloodborne!

Although these Elites had also been significantly strengthened, these Physical Attack monsters were nothing against Jiang Fei who had a high Physical Damage reduction! Moreover, Jiang Fei and Isabella were already familiar with these monsters, so they breezed through the horde. Even though Jiang Fei had to activate Blood Pool every now and then to restore his Health Points, they managed to defeat the monsters.

"Ding! You have eliminated Crimson Warrior. Obtained 22,000 Experience Points!"

"Ding! You have eliminated Crimson Bandit. Obtained 21,000 Experience Points!"


These enhanced Elites gave much more Experience Points. Jiang Fei's Experience bar had moved up by a fair bit!

These monsters could not stop Jiang Fei and Isabella at all. Both of them quickly arrived before the second boss!

Doba Omar (Demon, Advance Elite)

Level: 39

Health Points: 320,000

Attack Power: 4,500

Skills: Curse, Summon Hounds, Swipe.

Curse: Reduces the target's Attack Power by 30% and deals 300 damage every second.

Summon Hounds: Omar summons four Demon Hounds to help himself!

Swipe: Omar's next attack will throw his target high up into the sky, causing a lot of damage upon falling!

Remarks: A traitor of the Demon Race, a coward who has sought refuge in the Blood Prison!

"This one... You can just attack and ignore everything else!" Jiang Fei looked back and said to Isabella.

"Don't worry about me, just go in front and do your thing!" Isabella smiled.

"Alright! I'm going!"

As Jiang Fei spoke, he used Jumping Slash. He directly landed before the boss and attacked the boss three times!


-3604! (Critical Hit!)



As the first hit after Jumping Slash was bound to be a critical hit, Jiang Fei dealt a tremendous amount of damage!


The boss roared and stomped on Jiang Fei!

*Bong!* Although Jiang Fei raised his shield, luck was not on his side this time!


-6274! (Fall Damage!)

The boss was probably furious at Jiang Fei, judging from how hard it had just struck him!

With one Swipe, the boss dealt more than 3,000 damage to Jiang Fei and threw him high up in the sky! Shortly after, Jiang Fei landed on the ground, and a huge Fall Damage figure appeared above his head!



As Ruthless Barrage had started to stack, Jiang Fei's Attack Power was also increasing. In extension to that, his Lifesteal efficiency was also gaining potency. Although the boss dealt nearly 10,000 damage to Jiang Fei as soon as the battle began, a Potion quickly saw to it that his Health Points remained where they were.
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