The Almighty Ring
386 Unavoidable Disaster
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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386 Unavoidable Disaster

"woof, woof, woof…"

"roar, roar…"

amid the barking noise, the bio-experimental hounds began attacking the young lady in the center of the field!

jiang fei sighed. it was certain that there would be nothing left of the young lady but bones like the mutant before her after the hounds were done eating her body.

"ahh!" a pitiful cry came out from the young lady's mouth. jiang fei immediately felt a sharp pain in the back of his head!

"alert! alert! the captain's body is showing signs of oddity! immediately shelter him from the disturbing soundwaves!"

jiang fei could hear 0541's voice resonating in his head. quickly thereafter, a transparent protective shield formed around jiang fei. jiang fei was no longer able to hear the pitiful cries!


after three short seconds, jiang fei saw blood spurting out from the heads of the japanese researchers. it was as if their heads were like watermelons that had been smashed opened by a hammer!

"d*mn it…" jiang fei felt cold sweat trickle down all over his body. if not for 0541's quick reflexes, he would have ended up like the researchers!

"captain, i suggest you move away from the battlefield immediately. the emergency shield activation earlier had used up a tremendous amount of energy. if you were to be attacked again, i might end up finishing all of the energy!" 0541 said.

"this…" jiang fei said hesitantly. to be honest, he wanted to continue watching what happened next. however, it was very difficult to obtain the energy for 0541. he did not want to waste the remaining energy!

"alright!" after due considerations, jiang fei decided to get away from this dangerous young lady!

"roar!" just as jiang fei was about to leave, the vicious hounds had already arrived in front of the young lady. these vicious hounds were clearly much more resilient than humans. therefore, although blood was also spilling out from their noses and mouths, their heads were not crushed!

"get away from me! i hate all of you!" this was the first time the young lady had spoken. as she was using proper english instead of japanese, jiang fei was still able to understand what she said.

however, the young lady's loud shouting clearly did not have any effect. the injured hounds were still charging toward her.

"disgusting! don't come near me!" the young lady subconsciously waved her hand. a ray of blue lightning suddenly projected from her arm onto the hound directly in front of her!


in an instant, the bio-experimental hound turned into ashes after being zapped by the lightning current! the blue lightning did not stop there. after coming into contact with the first bio-experimental hound, it moved on to the second hound which was also instantly turned into ashes! the blue lightning bounced continuously from one hound to the next until nearly all thirty of the hounds had been killed!

"d*mn! she's so strong!" jiang fei's jaw nearly dropped to the ground as he was shocked by the young lady's outstanding performance!

something even more shocking was about to happen!

after the young lady projected the lightning attack, her feet lifted from the ground and she slowly floated upward in the air!

these bio-experimental hounds clearly did not have ranged abilities, therefore they could only bark furiously beneath the young lady who had flown into the air!

buzz! an invisible energy wave began emanating from the young lady's body.

"alert! alert! an extremely strong soul energy attack has been detected! activating emergency defense system!" 0541's warning could be heard.


a similar invisible energy wave had formed around jiang fei. however, the energy wave was barely able to protect him from the energy waves remnants of the young lady's attack!

"d*mn, what is going on?" jiang fei asked confusedly.

"captain, please retreat immediately! i do not have sufficient energy to withstand any other form of attack!" 0541's voice sounded panicky. the energy jiang fei had previously harvested for 0541 was almost used up by 80% after the two previous attacks he received!

"alright!" jiang fei did not hesitate any further as he immediately turned around to run. whilst running away, he glanced at the battlefield behind him from the corners of his eyes.

after being swept by the energy waves, the bio-experimental hounds seemed to be domiciled somewhat. they all lied on the floor obediently and continuously whimpered as if they were pet dogs trying to please their master!

"d*mn! is this the legendary soul energy attack?" jiang fei was greatly surprised. if not for 0541's protection, he would probably have become this young lady's slave!

as he thought of this, he did not even dare to turn his head around as he ran forward. right then, he did not even care about taking over the bio-experimental laboratory. there was nothing more important than life itself!

"0541, what kind of capabilities does this young lady have?" jiang fei asked as he was running away.

"according to the human classification, she is considered a level 5 metahuman!" 0541 replied.

"d*mn. this is how the legendary level 5 metahuman looks like!" jiang fei wiped his cold sweat away whilst running. although he had seen level 4 metahuman like old man hai, the expert martial artist from hua xia, and human torch shroder, who were all significantly stronger than jiang fei, they were still humans in the eyes of jiang fei. however, the young lady clearly had capabilities beyond a normal human!

the young lady's strengths were beyond jiang fei's understanding!

"this is not good!" 0541's voice could be heard once again.

"what's the matter?" jiang fei felt like he could not take any more surprises.

"the human life form is decreasing in the bio-experimental laboratory!" 0541 said.

"speak in a human language!" jiang fei was about to turn mad. he did not have the patience to translate 0541's words into a normal language.

"that means the humans in the bio-experimental laboratory are dying off one by one… you are the only one left now!" 0541 said hastily.

buzz! a bright white light flashed before jiang fei's eyes!

the bio-experimental girl suddenly appeared before him out of nowhere!

"d*mn!" jiang fei quickly stopped in his tracks. he nearly ran into the young lady while he was running away!

seeing the full whites of the young lady's eyes, jiang fei could feel goosebumps appearing all over his body. for someone facing a level 5 metahuman who was hell-bent on killing all humans, jiang fei was doing quite well by not peeing in his pants!

"you! die!" the young lady murmured two simple english words which nearly made jiang fei's soul flutter out of his body!

0541 had spent nearly 80% of the energy it contained to block the young lady's remnant energy waves. now that jiang fei was facing the invincible level 5 metahuman directly, he was bound to die!

as he saw the young lady raise his hands, jiang fei was certain that his life was over. although he had a few other potions and equipment with him, those items were all futile against a single strike for this metahuman. once the lightning is emitted from the young lady, there was no way jiang fei could survive!

jiang fei was not the only one who felt helpless in this situation. even the supreme artificial intelligence, 0541, was unable to determine if jiang fei was able to survive the incoming attack. all in all, jiang fei was facing an unavoidable disaster!

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