The Almighty Ring
304 Don’t Disappoint Me!
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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304 Don’t Disappoint Me!

"Tsk. Here I thought that he might be someone troublesome. Looks like he's just another weakling!" Jiang Fei clicked his tongue and dissed him. With a swing of his hammer, the sure critical hit would immediately kill the bugger who called himself Cosmic Dragon.


A golden light flashed and a magical shield appeared in in front of Cosmic Dragon. Jiang Fei's hit was completely nullified.

"What the? Invulnerability? Hmph! If my transformation skill was not on cool down, I could still kill you even with Invulnerability active!" Jiang Fei exclaimed. Almost all Light related class would be able to use a shield, if not Invulnerability. One was harder than the other.

At that moment, Jiang Fei's Demon Morph skill still had over two hours before he could use it. That skill could never be used in this fight. Jiang Fei wanted to test out his full power instead of relying on Isabella.

"Verdure Glider. I've underestimated you. You have my respect!" said Cosmic Dragon as he talked in a manner so arrogant. Even though Jiang Fei sudden Ice Burst was powerful and managed to freeze him. The man stood tall as if he had confidence in defeating anyone.

"Hmph. I'd see how long your Invulnerability lasts!"

Jiang Fei took a step forward and continued to attack. Even though the Invulnerability was still active on Cosmic Dragon, Jiang Fei would not allow him to get away from him.

This little bugger had mana more than health points. It was obvious that he was a magic class. If Jiang Fei allowed him to get closer, Jiang Fei would be disadvantaged.

"Divine Shackle!"

Even when Jiang Fei tried his best to stick to Cosmic Dragon, he could never escape the effect of a binding skill.

Once the shackles bound Jiang Fei to a spot, Cosmic Dragon quickly got away from him and used a skill to restore his health.

"F*ck this bugger! I hate little buggers like you who can heal themselves!"

Jiang Fei frowned angrily when he saw Cosmic Dragon healing himself. Jiang Fei knew that his basic attack was not high, almost to the point where without Instant Ice Burst, he could never deal fatal damage. His natural enemy would be those class who could heal themselves.

Once the distance between Jiang Fei and Cosmic Dragon was around seven meters, Cosmic Dragon started to chant a spell. At the same time, the Invulnerability effect on him had expired.


At the second when the light shackles dissipated, Jiang Fei leaped forward towards Cosmic Dragon. If Jiang Fei allowed a magician to finish their chanting, he would be the one who would take a powerful, fatal damage.



Right as Jiang Fei's hammer was about to hit Cosmic Dragon, a powerful shockwave of light blasted Jiang Fei back and at the same time, dealt almost 4,000 damage. It was obvious then that Cosmic Dragon had anticipated this move.

When Jiang Fei was blasted away, Cosmic Dragon casted a Slow spell on Jiang Fei and started to move away from Jiang Fei as he started to chant a new spell. This sort of battle strategy is called kiting. An advantage almost all range attackers loved to use.

"Hmph. Trying to bully me for my short range? No problem!" Jiang Fei huffed and puffed angrily as he activated the Blood Cross skill.

Blood Chain!

Ever since he had the accessory equipped, he had always been using the Link skill and never the Blood Chain. When Jiang Fei realized that Cosmic Dragon was kiting him around, it was a good chance to use the skill to draw their distance smaller.


A bloody color flash of light burst out of Jiang Fei's left palm and zoomed towards Cosmic Dragon, chaining him. In that next second, he was forcefully pulled towards Jiang Fei. The chain then circled around the two of them and bound them together. No one could leave as the two of them started to take damage from the Blood Chain skill.

'I need to end this battle fast. If I continue this any longer, the man could heal himself while I would slowly bleed to death!' Jiang Fei thought to himself and made a quick decision. Even though he had four times the amount of health points, he could not keep up with an enemy who could heal.

While Jiang Fei started to feel pressured, Cosmic Dragon was calm and composed. Since the two of them were bound together, Jiang Fei's attack on Cosmic Dragon was not interrupted. However, this magician was special. Divine Inquisitor was a Hidden Class that specializes in Heavy Armor. With Ruthless Barrage stacked to the point where Jiang Fei was dealing 300% damage, the damage Cosmic Dragon took was only a little over a thousand. It was a huge difference when he used Demon Morph to attack.

"Hmmm. I'm getting tired playing around with you!" Cosmic Dragon smiled as he purposely provoked Jiang Fei.

"Divine Embodiment!"

At that point, it was high time for Jiang Fei, the Demon-race player, to know just how strong he was. To completely crush him, Cosmic Dragon had activated a strong skill.

A bright golden light engulfed Cosmic Dragon, which gave him Invulnerability as well as greatly increase the user's Defense. Additionally, all damage taken during the active period would be reduced by 40%. That was not all, the buff skill would also protect the user, ensuring all the chanting would not be interrupted by any means and would not be delayed by attack.

Once the skill was used, Cosmic Dragon completely ignored all Jiang Fei's attacks and started to chant. Jiang Fei could see that the man was about to release another powerful attack.

One… Two… Three…

The total duration of the skill cast time was seven seconds. By the time he was finished, Jiang Fei could feel a powerful berserk of Light element around him.

Commandement: Sword of Judgement

All the Light element that sparkling around Jiang Fei combined and fused into one huge sword. The sword floated above Jiang Fei and was about to shoot at Jiang Fei.


Jiang Fei was about to use Demon's Harbourage to fight back but he did not know just what kind of skill that Cosmic Dragon was using.

Claret Aegis

Even though he had no information about the attack, Jiang Fei dared not to take it without any protection. At the very last second, before the sword drops on him, he activated the skill Claret Aegis to reduce the damage by half.



Jiang Fei was knocked away and had lost more than half of his health points. Shocked and surprised, Jiang Fei immediately consumed health points.

'Just how strong is this f*cker? If I had not use Claret Aegis, I would have taken more than 40,000 damage!'

Jiang Fei frowned as he glanced at Cosmic Dragon angrily. In his heart, Jiang Fei calculated and knew immediately that Jiang Fei was far weaker than he was. Even though he had not used his Demon Morph skill, the enemy would also have some sort of transformation skill as well. If that was the case, there was no difference in the final outcome. The only thing that Jiang Fei had that might win the battle was Isabella. That little princess would be his ultimate killer. If Jiang Fei had Isabella to fight for him, not even five of Cosmic Dragon could handle her.

The truth was that Jiang Fei losing to Cosmic Dragon was only natural. The man had a Hidden Class, the Divine Inquisitor. A powerful Light elemental battle class. Despite having a Hidden Class as well, Jiang Fei was a crafter. Not a fighter. He was the best in crafting equipment. However, in terms of combat power, though Divine Blacksmith might be stronger than other Profession class, Jiang Fei would always lose to a Hidden Class that was suited for battle.

Blood Pool


With the battle still raging on, Jiang Fei had to restore his health. He did not want to trigger the effect of the Undying Aegis. Cosmic Dragon could heal himself at any time hence the battle was clearly one sided.

"Well, I had my fun. Let's end it here. Verdure Glider, you are stronger than I'd imagined. Well… a little bit stronger."

Cosmic Dragon paced slowly towards Jiang Fei and started to tease him. He had even showed the nanometer gap between his fingers to Jiang Fei just to taunt him.

Jiang Fei almost snapped. He was so close to calling Isabella and getting this f*cker killed! Jiang Fei's initial plan not to use Isabella was to test of his combat power, but this little wanker had used his class to counter Jiang Fei. YET HE DARED TO ACT ALL HIGH AND MIGHTY!?
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