The Almighty Ring
346 The Ring’s New Ability!
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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346 The Ring’s New Ability!

After 0541 was done with the report of the ship's fragments, Jiang Fei lay down on the bed and closed his eyes. Even though he had plans to search and reclaim the ship's fragments, the Pacific Ocean was such a big place. Where should he even start?

It was not something that could be done just like that. Based on what 0541 had told him, Jiang Fei's current priority was to obtain digital information and materials to restore the data flow of the main body. Once that was done, 0541 was able to construct something from the laboratory that allowed Jiang Fei to fly around, like a small one-man flight unit which allowed long distance flight easily.

When Jiang Fei came back from the fight with the Japanese ninjas, it was day time and he felt a little tired. When he closed his eyes, he went into a deep slumber for some time. The mental strain was too much for him. Even though it was not the first time he had engaged in homicide activities, it was the first for him to engage in a fight with another Metahuman.

The fight with Tokugawa Nara was too soon for Jiang Fei's standards. For Jiang Fei, he was standing at knifepoint. When he was still at the nuclear power station, he did not feel much but when he came back and thought about the fight, he felt scared.

After a good sleep, Jiang Fei woke up in the late evening. He quickly headed down and had dinner with his mother before returning to his room. Without thinking too much about the past, Jiang Fei changed into his sleeping attire and logged into the game.

"Bro, where did you go? You've skipped school and didn't even logged into the game for two days!"

Zhao Feng's message popped up when Jiang Fei entered the game.

"I went out to do some other work," replied Jiang Fei vaguely. He was only a normal human without any special skills. Jiang Fei did not want to disturb his current reality.

"Hmph." Zhao Feng brushed it aside as if it was really none of his business.

"So, is there any fresh blood?" Jiang Fei asked about the guild's new recruits.

"No one special in particular. The guild had finished indexing all the members from the two guilds. Besides that… the territory construction is going smoothly… and uhm.. That's pretty much all of it."

"Okay then," Jiang Fei replied nonchalantly.

"OH! The teleportation circle thingy? Looks like the circle connecting Dawnlight to Twilight is completed!"

"When was that?" Jiang Fei asked.

"I think it was around yesterday. Happy Drunk and his lackeys had completed the entire quest. There is a problem though. We can teleport to Twilight but not the other way round. Those guys over there had not completed their quests. If we go there, we might not be coming back here for some time!" said Zhao Feng.

"Okay, I understand."

Jiang Fei did not really care about it since he had no plans to travel to Twilight City at the moment. The top two guilds in Twilight City had been flattened to the ground. If Jiang Fei wanted to launch an attack now, there was nothing to get from them. Might as well wait until there was actually something to gain.

Jiang Fei opened the Level Ranking Board and noted that he was still at the number one place. Seven Star Warrior was coming in close at the second place.

The last trip Jiang Fei took with them into the Secret Dungeon was profitable in terms of experience points. Basically everyone who had entered the Secret Dungeon was now enlisted in the Level Ranking Board. Chen Xi, who was at the second place was overthrown by Seven Star Warrior.

In fact, besides Seven Star Warrior, many others had risen up the ranking board.

Verdure Glider, Level 43

Seven Star Warrior, Level 41

Gale Eversummer, Level 40

Meaty Juggernaut, Level 40

Cold Feather Hee, Level 40

Little Rain, Level 40

Lady Casanova, Level 39

Night Shadow, Level 39

Demondawn Master, Level 39

Happy Drunk, Level 39

Six out of the top ten players in the Level Ranking Board was from the Empyreal Dragon and the top four players were dominated by them as well. At this point, Jiang Fei's guild popularity had far surpassed the Aristocrats. Even so, neither Happy Drunk nor Han Tianyu was feeling down about it. Especially Han Tianyu since they were brothers. He had said it before, he would not mind if the Aristocrats were given to Jiang Fei! Happy Drunk might have a say in it but it was all good since Jiang Fei had cleared rejected that notion. After Jiang Fei's feat of defeating three Jounins, Han Tianyu's likeability to Jiang Fei had risen even higher.

"Sister Rose, the guild is doing well I supposed?" asked Jiang Fei in a message to Rosette Rose.

"Huh? Oh my young master, you're alive! Here I thought that you've quit the game and left to be a monk!" said Rosette Rose sarcastically.

Even though Jiang Fei had entrusted her with the responsibility of the guild, he himself had disappeared for a few days. It was only natural for Rosette Rose to feel annoyed.

"Hoho! I'm actually busy with other work! It doesn't matter, does it? Since I am a fool in managing the guild! That's your forte! Not mine!" said Jiang Fei in a playful manner. He was rather enjoying it since the guild was still doing fine even without him being at the scene for a few days.

"That might be true but there's still some work for you to do! If you're too free, go around and find a Level 40 dungeon! That, or a good monster spawn point. Best if it's a Level 40 map. Almost everyone in the guild has reached Level 40. The average level now is 36 and in just one or two weeks, everyone would reach Level 40. Don't tell me you only want to start searching for a farming place then?"

"Okay… relax, I have got this!" Jiang Fei replied. Until this point, Jiang Fei had no idea that he needed to find a place with good monster spawns. Jiang Fei had never been training on random maps since he had always been grinding in dungeons.

Jiang Fei summoned Isabella out in the open and then went to the guild storage. There, he withdrew out more than twenty discarded Blue and Green equipment and fed them to the ring. 0541 was still waiting to decode the data. At that point, even though the restoration of the ring was only at 20%, the ring level up benefit was still the same as before. At the very least, he had gained more inventory slots! And a new ability!

Aside from the additional +20 Luck state, there was an extra ability during crafting an equipment. Besides the additional stat and skill, there was an additional option for Jiang Fei; a drop down menu that allowed Jiang Fei to choose the stats he wanted.

"WOAH! What's this?" Jiang Fei gasped and quickly made his assumptions.

Without wasting any more time, Jiang Fei sped towards the guild's territory Blacksmith Workshop with materials.

At the point of the guild territory construction, the Workshop bonus crafting success rate has increased by 2%.

"Let's try with the Black Tortoise Downfall!"

Jiang Fei then took a set of materials and started smithing.

"Ding! Equipment will now be added with an additional stat, please choose!"

With a clear system prompt, a drop-down menu appeared and it contained many kinds of skills of Level 2 and below! Since Jiang Fei was only an Intermediate Divine Blacksmith, he could only choose equipment skills of Level 2 or lower. Skills such as the Fear effect on the Black Dragon Scale was considered as higher level skill, which Jiang Fei was not opened to.

At the very least, he was able to choose the ability he wanted. There was no need to rely on the stupid @#%^@$ R.N.G for overpowered skills! That meant that every single equipment he crafted would never be of trash tier skills.


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