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Jiang Fei chased after Tokugawa Yosuke who was running away. The both of them ran further and further away. In just a short period of time, Luo Hao and the others could no longer see Jiang Fei.

As Tokugawa Yosuke was running for his life, it was natural for him to run toward his secret ninja base. In this nuclear power plant, the secret ninja base was the underground nuclear test site!

What the China Martial Arts Alliance had expected was true. All three Jounins of the Tokugawa family were actually at the nuclear power plant. One of them who was relatively weaker had lured Luo Zhan away. Originally, Tokugawa Yosuke was planning to take this opportunity to kill all the other Chinese martial artists. However, he did not expect that his luck would be this bad. He actually met the legendary genius martial artist, the "Level 4" Jiang Fei!

If a Level 3 ninja like him tried to fight a Level 4 Chinese martial artist, it was akin to a suicide quest. So, Tokugawa Yosuke desperately ran toward the depths of the underground nuclear test site. This was because his teacher, Tokugawa Nara, was there!

Although Tokugawa Nara was still a Jounin, he had reached the peak of the Jounin Level. If an average Level 3 ninja like Tokugawa Yosuke paired up with a ninja like Tokugawa Nara who was at the peak of Level 3, Tokugawa Yosuke would probably be able to survive this fight against this Level 4 martial artist. If they still lost, there was nothing else that he possibly could do!

Jiang Fei who was behind Tokugawa Yosuke did not know what was happening at all. He had never fought against a ninja before. Previously, Nekoda had died too quickly, so it was hard for him to tell how strong Tokugawa Yosuke was. He did not have much combat experience but he had chased Tokugawa Yosuke all the way. Jiang Fei had absolutely no idea as to what dangers awaited him!

When Jiang Fei noticed that he was already less than ten meters away from Tokugawa Yosuke, he smiled!

Jumping Slash!

After he used the skill, Jiang Fei felt some heat between his feet. Then, he leaped and charged straight toward Tokugawa Yosuke!

"Ah?!" Hearing the change of movements behind him, Tokugawa Yosuke turned his head around and was almost scared to death!

Tokugawa Yosuke could only blame his bad luck. He did not see Jiang Fei leap up from the ground. The moment he turned back, Jiang Fei was already in the air. Jiang Fei had leaped nearly ten meters toward him! Therefore, in Tokugawa Yosuke's eyes, Jiang Fei had used Qi to fly over to him!

Jiang Fei had managed to channel his Qi and fly up in such a short time! Only Chinese martial artists that had mastered Qinggong and were at the peak of Level 4 were able to do this. In China, there were less than five people who were this powerful!

Since someone like Jiang Fei was chasing him down, Tokugawa Yosuke suddenly did not feel like running anymore. Death was not that scary. Awaiting death was scarier!

"Baka! Damned Chinese person, kill me if you dare!"

"We Japanese people have never been afraid of death!"

"Come on! Just kill me! If I fight back, I'm not a man!"

"Kill me! Come and kill me!"


When a person was extremely afraid, they would express their anger. Tokugawa Yosuke was portraying exactly that. In his heart, Jiang Fei's strength had once again become a myth. They were too close to each other now. He did not even dare to run away anymore. Rather than playing cat and mouse until he finally died, it was better to get it over with quickly!

"The f*ck! What's wrong with these Japanese people?" When Jiang Fei saw that Tokugawa Yosuke had stopped running, he thought Tokugawa Yosuke wanted to fight for his life. He did not expect this ninja to say these kinds of things!

"Kill me! Come and kill me!" Tokugawa Yosuke continued to scream crazily. Under the tremendous pressure of awaiting death, his mentality had totally collapsed!

"Oh? There aren't many people who request such a thing, but we Chinese people like to help others the most!" Jiang Fei did not understand what was going on. However, since this kid was asking to die, Jiang Fei would grant his request!

Jiang Fei lifted his laser gun and instantly pulled the trigger!


