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"You're here… Sit over there for a while. I still have some things to take care of!"

When Han Tianyu saw Jiang Fei entering his house, his facial expression seemed slightly more relaxed. However, Han Tianyu still looked depressed.

"Alright." Jiang Fei nodded as he replied. He walked over to the sofa and sat down without disturbing Han Tianyu.

After Han Tianyu made a few more phone calls, he finally turned toward Jiang Fei.

"Why did you come to my place today?" Han Tianyu asked. He still looked very upset. Something must have really bothered him. Jiang Fei had never seen him in a state like this. Even when Han Tianyu got involved in a car accident, he did not get this angry.

"Oh, I have a small favor to ask from you. It's not urgent though. What's happened to you?" Jiang Fei asked curiously.

"I…" Han Tianyu was about to speak when his phone started ringing. He waved dismissively at Jiang Fei as he picked up the phone.

"Ah! I know…"


"I will make sure they cooperate!"

"Yes… It won't be a problem!"

Jiang Fei did not know what the conversation was about. However, he could see that Han Tianyu's facial expression was obviously turning positive!

"Hehe… Would you like to come with me to watch a show?"

When Han Tianyu turned toward Jiang Fei again, his face was beaming!

"Who are you planning to get rid of this time?" Jiang Fei asked.

"Do you know why I was upset?" Han Tianyu suddenly changed the topic.

"That's a load of bullsh*t. How am I supposed to know if you won't tell me?" Jiang Fei rolled his eyes.

"The spy I sent to North Africa had reported back in the morning. The Japanese took advantage of the nuclear plant program that was meant to aid Northern Africa. They secretly carried out nuclear experiments in the middle of the deserts! Military grade nuclear experiments!" Han Tianyu said with a look of annoyance on his face.

"What?!" Jiang Fei was stunned. Although he was only a normal high school student, he understood that the Japanese were not allowed to have nuclear weapons in accordance to international regulations!

"Hmph! The Japanese are becoming increasingly unruly!" Han Tianyu snorted after he finished his sentence.

"What do you plan to do about it?" Jiang Fei asked.

"What's my plan? I will of course get rid of them!" Han Tianyu said as he glared. He then continued, "I have already assigned the third military group to infiltrate the Tokugawa household's nuclear plant. As long as we get rid of the ninja placed by the Tokugawa household at the nuclear plant, the third military group will be able to annihilate them thoroughly. As the Japanese are not allowed to invent nuclear weapons, they would not dare to voice out even if we attack them!"

"Ninja?" Jiang Fei was clearly paying attention to Han Tianyu. However, that was not the most important point Han Tianyu was trying to make.

"That's right! This program is currently being run by our archnemesis, the Tokugawa household. As a safety precaution, the Tokugawa household had placed nearly all of their ninjas there. I was on the call with Old man Hai earlier. The alliance has agreed to my request to annihilate Tokugawa household's ninjas! Thereafter, my third military group will destroy that place!" Han Tianyu said.

"Okay," Jiang Fei said as he nodded.

"By the way, Old man Hai had asked if you would be interested to join us," Han Tianyu said. Jiang Fei was perceived as a rookie in the eyes of Old man Hai and the rest. Despite having the capabilities of a Level Four Metahuman, he had very little battle power and experience. This time, they hoped to bring Jiang Fei along for the sole purpose of training him so he could improve his battle capabilities.

"Yes, I am interested." Jiang Fei's eyes lit up. He had already been thinking about it since Han Tianyu mentioned that the Japanese were secretly experimenting with nuclear weapons.

The thing Jiang Fei needed the most right now was nuclear fuel. Now that the Japanese had ready-made nuclear fuel, Jiang Fei hoped that he would be able to steal the it the same way he had stolen the R&D Lab before. After all, it was a nuclear plant that should rightfully contain a lot of non-military nuclear fuel as well. This was a great opportunity for Jiang Fei to increase the level of his mysterious ring!

"Alright! We will depart tonight!" Han Tianyu exclaimed cheerfully.

"D*rn! Why can't you wait until the weekend? I still have to go to school," Jiang Fei complained.

"We can't wait any longer! Time is of the essence. Besides, you would only be pretending to study if you went to school. You might as well request for a leave of absence." Han Tianyu decided for Jiang Fei right away.

After the two had agreed on the time of departure, Jiang Fei went home and proceeded to lie to his mother. He told her that there was an exchange program which required him to travel to another city, and that he would have to board the flight that night itself.

Although his mother was suspicious about him leaving so suddenly, and had made a call to the school to verify what he said, little did she know that Han Tianyu had already secretly contacted the school to compromise the communication. Therefore, Jiang Fei's mother was not able to discover the truth behind his sudden need to leave and did not say anything further.

Jiang Fei had agreed to meet Han Tianyu on the helicopter pad at the roof of the Manda Square at exactly midnight. As there was a high possibility of being involved in a fight once they reached North Africa, Jiang Fei decided to log in to the game for some preparation before they departed.

Due to the existence of the R&D Lab, Jiang Fei no longer needed to transfer Health Potions from the game to the external world. However, the R&D Lab did not contain the data of some of the newly invented or special potions. For example, the R&D Lab could not reproduce the Awakening Pill that Six Fans created. Although Jiang Fei had always used the item to support his crafting, the increased observational and sensing abilities would also be helpful during battles in the real world. After all, Jiang Fei was no longer facing normal humans, and was instead fighting against high level ninjas!

"Six Fans, do you have ready-made Awakening Pills with you?"

After Jiang Fei logged in to the game, he immediately looked for Six Fans. He had finished consuming all of the previous batches of Awakening Pills during his crafting work.

"I have two more bottles," Six Fans answered.

"Alright! I will come over to get them now," Jiang Fei said. Very soon, he managed to find Six Fans.

"Oh, right. Guild master, I have created a new type of potion. Would you like to have a look and consider if it is useful for you?"

As Six Fans handed over the Awakening Pills, he also passed Jiang Fei a new type of potion.

Empowering Pill (Potion, Fine)

Use: Increases Strength slightly. Greatly increases Defense. Effects last for 30 minutes!

"This is great!" Jiang Fei's eyes lit up. This item was similar to the upgraded version of the Beginner Level Defense Enhancement Potion. Although the effects in the game were very ordinary, it would make a huge difference in the real world when used to fight against high level ninjas. This was definitely a great item to protect Jiang Fei's life!

"Hehe! You are truly my lucky star! Keep working hard!" As soon as Jiang Fei received the two bottles of Awakening Pills and the Empowering Pill, he stored them in his spatial ring and proceeded to log out of the game.

"0541!" After returning to the real world, Jiang Fei immediately awakened 0541 who was still in deep slumber.

"Captain, is there anything I could do for you?" 0541 asked.

"I have acquired two new groups of data. Can you check if the R&D Lab is able to reproduce these items?" Jiang Fei asked.

"In the process of verifying…"

"Scanning results: low-grade potion. Based on the current capabilities of the R&D Lab, we are able to produce small amounts of them," 0541 answered.

"That's fine. Make a copy of the data first." Jiang Fei nodded as he spoke. Since 0541 could produce the items at a very fast pace, Jiang Fei was able to acquire the items as soon as he gave the order.

Once everything was in place, Jiang Fei prepared to make his way to the rooftop helicopter pad. Thereafter, he would accompany Han Tianyu to take on the Japanese ninjas!
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