The Almighty Ring
302 Han Tianyu’s Real Purpose
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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302 Han Tianyu’s Real Purpose

In less than three hours, all the players from Twilight City had disappeared from the Quest map. Han Tianyu, who was filled with anger, did not bother to listen to the explanations of Supreme Wargod and the others. He and the other players from The Aristocrats only knew how to do one thing: kill!

Although the Soul Trap Magic Circle could imprison players and prevent them from resurrecting in the city, the game rule, which did not allow players below Level 10 to leave the Beginner's Village, was obviously more superior. When these Twilight City players dropped to Level 9, they were automatically transferred back to Twilight City's Beginner's Village. At last, this trip to another city, which was supposed to be a trip where they abused others instead of the other way around, had ended.

After these players returned to the Beginner's Village, Jiang Fei did not know how many of them would continue to play the game. However, it was very clear that many of them would quit. Moreover, the two guilds, Fantasy World and Heaven's Wargod, were now completely destroyed.

"Lady Casanova and Daemon's Grimace sent me a message saying that they want to negotiate for truce. What do you think?" Although Happy Drunk was talking to Han Tianyu, his eyes were on Jiang Fei.

It could not be helped. Happy Drunk could not possibly persuade Han Tianyu who was consumed with anger. He could only pin his hopes on Jiang Fei. Although Happy Drunk hated the fact that these two guilds had conspired to destroy The Aristocrats, he was very serious about the game. He knew that they needed the strength of Lady Casanova and the others later in the game, as there would be intercity competition. If they instantly destroyed these two guilds out of anger, people from the other cities would be able to defeat them easily in the future.

Happy Drunk had good thoughts, but Han Tianyu could not care less about that. Han Tianyu did not take this game too seriously. Looking at how he was acting today, Han Tianyu was probably determined to destroy Magithieves and Arkosios Sanctuary completely.

"Let's go and talk to them first. Even if we're going to kill them all, we still have to let them say something before that!" Jiang Fei and Happy Drunk were like-minded, but they saw Han Tianyu's gloomy face. They knew that anger had made this tycoon lose control of himself and there was probably no one who could persuade him.

"Fine! I'll do it for you. I want to see how they're planning to call a truce anyway!" Han Tianyu still cared a lot about Jiang Fei's reputation. Although he was still angry, he still agreed to go and talk it over instead of killing them immediately.

Through Jiang Fei and Happy Drunk's joint efforts, Han Tianyu finally sat down at the negotiating table with Lady Casanova and the others.

"I think the war between us was actually due to a misunderstanding, we…" Daemon's Grimace obviously wanted to start the negotiations with a grand opening in order to save the last of his reputation. Unfortunately, he chose the wrong negotiation target.

If he was negotiating with Happy Drunk, he could probably finish his opening. However, Han Tianyu did not take kindly to such things.

*Schwing!* While Daemon's Grimace was still talking, Han Tianyu already pulled his Rainbow Blade out.

*Clang* Han Tianyu casually caressed the Rainbow Blade in his hand, while he squinted at Daemon's Grimace. It was obvious what he meant. 'If you continued with the nonsense, I will kill you here and now.'

"I…" Daemon's Grimace was so scared that he no longer dared to make a single sound. He had no weapon, so it was unclear as to whether he could beat this fully-equipped tycoon before him. However, even if he could, the negotiations would crumble as soon as he attacked Han Tianyu. Then, their two guilds would immediately be annihilated. This was a responsibility he could not take.

"We've lost this time. You set the terms. If you're still unhappy, guild officials like us can delete our game accounts. Please just let our guild members go. It's not easy for them to gain levels. There's no need for them to be dragged down with us!" Lady Casanova was way more sensible compared to Daemon's Grimace. Her words immediately touched the hearts of the players in Magithieves.

"Hoho, sure! Delete your accounts, then!" Han Tianyu was still not taking them seriously.

"So, you promise to let them go? If that's the case, Billy and I will delete our accounts right now!" Lady Casanova said seriously.

"That's what you said, I didn't agree!" Han Tianyu said playfully.

"You…" When she realized that Han Tianyu was not planning to let anyone go, Lady Casanova looked at Happy Drunk helplessly. She really did not want to deal with Han Tianyu. Han Tianyu was just something else. He was never bothered about gaining or losing any interests, he just did whatever he felt like doing. He was too difficult.

"Well…" Happy Drunk noticed that Lady Casanova was asking him for help, but there was nothing he could do. Currently, he was just a worker under Han Tianyu's commands. His boss was angry, so there was nothing he could say. In desperation, Happy Drunk could only signal Jiang Fei to help persuade Han Tianyu.

*Sigh* "Fine!" Jiang Fei nodded. He felt that he should stop Han Tianyu too. Otherwise, the strength of Dawnlight City would be weakened significantly. Then, the ones who would benefit from this would be Saintlight City in the Southwest and Dusklight City in the Southeast.

"Brother Yu, there's no need to go too far. You should calm down. Punishment will do, it's better if they get out of here alive!" Jiang Fei advised.

"No way! Why should I let them go so easily? When they planned against me, they didn't plan to let me out alive!" Han Tianyu glared at them. It looked like he was determined to abolish the two guilds completely.

"I…" Jiang Fei did not know what to say. It was true that the three major guilds were planning to destroy The Aristocrats completely, just like Han Tianyu said. This time, if Jiang Fei did foil their plans, it would have probably been over for The Aristocrats.

"Brother Ah Fei, help me out! For the sake of my guild members, I beg you!" Lady Casanova immediately sent Jiang Fei a private message to plead with him when she noticed that Jiang Fei was about to give up. Jiang Fei also knew Han Tianyu very well. Out of everyone in the entire Dawnlight City, the only person that could affect Han Tianyu's decision was Jiang Fei.

"Alright!" Jiang Fei nodded, then said to Han Tianyu, "Let me put it this way. See it like you're doing me a favor, let them go!"

"Brother, doing a favor for you isn't a problem at all. If this was the doing of Big Brother Bear and the others, I can definitely laugh it off and forgive them. But these people have absolutely nothing to do with you. They're just taking advantage of your kindness. If you're asking me to let them go just like that, I simply won't do it!" Although Han Tianyu did not directly reject Jiang Fei's request, he still did not agree to let go of these people.

"This…" Hearing this, Lady Casanova could not help but feel disappointed. It seemed like it was really over for the two major guilds.

"Wait!" Billy Boy suddenly appeared. He dragged Lady Casanova, then turned to Jiang Fei and said, "Brother Ah Fei, we Magithieves will voluntarily merge into Empyreal Dragon and accept your management. At the same time, all the core members' work agreements will also be transferred to be under Empyreal Dragon. Do you agree with this?"

"Ah?" Jiang Fei was dumbstruck by Billy Boy's words.

"What are you doing?" Lady Casanova looked at her husband in shock.

"Don't interrupt! I have the final say!" Although Lady Casanova had always been in charge of the guild's administrative work, Billy Boy was very determined this time.

"Ah Fei, quick, agree! I've been acting for the whole day just for this moment. It's a huge gift from me to you!" Jiang Fei who was confused suddenly received a private message from Han Tianyu.


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