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Bone Chimera—Phoenix (Specter, Empowered Leader)

Level: 43

Health Points: 300,000

Magic Attack Power: 8,800

Skills: Hellflame, Decay, Bone Wing Swipe, Specter Summon, Life Flame Transfer.

Hellflame: Bone Chimera—Phoenix spits fire in a radius in front of it. It inflicts significant flame damage on the opponents in the affected area and reduces the opponents' Armor and Magic Resistance by 10%. This effect can be stacked three times.

Decay: Lowers the target's Attack and Casting Speed by 100%. The effect lasts for thirty seconds.

Bone Wing Swipe: Flaps both wings to instantly deal twice the Physical Attack on the target, accompanied with a knockback effect.

Specter Summon: The Bone Chimera—Phoenix will summon a teleportation door at the start of the battle. Skeletal Soldiers will continually appear from the teleportation door in aid of the Phoenix.

Life Flame Transfer: When the Bone Chimera—Phoenix approaches death, it will ignite ghost flames to burn the surrounding remnant skeletons. For every skeleton burned, the Phoenix recovers 5% of its Health Points! It can only be used once.

"D*mn it! A Level 40 monster is indeed uncommon!"

After checking through the Attributes of the monster, he could not help but suck in a breath of cold air. Although it was a strengthened Leader level boss, this Bone Chimera—Phoenix was even more difficult to handle than the Heroic mode of the Bottom of the Blood Pool.

The only thing that Jiang Fei felt lucky about was the fact that this Secret Dungeon was merely a five-men mode. Therefore, the Health Points and Attack Power were still at a manageable level. If the two Attributes were both at the forty-person level of difficulty, he would have no choice but to wait for Isabella's transformation cool down to be over.

"This is insanely difficult!" Seven Stars Warrior exclaimed as he looked at the huge boney monster. Although he could not see its exact Attributes as Jiang Fei could, he could still see the amount of Health Points the monster had.

For the difficulty of a five-men Secret Dungeon, the Bone Chimera—Phoenix, which was the first boss, already had 30,000 Health Points. One could only imagine how much tougher the ones lined up further behind were.

"Alright! I will pull it to the wall later. You will all attack from behind. If there are new monsters, Bella, pull them towards you. Eversummer, focus on healing. As for the others, kill all of the little monsters!" Jiang Fei gave it some thought before deciding on the battle strategy.

Their small team had a huge advantage as compared to the others. The advantage was Isabella, the human-shaped pet. Not only did Isabella have very strong Attack and Defense, she also had an extremely high level of Intelligence. She could perfectly follow orders that Jiang Fei gave like normal players.

Isabella's Health Points was even higher than Jiang Fei's and she had no issue withstanding attacks from the little monsters. As such, as long as Gale Eversummer focused on healing everyone, the final recovery skill of the boss was basically pointless.

If it were another group of people, they would probably have to sacrifice a lot of time and effort to figure out the boss's skills. Even if they could do that, they would still have to deal with the continually appearing little monsters as they could not allow the numbers to stack up. As such, they would probably have to go through the entire ordeal twice. That would significantly increase their probability of being annihilated.

"Alright! Understood!" The rest all nodded in agreement with Jiang Fei's plan.

"Alright! Healer, pay attention. I'm going up against it now!"

As Jiang Fei was now facing a Magic Attack-based monster, he did not have his hopes up.

Jump Slash!

Jiang Fei instantly appeared in front of the boss with a single skill.

Rapid Frostburst!


After pulling the boss' aggro, Jiang Fei immediately turned around with his back to the other teammates. He slowly backed away as he lured the boss away to the corner of the hall.


As the boss let out a loud piercing scream, it spat out a huge Fire Ball! This was clearly its normal attack.



As Jiang Fei did not have very high Magic Resistance, he instantly lost 25% of his Health Points from the normal attack.





As Jiang Fei did not stop backing away, Gale Eversummer had to follow closely after him. Therefore, she could not stop chanting her spells. She was only able to use her instant skills and Regeneration to heal him. Despite that, the amount of Health Points recovered by her skills was definitely on par with the two previous Clerics combined.

"Follow me! Start attacking!" Once Jiang Fei lured the boss to the corner of the wall, he immediately cast all his spells once again to lock the aggro all on himself.

Once Jiang Fei had established the aggro on himself, the others gradually started attacking. Unlike Isabella, Little Rain did not dare to keep his Super Spellcaster activated for a long duration.

As the explosive damage created a lot of aggro and was difficult to control, on top of the costly amount of Mana Points required, it was not a worthy deal to keep the Super Spellcaster activated. The boss had a lot of Health Points and could not be killed very quickly. Therefore, unless under dire circumstances, which required him to go all out, Little Rain did not need to activate the skill.


After letting out a loud scream, the Phoenix spread its wings and started attacking Jiang Fei again.



After receiving the damage, Jiang Fei was instantly thrown backward. However, as Jiang Fei was already positioned close to the wall, the knockback effect was not observable. Otherwise, if the tanker was knocked away, he would definitely be thrown in a different direction. That would result in a very unfortunate state for the other melee attackers.

As the battle went on, Jiang Fei's Health Points remained at a stable level due to Gale Eversummer's strong healing abilities. Although the boss had rather strong Attack, it did not pose any threat to Jiang Fei.


When its Health Points reached 80%, the Bone Chimera–Phoenix started using most of its skills. It first spat a grey-colored ball of flame at Jiang Fei which dealt 15,000 damage. At the same time, it reduced Jiang Fei's Armor and Magic Resistance.

However, this was only the beginning. After using its skills, the Bone Chimera–Phoenix did not slow down. It let out yet another loud screech and swiftly summoned a purple teleportation door behind itself. Thereafter, two Elite level Skeletal Soldiers charged out from the door. Since then, an Elite Skeletal Soldier would appear from the teleportation door every twenty seconds.

"Bella, intercept the monsters!" As Jiang Fei ordered, Isabella threw out two consecutive Abyssal Flames, which pulled the aggro of the two little monsters toward herself.

Isabella now had 85,000 Health Points. Moreover, her Defense Points was not any lesser than Jiang Fei's. If not for the way Jiang Fei treated her as a normal girl and did not hide behind her, Isabella was definitely a much more qualified tanker than Jiang Fei.

"Eversummer, are you feeling overwhelmed?" Jiang Fei asked Gale Eversummer who was occupied with healing two different targets.

"It's still manageable. Bella can tank even better than you can…" Gale Eversummer spat out honestly without hesitation.

"That's obvious! I am tanking against Magic Spells!" Jiang Fei rolled his eyes at her statement.

However, right then, a ray of grey light emanated from the boss' eyes and landed directly on Gale Eversummer.


It instantly reduced the Attack and Casting Speed of the target by 100%. Gale Eversummer now had to spend twice as long chanting a spell. Her healing speed was no longer as fast as it was before.
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