A red light flashed and a tiny hole appeared on Tokugawa Yosuke's forehead. Due to the laser's high heat, the wound had already been burnt, so no blood flowed out from it. The Level 3 Jounin had died just like that, with no clear reason whatsoever. Rather than saying that the Jounin had been killed by Jiang Fei, it was better to say that he had scared himself to death!

"The Japanese are really crazy!" Jiang Fei shrugged. Jiang Fei originally thought that this ninja still had some tricks up his sleeves. However, the ninja's body had already hardened and nothing else had happened. So, he could only blame everything on the Japanese's craziness. Until now, Jiang Fei still had no idea that the ninja he had just killed was actually a Jounin!

"Yosuke!" At this time, a loud cry was heard coming from the front.

Jiang Fei had chased Tokugawa Yosuke all the way into the depths of the underground nuclear test site. Previously, as Tokugawa Yosuke was so scared that he had become mad, his constant yells and screams had alerted Tokugawa Nara who was guarding the area. However, when Tokugawa Nara arrived, he saw that Jiang Fei had shot his precious apprentice down!

"B*stard! You killed him!" Tokugawa Yosuke was Tokugawa Nara's favorite apprentice. Moreover, Tokugawa Yosuke had already advanced into the Jounin Level! The entire Tokugawa family had been looking forward to this genius ninja advancing into Level 4 and becoming a Special Jounin which could once again improve the Tokugawa family's status.

Unfortunately, the Tokugawa family's rising star had been killed by someone just like that. In actuality, Tokugawa Yosuke's death was also related to his brilliance and fame. He had been crowned with the title of a genius ever since he was a child. He learned Ninjutsu ten times faster than his peers and he was promoted to a Jounin even before he reached the age of thirty. Tokugawa Yosuke's life had been way too smooth and easy. As a result, he did not know how to cope with pressure at all. Misled by Jiang Fei's appearance several times, he ended up scaring himself for nothing and eventually drove himself crazy!

When he saw that his apprentice had been killed, Tokugawa Nara's eyes blazed with fury. He hated Jiang Fei to the core!

"I'll kill you, kid!" After he shouted, he sent three blazing shurikens flying straight toward Jiang Fei! At the same time, Tokugawa Nara suddenly sped up. In just one second, he was already five meters in front of Jiang Fei. He moved faster than the three shurikens that he threw! After he got nearer to Jiang Fei, Tokugawa Nara instantly disappeared from Jiang Fei's sight!

"F*ck!" Jiang Fei was shocked. He knew that he was in deep trouble. However, at this time, he was alone and helpless. He could only rely on himself!

"Thirty degrees to the left, an unknown life form that's currently three meters away is approaching you!" Jiang Fei heard 0541's voice once again.

Force Punch!

After charging his power for a short while, Jiang Fei threw a punch in the direction that 0541 mentioned!

"What?!" At this time, Tokugawa Nara who was about to attack Jiang Fei was shocked. As he arrived at the scene late, he had not managed to see Jiang Fei's performance before this. Thus, he was shocked by Jiang Fei's sudden attack, just like how Tokugawa Yosuke was!

They were not too far away from each other, but Jiang Fei's Force Punch had come extremely quickly. Tokugawa Nara only had enough time to position his Tachi in front of him before Jiang Fei's punch landed!


With a crisp sound, Jiang Fei's punch broke Tokugawa Nara's ancestral Tachi into two pieces!

Ding! Ding! Ding! The three shurikens had only just reached Jiang Fei. However, after Jiang Fei attacked, a shield had formed outside his body. The three shurikens were meant to distract Jiang Fei, so they were not that damaging and were easily blocked by the shield.

"Baka! You are Jiang Fei!" Tokugawa Nara's brows suddenly furrowed.

This guy broke his ancestral Tachi with a punch. There was no other sixteen or seventeen-year-old teenager who could do the Qi Body Protection. It was very obvious to Tokugawa Nara as to who this teenager in front of him was!
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