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Claret Aegis!

Armored Bulwark!

Currently, due to the silencing effect of the boss's skill, the party had no healer. Jiang Fei had to use his life-saving skills that were attached to his equipment.

At this time, Seven Stars Warrior was the only one unaffected. Five other people including Isabella could not use their own spells. This was because their spells required Mana Points and they fell within the boss's silence range.

However, out of these five people, Jiang Fei was the least affected. This was because he only had two of his own skills, Rapid Frostburst and Rose Cutter. His other skills were all from his equipment. Skills that were attached to equipment were not affected by the boss's silence effects.


2,200 (Absorbed!)


As he had activated Claret Aegis, the damage that Jiang Fei received reduced significantly. When paired with Armored Bulwark's physical damage absorption effect, Jiang Fei was pretty safe for now.

"Warrior, the ball's in your court! Hurry up and attack!" Although Jiang Fei could tank the damage from the boss, his weak Attack Power was not good enough.

"Okay!" Seven Stars Warrior nodded and started attacking the boss with all his might. With both his fists, he was attacking the boss as hard as he could.

The boss's Health Points was gradually decreasing. After five seconds, the silence was over.

Moon God's Grace!






As soon as the silence ended, Gale Eversummer used a skill, which had three minutes cool down time, instantly bringing the Health Points of the three Cloth Armor players and Seven Stars Warrior back to full. Jiang Fei had also recovered a huge amount of Health Points.

After Gale Eversummer regained her spell-casting ability, Jiang Fei and the others were safe. However, Little Rain could not attack anymore. All his Mana Points had been consumed by his Magic Shield in the previous two attacks. He could only cast a small fireball every once in a while.

Without the attacks of a powerful Magician, the party's damage output had reduced significantly.

"Bella, attack a little harder!" As Isabella was also silenced before this and Jiang Fei had been attacking the boss for quite a while, he had already firmly generated the boss's aggro.

"Alright!" As soon as Isabella received Jiang Fei's orders, she cast three Abyssal Flames. All the attacks from the last two Abyssal Flames were critical hits and each Abyssal Flame dealt nearly 20,000 damage to the boss.


The instant burst of damage made the boss's aggro towards Isabella surpass its aggro towards Jiang Fei. The boss immediately turned and charged toward Isabella.

"Everyone, move! Stay away from Bella!" Jiang Fei immediately shouted. The boss had changed its target. With his weak Attack Power, he could only dream of taking the aggro back from Bella. From now on, Isabella had become the tank.

Demon Flame Infusion!

When she saw that the boss was coming, Isabella was not afraid at all. She was not an ordinary Magician. Nagas were already naturally skilled in both magic and combat and she was a rare Demonic Naga.

After the dark flames attached to Isabella's body, this girl started to take on the boss seriously. She attacked the boss head-on and they were evenly matched.

After Demon Flame Infusion, Isabella's every attack could deal away more than 5,000 of the boss's Health Points. Moreover, this chick was attacking continuously with her delicate hands, which had transformed into deadly claws. She was destroying this huge dragon made out of bones.

Isabella had lesser Health Points than the boss. If this was a 1v1, she would definitely lose. However, Isabella had a super powerful Cleric like Gale Eversummer behind her. Both of them could already destroy the boss by themselves. The four other guys beside them were basically unneeded in this battle.

"The f*ck! This chick is getting stronger and stronger as she levels up. Would it be better if I made a whole set of Cleric equipment for myself?" Jiang Fei muttered to himself as he looked Isabella who was in a frenzy.

Obviously, Isabella was stronger and a better tanker than him now. If he and Bella went to a Dungeon, his identity as a Tank would be superfluous. However, if he played the role of a Support or Cleric, their combat power could be maximized.

"Well, I'll just make two sets of equipment if I have the chance!" Jiang Fei had a new plan. It was easier for him to get equipment compared to the other players. Moreover, currently, the mysterious ring had many storage slots. So, Jiang Fei did not have to use just one set of equipment. He could prepare two sets of equipment for himself and swap them when necessary.

Usually, he would wear his combat set of equipment that was for PK. In this case, even if he encountered a powerful enemy like Cosmic Dragon, Jiang Fei would not be bullied again. Another Cleric equipment set was for supporting Isabella when they attempt Dungeons alone. He still had plenty of time to swap his equipment after entering the Dungeon.

Jiang Fei was already used to being a Tank, which was why Isabella who was a Magician had to become an attacker. As a result, Isabella could not show her true powers. Now, if he gave up his position as a Tank in Dungeons and became a Support or attacker, it would be more efficient.

After he realized this, although there was no increase in Jiang Fei's attributes, Jiang Fei and Isabella had managed to maximize their combat powers. As a team, their combined combat powers had doubled.

Isabella who was in a frenzy did not disappoint Jiang Fei. Her Defense was also higher than Jiang Fei's. Jiang Fei probably had to change into Plate Armor equipment before he could match the current Isabella.

As Isabella had extremely high Defense, Gale Eversummer's job became easier. The four dumbstruck guys could only stand there and watch. In less than a minute, the two girls ended the battle.

"My four Young Masters, don't just watch. Why don't we see what dropped?" Gale Eversummer said somewhat smugly. What she meant was obvious: who said that women were not as good as men? Look at what happened with this boss, Isabella and I almost defeated it all by ourselves!

Although Isabella was an NPC, she was way too intelligent. So, it was difficult for everyone to just treat her as an NPC or a Pet when they were together. Gale Eversummer felt the same.

Jiang Fei was two steps away from the boss's corpse, he flipped the corpse.


Exactly like before, a blue light flashed.

"As expected!" Jiang Fei looked at the Equipment Set Recipe in his hand and had a moment of enlightenment.

"Damn, since these small monsters turn into the four mythological creatures, are they going to specifically drop four types of Equipment Set Recipes?" Zhao Feng said what Jiang Fei was thinking.

"I think that's very likely!" Jiang Fei looked at the Recipe in his hand and said.

Recipe: Green Dragon's Downfall

Use: Allows you to learn how to make the Equipment Set—Green Dragon's Downfall!

Required: Leatherworks Tailor!

Green Dragon's Downfall (Leather Armor Equipment Set 7/7, Excellent)

Equipment Set Physical Defense +975

Equipment Set Magical Defense +959

Equipment Set Agility: +245

Equipment Set Vitality: +155

Equipment Set Strength: +15

Attack Power: +75

Random Enhancement*7

Level Requirement: 40

Set effect (3/7): Increases your Physical Attack effects by 10%.

Set Effect (5/7): When you attack a target from behind, your Critical Strike Chance is increased by 30%.

Set Effect (7/7): Summons a Green Dragon's Soul Infusion, increases your Attack Power by 50% and total Health Points by 3,000. The effect lasts for thirty seconds. Cooldown: four hours.
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