The Almighty Ring
314 Overpowering Boss Skill
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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314 Overpowering Boss Skill

demonic skeletal war general (specter, advanced elite)

level: 40

health points: 35,000

attack power: 4,500

skills: cleave, smash.

jiang fei glanced at the huge and newly formed skeleton. although its size was significantly larger than before, it was only an advanced elite monster and did not pose any threat to jiang fei and the group at all.

it took only a few hits before the demonic skeletal war general was eliminated. this time, it did not revive again. it appeared to have died once and for all.

the group then moved on. at the entrance to the secret dungeon, the little monsters were not difficult to deal with. they all came in groups of four. although it was troublesome to kill these monsters as they would always revive once after being killed, it benefited jiang fei and the others as it meant they earned extra experience points.

this was a level 40 secret dungeon after all. not only was jiang fei receiving the full amount of experience points, the rest were even getting additional boosts of experience points due to their level differences. therefore, everyone was smiling from ear to ear.

"this secret dungeon is even easier than i had imagined!" seven stars warrior exclaimed while fighting the monsters.

"be careful. although this is the heroic mode meant for five people, it is still a level 40 dungeon. the overall difficulty would not be any lesser than the heroic mode of the bottom of the blood pool!" jiang fei said.

the group continued moving forward. soon enough, they arrived at the end of the walkway.

"hehe, the demonic skeletal war general is guarding the door. i wonder what these freaks will turn into after they die." zhao feng said and laughed.

right then, there was a group of four demonic skeletal war generals in front of jiang fei and the rest who stood guard before the end of the passage. they would have to kill these monsters to get through to the other side of the walkway.

"eversummer, get ready with your healing. i am going in!" jiang fei called out to eversummer before rushing forward to fight the monsters with a single jumping slash.

rapid frostburst!





as jiang fei's rapid frostburst was linked to his health points, the damage output was very impressive. besides, the breath of frosty air had also frozen the four little monsters in place.

flame burst!

isabella's attack followed swiftly after and dealt nearly 15,000 critical damage to each of the four monsters.

little rain's attack landed on the monsters soon after. although his damage output was not as great as isabella's, he still dealt nearly 8,000 damage to the monsters.

since jiang fei and the team's attack tempo was rather fast, little rain decided to activate his new equipment's ultra casting state. although it burned mana points at a very shocking rate, the double damage allowed his damage output to increase significantly. little rain's damage output instantly exceeded seven stars warrior's, despite the latter being a high damaging class and only ranked second after isabella.

although these advanced elite monsters' health points were as high as 35,000, these little monsters were easily eliminated by isabella, little rain, and jiang fei. after a round of attacks from each of them, coupled with isabella's black dragon breath, the little monsters were completely defeated.

"hardcore!" zhao feng exclaimed from afar. as he and seven stars warrior both did not know any group attacking skills, they could only observe the battle.

however, they were only able to observe for a short while as zhao feng's reaction quickly jinxed the situation.


the bones which had fallen to the ground started shaking again. swiftly, the bones grouped together and formed a brand new monster right before jiang fei and the rest.

pale bone chimera (spectre, vice leader)

level: 41

health points: 80,000

attack power: 5,000

skills: bloodlust mania, frenzy, bone burst.

bloodlust mania: instantly deals significant damage to the target while healing oneself simultaneously.

frenzy: increase attack power by 100% for five seconds.

bone burst: when the pale bone chimera is at zero health points, he will not die. he will enter a state of energy collection for two seconds. at the end of the two seconds, the pale bone chimera will explode and deal the amount of damage equivalent to his own health points to enemies in a twenty-meter radius. this damage will be split among the opponents affected within the explosion radius.

"d*mn it! that's a lot of damage!"

after jiang fei read through the boss' attributes, he could not help but curse out loud.

this self-destructive skill was the worst of its kind. jiang fei was only able to know about the boss' skill through the mysterious ring. if another group had come, they would be at a disadvantage when faced with this monster for the first time.

regardless of the difficulty of eliminating the boss, the 80,000 damage from the explosion would still be borne evenly by the group of five after the boss was killed. those wearing cloth armor would unquestionably be killed by the explosion, while those wearing leather armor would not be any better off. under such circumstances, anyone would be pissed by the outcome.

"come on! i'll pull the boss' aggro. you guys should focus on hitting him from a far distance. seven stars warrior, move further away when the boss is about to die!" jiang fei ordered.

"alright!" the remaining four people all nodded their heads in unison. as jiang fei was the one who brought them over to the secret dungeon, seven stars warrior and the rest all believed that jiang fei would have extra information about the secret dungeon. therefore, none of them questioned jiang fei's ability to predict the unknown.

after giving out the orders, jiang fei immediately moved forwards to engage the monster.

as usual, he started with the rapid frostburst. however, as this monster was at the vice leader rank and had the identity of the mini-boss, he was unaffected by the disabling skills. therefore, rapid frostburst was not able to freeze him in place—the monster was immune to it.

"bella, you and little rain should be more careful!" as this mini-boss had 80,000 health points, they could not kill him with merely a round of skills. therefore, jiang fei had to place his attention on controlling the boss' aggro. otherwise, even if the boss could not kill isabella in an instant, nothing could stop him from killing little rain.

after the battle had begun, everything went smoothly. after all, it was only a mini-boss. although his attack power was rather high and could go up to 10,000 after activating frenzy, jiang fei still had very strong physical damage reduction. therefore, the pale bone chimera could only deal a maximum of 7,000 damage to jiang fei. if jiang fei had taken on the secret dungeon alone, this might have truly been a threat to him. however, jiang fei had come with his team. with a strong healer like gale eversummer, jiang fei had nothing to worry about.

very soon, the boss' 80,000 health points had dwindled down to less than 5,000.

"seven stars warrior, stop right now. move away!" jiang fei called out to seven stars warrior who was standing next to him while attacking the monster.

"alright!" seven stars warrior replied and nodded as he immediately stopped attacking. he quickly ran thirty meters away.

in less than three seconds after seven stars warrior had stepped away, the boss' health points reached zero.


the pale bone chimera started collecting energy around him after forcefully maintaining a bit of his health points. there was no way jiang fei could run twenty meters away in two seconds.


jiang fei initiated his intercept skill at seven stars warrior who was still in the midst of running away. in an instant, jiang fei appeared next to seven stars warrior.

"eh?" seven stars warrior was stunned. he could not understand what was happening.

"quickly, run!" jiang fei pulled seven stars warrior along as they continued to move away from the boss.

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