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"Damn! What's this?" Jiang Fei was surprised. The last time he saw this color of light was when he first obtained the Gnome Destructive Setup. Only such ancient items gave out this kind of light!

Juvenile Skygliding Dragon Reins (Mount, Ancient Inheritance)

Use: Summons a Skygliding Dragon that can fly and fight to assist you in battle!

Remarks: Unlike regular Mounts, the Skygliding Dragon will be bound to you after you summon it. You will not be able to use other Mounts, and the Skygliding Dragon needs to be fed!

"Holy sh*t! A Battle Mount!" Jiang Fei was overjoyed at first, but his face quickly fell.

Players had a love-hate relationship with Ancient Inheritances. Ancient Inheritances were really super useful in some aspects, extremely powerful, and could significantly improve a player's strength. Even so, all items of this nature also had glaring flaws. An example was the Gnome Destructive Setup being equivalent to a nuclear bomb. The damage dealt upon detonation was as high as 100,000,000, which would even blow an Overlord-ranked boss to death. However, this item did not distinguish between the user and the enemy. It would instantly kill everyone, making it difficult to use!

This was also the case with this Juvenile Skygliding Dragon Reins. The summoned Skygliding Dragon would bind to the player. You would not be able to change Mounts in the future, and you even had to feed this annoying thing. Although Jiang Fei did not know what this Dragon ate, he had never heard of other Mounts needing to eat!

Jiang Fei held the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon Reins in his hand. He looked at the reins, and then looked at Isabella. After he did this repeatedly for a few times, it ticked Isabella off!

"What are you looking at? Don't ever think about riding me!" Isabella said, waving her small fists around.

"Oh? If I'm not allowed to ride you, who are you planning to allow then?" Jiang Fei asked with a smirk.

"I won't let anyone…" Halfway through her sentence, Isabella suddenly realized what Jiang Fei meant. Then, she pounced on Jiang Fei and started punching him uncontrollably.

"Stupid b*stard! If you take advantage of me, I'll kill you!" Isabella yelled as she punched Jiang Fei, but her punches did not hurt Jiang Fei at all. Rather, they felt comfortable.

"Hehe…" As Isabella's Attack had been weakened by the system, it was like she was massaging him. Jiang Fei laughed while he closed his eyes and enjoyed it.

"B*stard! Stupid idiot! I'll bite you to death!" Isabella became angrier when she saw Jiang Fei's happy face. She was just one step away from biting Jiang Fei's ear in exasperation.

"Hehe, you still wanna bite…" Jiang Fei turned his head, planning to tease Isabella a little more. He did not expect Isabella to already be approaching him with her mouth. The bite resulted into a kiss!



The next moment, their lips had pressed tightly together, and they stared at each other in shock.

As an adept shut-in gamer, Jiang Fei had never experienced this in his life. As a young kid, he had only played action or adventure games. He had only heard of romance games, but had never played them himself. Be it reality or in-game, Jiang Fei was a total amateur when it came to such things. His mind decided to go completely blank at that moment.

The same was true for Isabella; she was about to shut down. Although she had been programmed intelligently, no method to deal with such a situation had been included in her database, so the two of them remained stiffly in that position!

After about a minute, Isabella pushed Jiang Fei away. At that moment, Jiang Fei was still dizzy. His lips still felt warm. Although he was both happy and nostalgic about that short moment of intimacy, there was also a hint of fear thrown in the mix.

"She's not real! She's just a program, and I'm not a pervert! I'm a player, I'm a real person!" Jiang Fei rubbed his face with both of his hands as he mouthed those words to himself.

In actuality, Isabella had a high level of intelligence, and her behavior was very human-like. As such, Jiang Fei would sometimes forget that Isabella was just a virtual character in the game, and that she was just his pet. Instead, he treated her as a partner who was playing the game with him.

"Hey! Did you also shut down?"

Isabella shook Jiang Fei and asked him curiously.


After Isabella interrupted him, Jiang Fei snapped out of his messy thoughts. Looking at Isabella's pretty face, he found her to be rather cute. It was a pity that she was not a real person!

*Sigh* "It was an accident! I'm not a pervert!" Jiang Fei shook his head hard. He never expected his first kiss to be taken away by a virtual character in a game!

He stowed the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon Reins in his backpack. He was no longer in the mood to look into the reins any further. He began to look at the other drops.


A golden light flashed momentarily. Jiang Fei obtained an average Dagger from the boss's corpse. This time, it was not a Dagger for Magicians, but a pure, Physical Attack weapon. The Dagger had high Attack Power, but the other attributes were average. It was nothing special. However, as a Golden Legendary weapon, it would be a surprise to know if it was not highly sought-after. Jiang Fei sent it into his backpack. There were many Bandits in his guild. He could save it for them.

Other than these two items, the third item came as a pleasant surprise to Jiang Fei. The purpose of his trip this time had finally come to fruition!

"Yes! Finally, a Recipe!" Jiang Fei cried delightedly as he took a Blue Recipe out from the boss's corpse.

Recipe: Bloodborne Helmet (Recipe, Excellent)

Use: Allows you to learn how to make the equipment - Bloodborne Helmet!

Bloodborne Helmet (Chainmail, Excellent)

Physical Defense +90

Magic Defense +60

Random Enhancement

Random Enhancement

Equipment Level: 30

"Awesome!" Jiang Fei smiled. Recipes with random attributes were his favorite. Such Recipes provided him with a greater degree of freedom -- much to the advantage of his high Luck. It was easy for him to get superior, randomized attributes. Although there was also a chance of getting garbage attributes, Jiang Fei only produced high-quality stuff. Even if he only managed to make one good item, it would be worth more than many other average pieces of equipment!

After stowing the Recipe away, Jiang Fei got up and pressed on. As both of them had avoided the topic for quite a while, Jiang Fei's heart had calmed down. Moreover, Isabella was acting as if nothing had happened. So, Jiang Fei decided to stop thinking about it. After all, Isabella was just a virtual character, and what happened just now was just an accident!

However, the daft, tunnel-visioned Jiang Fei did not notice the faint blush that crossed Isabella's cheeks…
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