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After returning to Dawnlight City, Jiang Fei did the usual stuff. He brought the guild's main team to Dungeons or went out to look for a map that was suitable for Level 40 players to train. His days were way more leisurely compared to when he was in Twilight City.

After clearing Dungeons and training for the whole day, Jiang Fei's level finally increased from Level 43 to Level 44. After all, he had been stuck at Level 43 for several days. As a matter of course, he leveled up today.

Currently, the top five players on Dawnlight City's Level Ranking Board had reached Level 40. Other mainstream players were also around Level 38 and 39. Jiang Fei asked about Seven Stars Warrior and realized that this guy was almost Level 41.

After one game day was over, at 6 o'clock in the morning, Jiang Fei exited the game.

Jiang Fei had no idea what he did for the whole day in school. His mind was fully occupied as 0541 was almost done being repaired.

When Jiang Fei returned home after school, 0541's repairs were finally complete. Jiang Fei hurriedly ate a little bit of his dinner then rushed into his room. His mother shook her head when she saw this. Her son had gone crazy from studying too much. It seemed like she had to find time to talk to her son and help him strike a proper balance between studying and resting.

At this time, Jiang Fei could not care less about how his mother misunderstood the situation. After he got into his room, he immediately called out to 0541 in his heart.

"Captain, Braveheart's Intelligent Assistance System 0541 is at your service!" After the repair, 0541 became a lot more energetic.

"How is it? Has everything been repaired?" Jiang Fei asked.

"My main body has been fixed!" 0541 replied.

"Then, is it possible to make a few more pieces of equipment?" Jiang Fei asked immediately.

"No!" 0541 replied.

"What! You're repaired, aren't you?" 0541 almost made Jiang Fei angry. If he had known that repairing 0541 was useless, he would not have put in so much effort.

"The temporary factory that was used to produce military facilities has been wrecked, captain. In order to produce combat-related equipment, you have to either retrieve the weapon R&D Lab or other supporting military factories." 0541 replied.

"Then what do I need you for…" Jiang Fei rolled his eyes.

"Captain, as we have retrieved the civilian R&D lab, I can now produce a huge amount of civilian facilities. However, it's best to not mass produce because our energy problem has not been completely solved!" 0541 replied.

"So, you want me to retrieve a factory and look for more energy now? You ask me to do so much work, but you never let me produce anything! F*cking hell, are you helping me or am I helping you?" After he had put in so much effort, he still could not get anything good out of it. Hence, Jiang Fei was a little unhappy.

"Captain, I'm just providing you with the best solution. The decision is still in your hands. If you insist on mass production, I will still execute your order. However, this might have a negative impact on your future development!" 0541 gave a programmed response.

"Forget it, I was just complaining. Let me hear your suggestion!" Jiang Fei shook his head.

"In order to facilitate your search of Braveheart's weapon R&D lab and engine room, I suggest you build a small aircraft!" 0541 said.

"Oh?! Do you have enough energy?" Jiang Fei asked.

"If we're talking about a single-person aircraft, we currently have enough energy," 0541 said.

"What kind of aircraft?" Jiang Fei asked curiously.

"According to the database of the civilian R&D Lab, there are currently two options. One is a suspension vehicle and the other is an Anti-gravity Hoverboard!" Following 0541's voice, Jiang Fei's ring projected images of two aircraft.

The suspension vehicle was a classic car without wheels. It looked very retro. On the contrary, the Anti-gravity Hoverboard looked simpler. It looked like a silver-plated surfboard, but it was more compact.

"It's so ugly…" This was Jiang Fei's first reaction after he saw the two extraterrestrial technology products.

"Err… captain, you don't have to worry about the appearance. It can be changed…" Jiang Fei's reaction was out of 0541's expectations.

"Oh? How?" Jiang Fei asked.

"If it's purely changing the appearance, you can almost change it in any way you wish!" Following 0541's voice, the images of the two aircraft that were projected by the ring began to change. Suspension vehicles with various different designs appeared before Jiang Fei. This time, 0541 picked out designs that young people favored more, like sports cars.

The Anti-gravity Hoverboard next to the suspension vehicle varied even more. One moment, it was disc-shaped, the next moment, it became square. Once, it even changed into a flying carpet, something that only appeared in fantasy movies.

"Wait! Change the skateboard back into that previous look!" Suddenly, Jiang Fei's eyes sparkled with excitement.

Swoosh! The projection of the suspension vehicle disappeared. Only the projected image of the Anti-gravity Hoverboard was left and its appearance had also returned to the design that Jiang Fei was thinking of.

It was a giant sword about one and a half meters long and about one and a half feet wide. It looked ferociously gorgeous and glimmered with cold light.

"Is this design possible too?" Jiang Fei asked excitedly.

"Of course, it's just a change in appearance. In essence, it's still an Anti-gravity Hoverboard!" 0541 answered.

"Alright! This one, then!" Jiang Fei instantly decided.

Every Chinese boy probably had a sword-flying dream. Although becoming a sword god was only a legend, Jiang Fei could achieve this dream today.

He clearly knew it was fake. This so-called sword was actually a technological product and it was just a means of transport that was in no way related to combat power. Even so, this did not get rid of Jiang Fei's excitement.

"Captain, your wish is my command!" 0541 nodded.

"How long will it take to complete?" Jiang Fei could not wait any longer. The idea of "sword-flying" made him feel all tingly inside.

"Estimated production time is eight hours! Captain, when you exit the game tomorrow, the Anti-gravity Hoverboard will be ready to use!" 0541 replied.

"Good! Good! Good!" Jiang Fei said "good" three times in a row, which showed how excited he was this time.

"Older brother Yu… help me get leave from school tomorrow and tell my parents some excuse. I've to go to my master's place for a while!" After he calming down, Jiang Fei gave Han Tianyu a call.

After getting the "god sword" tomorrow, the first thing Jiang Fei wanted to do was go and try it out. 0541 only produced this single-person aircraft to make it easier for him to look for other Braveheart fragments anyway. So, since he now had transportation, there was no excuse for Jiang Fei to always stay at home.

"Don't worry! Leave it to me!" Of course, Han Tianyu would not refuse Jiang Fei's request. Moreover, hearing that Jiang Fei was going to look for his "Level 5" master, Han Tianyu did not even dare to ask for the details.

After everything was properly planned, Jiang Fei logged onto the game excitedly.
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