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"Regroup now and get on with the defense!" the Iron-Blood Alliance commanding officer decreed as the approaching army of Empyreal Dragon and The Aristocrats were pushing strong.

Currently, if the entire battlefield was a painting, it would be a touching scene that rivaled the scene of Spartans attacking. The army that had an advantageous number was being forced to be on the defense while the little army was on the offense!

The Iron-Blood Alliance commanding officer made the decision to go with the flow. There was nothing he could do when the enemy had a Forbidden Spell in hand. Twilight City players may have won in number but they lacked the resolve and the morale to fight and repel the enemy. Prolonged, they might even lose the war before the enemy even used their trump card.

"Hmm. The enemy commander must have never seen an actual Forbidden Spell before!" Billy Boy laughed. If he had witnessed how Isabella used her "partial" Forbidden Spell, the enemy commander would never have had his army be so tightly grouped together.

However, Billy Boy's thoughts was not entirely accurate. Even though Iron-Blood Alliance was playing on the defensive side, the commanding officer was smart enough to move his army into a valley and not remain in an open field. If he had, he would be lining his army to the slaughter house.

On the other hand, if he had chosen to spread his army out, it would minimize the total damage done by the Forbidden Spell. However, it would only give the enemy a chance to weed out the weak ones.

Then again, in that battle field, dying would not result in players losing their level or even dropping their equipment. Hence, the Iron-Blood Alliance commanding officer came up with a plan. He was planning to sacrifice one large group of players to take the hit of the Forbidden Spell and to retaliate after that. Since the black dragon could only use its Forbidden Spell once, the Iron-Blood Alliance commanding officer had concluded that he could still somehow make a comeback with his army of numbers.

It was indeed a good idea for Iron-Blood Alliance. However, the problem was that Isabella was not the only one who could use Forbidden Spell.

"Front army, take a knee and prepare for a massive assault!" said Billy Boy when they were roughly 500 meters away from the enemy's base camp. 

Billy Boy turned to Little Rain and sent him a private message.

"Rejoice, my boy. I could see that you have been suppressing your urge for so long. It is time for you to show the world what you're capable of!"

At this moment, only Jiang Fei, Seven Star Warrior, Billy Boy, and Zhao Feng knew about Little Rain's Forbidden Spell!

"Hehehehe!" Little Rain laughed. He had been trying his best to keep the secret of the Forbidden Spell to himself. Not even his own little sister, Gale Eversummer, knew about him owning a Forbidden Spell! 

After all this time, he could finally unleash the devastating power of his Forbidden Spell!

Apocalyptic Flame: Summons the flame from the heart of the world. Choose anywhere within 1,000 meters. Deals 1,000% magic damage to an area of 100 meters diameter. Inflicts Burn, dealing 5% maximum health points as damage per second to all targets within the effective range. Lasts for 30 seconds. Cast time: 5 minutes. Mana Cost: 60,000

The potency of Little Rain's Forbidden Spell was not as strong as Isabella's. First, the skill's area of effect was only a circle of 100 meters in diameter. Even if the enemy were all grouped up like sardines in a can, the skill would only hit a maximum of 50,000 players. Isabella was able to hit over 200,000 players!

Secondly, the damage dealt was far weaker as well. However, against a player, 1,000% magic attack was strong enough to instant kill a tank!

In the surface level, the two Forbidden Spells were on a whole other level. However, a player's Forbidden Spell had growth potential unlike NPC's.

First and foremost, players would be able to further enhance their Forbidden Spell through equipment enhancement. Some higher tier equipment had a special effect to increase the range or even area of effect of a Forbidden Spell. This sort of growth potential was non-existent for NPCs.

Secondly, a player's Forbidden Spell did not have a cooldown period! Even though their Mana cost was absurdly high, a player would only take up to 1 hour or 30 minutes to fully recover one's Mana gauge. An NPC would have to wait for several hours or even a week to wait for the cooldown to end!

Little Rain was hidden among the crowd of players when he cast his spell. From the perspective of the enemy, he was practically invisible. However, the longer he cast, the more the surroundings were affected and players that were sensitive to changes noticed it immediately.

The surrounding temperature was slowly rising and the air was drying up by the second. Five minutes cast time was not short but since it was the first time anyone felt this effect, no one knew that the surrounding changes were leading to a Forbidden Spell!

Part of Twilight City players were in a fervor, however, their attention was focused on Jiang Fei and the beautiful girl that was by his side. Once she changed into her dragon form, everyone would immediately scram. No one would expect that the danger was not her alone!

"Get ready!"

Billy Boy noticed that Little Rain was about to finish his casting. Little Rain was position nicely at the front lines where the tanks and the magicians were grouped together. Once the tank and magicians were eliminated, he could easily attack on without interruption. By then, the healers and the ranged attackers would be slaughtered like pigs!

"Apocalyptic Flame!"

A fist-sized fireball flew out of Little Rain's palm. Its size made it look far weaker than a fireball cast by the weakest magician in the game. However, with lightning speed, it flew across the field to somewhere 700 meters away from where Little Rain was. It was a range exceeding any class ever!

"What is that?" the Iron-Blood Alliance commanding officer cried when he noticed the fireball was not hitting any player as it flew across the map.

"I don't know…"

No one knew what it was. All they know that it could not be something menial.


In the midst of charging, players noticed the little fireball coming toward them. However, the fireball evaded the players instead of hitting them. Until one point. The ball of flames stopped and just hit the ground, disappearing into nothingness. Nothing happened for some time and everyone thought it was just a fluke.

After a while, the ground shook violently underneath their feet. Fissures started to crack open from where the little fireball had disappeared. No sooner, a bright golden light started to leak out of the ground.

"Not good! Magicians! Use your Magic Shields! Everyone else, get to cover!" cried the Iron-Blood Alliance commanding officer. He had no idea what was going on and he could only pray things did not escalate further.

Every magician in the vicinity activated their shields and even the priest had Managed to cast barriers on the warriors and melee attackers. However, it was too late for them.


A giant pillar of fire came out bursting from the group, soaring to the sky. In a split second, another giant pillar fire came out bursting. Like an uncontrollable chain reaction, pillars of fire started bursting out. It was as if the devil himself has struck the earth from hell with spears of flames!

Little Rain had been tagging along with Jiang Fei in dungeon runs. His equipment was good. He had even Managed to upgrade his equipment to Level 40 recently! Even though they were Green grade set equipment, it was the Phoenix's Downfall! Why else would he have discarded his Violet grade equipment.

His magic attack was already strong. With 1,000% magic attack, the damage dealt was undeniably powerful. When the first pillar of fire burst out, the magicians who had their barriers erected had depleted all their Mana gauge. When the second pillar burst, they were all instantly killed, so were the tanks. No one was able to survive past the second pillar. Only those that were originally at the edge of the area of effect were able to somehow escape death by getting out just in time. The rest of the unfortunate players perished before the Forbidden Spell could even finish its entire spell effect. The total death count had easily reached over tens of thousands.
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