The Almighty Ring
399 General’s Medal
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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399 General’s Medal

"ding! the outpost of twilight city has been destroyed! 3,000 honor points has been awarded to all players of dawnlight city!"

an announcement was made when jiang fei and seven star warrior had killed the general. at the same time, all dawnlight city players had received a permanent buff. experience gained from monsters was increased by 5% and item drop rate was increased by 10%.

jiang fei and seven star warrior, being the only two players who fought the boss, had received a massive amount of experience points, allowing them to instantly gain a level.

at that point, jiang fei had reached level 45, leaving him with only four more levels before reaching level 49 to use the abyss crystal.

the rewards did not stop there. once the boss dropped to the ground, there were items for jiang fei to loot.

the first item shined with a golden hue.

general's medal (accessory, legendary)

vitality +100

equip: grants a passive skill, aura of leadership. increases attack and defense by 5% to all allied players within 100 meters.

equip: grants a passive skill, unflinching. reduces all incoming damage by 20%. effect stackable with other damage reduction skills.

equip requirement: major general rank.

"hoho. lookey here! you want this?" asked jiang fei. the accessory was powerful but the requirement was just too much.

even though jiang fei was performing well today, he was not able to reach that rank. in fact, there was no one in the guild who had the requirement to put on the medal. even little rain who had just killed a few tens of thousands of players was only promoted to senior colonel. he was one rank to major general.

the game designers had made the boss to be able to be killed when the average player level reaches between 50 to 60. by then, most of the pvp enthusiasts would have already reached major general ranks.

jiang fei and seven star warrior's combination had broken the game's design. having defense ignore attack attribute and superior lifesteal effects, the level 60 boss was able to be killed by a pair of level 40 players.

even though the item did not have a level requirement, the ranking requirement was too high. currently, no average player could reach that level anytime soon.

"i don't need it. i think you should give it to billy boy. the guy might be interested in it!" said seven star warrior nonchalantly. currently, his rank was second lieutenant. it would take them at least a month of constant fighting in this map to reach lieutenant general, which, quite frankly, was a waste of time.

"quite true. the only person who would and could use this would be billy boy!" jiang fei nodded his head in agreement. even though little rain was rising in ranks fast, the item was not suitable for a magician. on the other hand, billy boy could gain the rank of major general very fast if he used commander's mode in his party configuration while leading a large group of players to kill in this map.

the second item dropped from the boss was a quest item. enemy general's head.

it was the boss's severed head. this item was used to submit a quest which in turn would reward the player with a good amount of honor points. at best, the amount could increase a player's rank from zero to lieutenant colonel.

"meh, give it to billy boy!" said seven star warrior as he rolled his eyes. even though the boss was killed by jiang fei and seven star warrior, this type of boss that spawned in the battlefield map would most likely, not drop any useful equipment. he was not like billy boy, hence, he did not care about ranks.

"okay then. since things had turned out this way, if i could get my hands on a good accessory recipe, you'll be the first to receive a powerful accessory!" said jiang fei in an attempt to console the poor fellow.

due to the fact that jiang fei and seven star warrior were able to defeat the enemy's general easily, the worry he had for his own city's general grew much more. he could only hope that his own general was just as powerful as the enemy's. in the near future, he could at least have some time to prepare for defense and not worry about his general being killed.

the outpost general had ridiculous attack power. killing players at random would even restore his health. if players were not cooperative enough, come a million players, the boss would wipe them all out. the more the boss killed, the higher the damage he would deal, making him harder to kill. this kind of boss that could gain damage and restore health by killing would require an elite team of players instead of a sea of players to fight.

"i'll leave anything that is related to the battlefield in your hands. if there's anyone in the guild who prefers pvp, take them in!" said jiang fei to billy boy after he passed the severed head and the general's medal to billy boy.

"are you going to leave?" asked billy boy when he noticed that jiang fei was preparing to summon his dragon.

"yeah. if i had the time, i would rather spend them farming levels instead of player's head."

jiang fei nodded and bid him farewell. at this point, his priority was placed on farming levels to use the abyss crystal as soon as possible. imagine how one would feel when jiang fei reached level 59 from level 49 in a blink of an eye!?

with the current player's average level and strength, it was close to impossible for anyone to raid another city's camp or outpost. hence, jiang fei was confident to place the responsibility of guarding dawnlight city's outpost to billy boy.

when jiang fei returned to the main world, jiang fei took isabella and roamed the map. he was looking for the perfect level 40 level farming spot for the guild. he had also sent a message to smart tomato, looking for information about level 40 dungeons to buy.

when jiang fei reached level 40 and above, farming levels through monsters in the field was too inefficient. if he did, it would take him more than ten hours a day, for several days to gain a level. it was so long and boring, not to mention repetitive that it would bore him to death.

with his capabilities, the best and fastest way to farm levels would be solo raiding a dungeon. sadly, bottom of the bloodpool was too weak for him now. the experience gained from that dungeon was too low. hence, he decided to spend some time and effort to find a proper dungeon or even better, a secret dungeon.

early in the morning, jiang fei logged out and left the house after breakfast. this time around, jiang fei did not go to school. he found an internet cafe to search for europe's uranium mines.

this sort of information was not discreet. a simple quick search on the internet would reveal the largest deposit of uranium in europe and 0541 recorded its position.

uranium mines were important but harvesting uranium was no easy task. there were not the same as gold mines as thieves could easily sneak in and steal a few. uranium mines were closely guarded as it was dangerous to get close to. without high-security clearance and protection, you could die before you even reach the mining zone.

the position of the mines was not a tightly kept secret. unless you had military-grade protection and trained professionals, mining uranium would be suicide.

"i'll have to find some time to visit that place. if you think you could get away by stealing my ship, i could get away by stealing all of your precious uranium!"

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