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"Trouble? To me you say? Show me!" said Jiang Fei with a smile. Although he did not believe that there would be a thing in the game that would bring him trouble.

"Very well my lord!" said Aurum Goose bitterly. He ignored the two brothers who were whispering something and proceeded toward Jiang Fei. The treasure might be precious but ever since they had acquired it, no one dared to use it. Leaving it in their care would also draw in trouble. Might as well gift this thing away when there was a chance.

"Please accept it," said Aurum Goose as he offered up a dull-looking box. It was a foot long but seemed light. Jiang Fei nodded to Isabella gesturing her to fetch it to him.


This time, a violet golden light flashed and Jiang Fei's widened his eyes.

"Damn. It's Holy tier!" Jiang Fei had never thought that these bandits would have such an item in their possession. A Holy-tier item was only one tier lower than a Celestial tier.

Bishop's Tomb (Map, Holy)

Use: Shows you the way to the Tomb of the Past Bishops.

Even though it was a Holy-tier item, the description of it was so short that even a White tier equipment would have had longer description. On the other hand, that short sentence carried so much meaning.

The first and most obvious one would the Tomb of Past Bishops. What was it? Could it be a map filled with bosses? Or perhaps treasures. Bishop. The highest authority in the Light Faction. All the predecessors must have something to leave behind when they were dead. And the fact that it was a tomb of the past bishops meant that there could be more than enough treasures. What could it be then? A map to a mountain full of treasures?

However, Aurum Goose's statement was true. Whoever possessed the map would have trouble seeking for them. Once the news about the map was exposed, the entire Light Faction would issue a manhunt to seek and destroy whoever held the map to their sacred bishop's resting place. Now Jiang Fei was only a normal player and not a real Dragon Knight, however, even a real Dragon Knight might declare an all-out war with him if he did not surrender the map.

Even when holding the piece of cloth in his hand, Jiang Fei displayed no fear. That was because Jiang Fei was in the Demon Faction. He and the Light Faction were natural enemies. Since they already had enmity toward his faction, a little extra enmity would not do much for him.

"This map. Not bad. I accept this!" said Jiang Fei with a smile.

"Phew…" All three brothers sighed in relief when they finally saw the great "Dragon Knight" smiling. When Aurum Goose handed over the map, he thought that the "Dragon Knight" would kill everyone in the mountain to keep the map a secret.

A typical Dragon Knight would be Level 90 Overlord tier. Note that Level 99 and a Level 90 Overlord tier were two different levels. To be able to ignore the threats of the Light Faction, the "Dragon Knight" in front of Aurum Goose must be the kind who had much higher Level than an average Dragon Knight.

At this point, Aurum Goose drew in a deep breath and slammed his head to the ground smashing it as he kowtowed to Jiang Fei.

"My lord! This useless one wishes to follow you! Please accept this useless one as your follower!" said Aurum Goose as loudly as he could. The two other brothers had immediately thought of the same thing and followed Aurum Goose's action, except they did not smashed their head to the ground under them.

It was only natural for the weak to follow the strong. When Aurum Goose knew that the great "Dragon Knight" was overwhelmingly strong, if he was indeed higher than Level 90, having a strong leader would never be bad for him.

"Hoho! Fine! I am moved by you and I shall accept you as my followers!" said Jiang Fei. Having an army of bandits in the Twilight City region would only be an advantage to Jiang Fei.

"My lord! I'm willing to offer my Soul Fire to you!" said Aurum Goose as he offered his everything. A person's Soul Fire is the base of one's life. If someone owned it, the original owner of the Soul Fire could never betray him.

It was the last thing that Aurum Goose could do then. If he had not, the Dragon Knight had every reason to reject him and might even remove them from this world. It was both a genuine offer as well as a mean to stay alive.

"Now is not the time for that!" said Jiang Fei as he stood up.

"When the time is right and the wind is calm, I shall return again, when the brothers are all strong," said Jiang Fei as he recited a poem. It was only an act to hide the fact that the brothers were too weak to even be considered as his followers.

The real reason why Jiang Fei had rejected their offer was that he had no capabilities to accept the Soul Fire. There was only one requirement to accept an NPC Soul Fire and that was to be of higher level than them. If Aurum Goose's Soul Fire was accept, it would rebound immediately. That would expose Jiang Fei's real identity and the three Lord tier Aurum brothers would surely chase Jiang Fei until the end of times for duping them.

"What..." said Aurum Goose a little disappointed. Even though the great "Dragon Knight" had not said it out, he had blatantly declared that the three brothers were too weak at the moment. They did not even have the requirement to be his underlings. They were merely Level 60 while the great "Dragon Knight" was at least Level 90.

"I understand my lord. Currently, I am not even worthy to be your follower! However, if my lord have any needs, do feel free to visit us anytime! My lord's wishes would be our command!" said Aurum Goose. Even though Jiang Fei had not accepted them, they would have a good relationship as long as Aurum Goose maintained a good rapport with him. Someday, the great "Dragon Knight" would return and accept them. By then, the Aurum Brothers would no longer have to hide in the mountains.

"I'll take my leave now. Behave yourselves!" said Jiang Fei as he stood up and lifted his cape. It was about time for him to leave as soon as possible to avoid any more unwanted development.

"Escort my lord to the exit!" said the three Aurum Brothers as they commanded their soldiers to march. Like Jiang Fei, they too wanted Jiang Fei to leave as soon as possible. As long as that killing machine was in their compound, there would never be peace!


At the small empty plaza outside the hall, Jiang Fei blew his whistle and summoned the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon. With a powerful roar, the dragon came from the sky and landed on the empty plaza.

"It's real!" All three Aurum brothers gasped at the sight of the dragon as Jiang Fei got up and mounted it.

The appearance of the dragon was so huge that it was bigger than a real dragon. When Jiang Fei and Isabella got up the dragon, the three Aurum brothers quickly bowed down as they were afraid at the sight of the dragon. The dragon was there in front of their eyes. Their doubts of Jiang Fei being a Dragon Knight were now gone.

Jiang Fei zoomed to the sky until he could only see the three Aurum brothers as dots instead of humans. At that point, more and more soldiers who were hiding in the forest had finally came back to the mountains.

"Let's go brothers. It is time for us to count our losses!" said Aurum Lion. Only when Jiang Fei had left, the eldest brother had dared to resume his role of the leader.

"The losses inflicted by that Dragon Knight must be accounted for! And we know exactly who to ask to pay the price!" said Aurum Elephant as he followed Aurum Lion into the hall.

"Hmph. Twilight. To think that they would send a Dragon Knight to exterminate us! We will crush your city and paint all the walls with the blood of your citizens!" cried Aurum Goose bitterly.
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