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The boss battle began when Jiang Fei launched Wild Charge at the boss.

The second boss was stronger than the first boss in all aspects. However, other than the instant death skill, all the other skills posed no threat to Jiang Fei and Isabella.

Soon, the boss's Health Points dropped to less than 50%. At the same time, Vena Ghost's body emitted golden light and an abnormal status appeared above Isabella's head.

Commandment: No overstepping the limits during the ordination period, otherwise it will bring about severe punishment.

"Bella, stop!" Jiang Fei shouted. By then, Isabella had already turned around, her back facing the boss. Her upcoming attacks were also interrupted because she changed directions.

"Phew!" Jiang Fei sighed in relief. The duration of Commandment was only ten seconds. So, once the time was up, Isabella could continue to attack the boss.

"Fortunately, this kind of skill prioritizes the boss's current target. If the boss used the skill on me instead, it would be really troublesome!" Jiang Fei was very glad that he had such a powerful pet like Isabella. If it really was a solo battle, the boss would definitely put this Commandment status on him as there were no other choice.

Jiang Fei could also turn away from the boss and stop attacking. However, this skill of the boss was not a channeling skill. After casting, the boss would still continue to attack Jiang Fei. Moreover, Jiang Fei would not be able to fight back. He would not be able to Lifesteal or even drink Potions, as these actions would generate aggro.

If he could not attack, Jiang Fei would not be able to heal himself through Lifestealing. In that case, he would die under the boss's hands in less than ten seconds.

However, because of Isabella's existence, Jiang Fei did not have to worry about this. The boss would prioritize the enemy in front of it when unleashing this skill. So, as long as Isabella reacted promptly, the two of them would not face any danger at all.

After about a minute or so, the boss's Health Points dropped to zero. The boss did not manage to use Death Cane on anyone from the beginning until the end.

"Ding! You have eliminated Vera Ghost. Obtained 180,000 Experience Points. Obtained 500 gold coins!"

"Ehh?" Jiang Fei was surprised when he flipped the boss's corpse. He did not expect that a boss in a Normal difficulty Dungeon would drop such a good equipment with decent attributes.

Holy Rosary (Necklace, Excellent)

Physical Attack +425

Strength: +35

Vitality: +40

Equipment: Allows you to acquire the skill—Divine Shield. Allows you to immediately enter an invincible state, gaining immunity to attacks and Disabling skills. The effect lasts for fifteen seconds. Five minutes cooldown time.

Remarks: Divine Shield can be activated immediately in any state! Removes all abnormal statuses immediately after activation.

Level Requirement: 40

"Not bad! Equipment with invincible skills are rare!" Jiang Fei smiled and kept the necklace. With this equipment, he did not have to be afraid of getting stunned anymore.

Needless to say, the remaining three pieces of Green equipment were immediately disassembled into Enhancement Materials. Unfortunately, Jiang Fei had no Enhancement Recipes now. Otherwise, he would have already enhanced his equipment.

After getting a new necklace, Jiang Fei replaced his original one. This resulted in a 15% decrease in Attack Speed. However, as he now had an invincible skill, his own safety was more secured.

After his Attack Speed was reduced, Jiang Fei found it easier to grasp the timing of Weakness Exploit. Although his damage per second would decrease, it was not too significant.

"Let's continue!" After changing equipment, Jiang Fei's Health Points increased significantly. His Attack Power had also increased quite a bit. Although his Attack Speed was decreased, the damage of every single basic attack and skill attack had increased.

After killing the second boss, the monsters ahead were still Bhikkhu Ghosts, but the number of monsters in each group had increased. Small groups had fifteen to sixteen monsters, while the numbers in big groups went up to twenty-seven or twenty-eight.

"Hehe, in two days, when most of the players reach Level 40, this Dungeon will definitely make them suffer!" Jiang Fei thought to himself. If it was a guild team that had good teamwork, it would still be fine. However, the average parties made up of random pub players would definitely not be able to handle it smoothly. This Dungeon's bosses and small monsters were definitely more than what those pub players could handle.

"Hey! Come on!" Jiang Fei used the same tactic as usual. He ran around to generate the aggro of all the monsters, causing chaos among the monsters in the Dungeon.

About 300 or 400 monsters tailed behind Jiang Fei. When Jiang Fei stopped moving, the monsters that surrounded him were so tightly packed together that not even a drop of water could get through them.

God's Wrath!




After changing equipment, Jiang Fei's skill damage increased greatly. All the surrounding monsters were instantly killed. Jiang Fei's screen was once again filled with Experience Points notifications.

"Ding! Congratulations Player Verdure Glider for reaching Level 46! All Attributes +1! Gained 5 Undistributed Attribute Points!"

"Hahaha! Nice!" Jiang Fei laughed. He had already leveled up once after killing the Battlefield boss yesterday. He did not expect that he would level up again today in this Dungeon.

Seeing that he now had nearly 51,000 Health Points and around 3,200 Attack Power, Jiang Fei nodded with satisfaction. Although his Attack Power was lower than other attackers with Blue grade weapons, once he stacked Ruthless Barrage, he would have almost 10,000 Attack Power. At that time, he would become invincible. Jiang Fei even felt like using the Teleportation Point to get to Saintlight City just to look for Cosmic Dragon for a rematch.

Cosmic Dragon's arrogant face was still fresh in Jiang Fei's memory. Now, Jiang Fei could not wait to see the look on Cosmic Dragon's face when he gets smashed by Jiang Fei's hammer and dies instantly.

Now, however, the first thing that was about to feel the wrath of Jiang Fei's hammer was not Cosmic Dragon, but the third boss of this Dungeon. Jiang Fei had already cleared all the small monsters. Only the boss alone was standing in front of Jiang Fei.

Chief Monk of the Temple of Deities and Demons (Specter, Empowered Leader)

Level: 45

Health Points: 750,000

Magic Attack Power: 6,800

Skills: Summon Samanera, Summon Bhikkhu, Exorcism, Chant.

Summon Samanera: The Chief Monk of the Temple of Deities and Demons immediately summons nine close-knit small Samaneras to help in the battle.

Summon Bhikkhu: The Chief Monk of the Temple of Deities and Demons immediately summons nine close-knit Bhikkhus to help in the battle.

Exorcism: The small Samaneras and Bhikkhus will not die before the Chief Monk of the Temple of Deities and Demons dies, and their Attack Power is doubled.

Chant: Raises the morale of the monks around the Chief Monk of the Temple of Deities and Demons, increases their Attack Speed by 30%!

Remarks: The final boss of the Normal difficulty Temple of Deities and Demons. The body of the Chief Monk of the Temple of Deities and Demons did not rot after his death due to unknown reasons. Turned into a zombie, he now attacks any intruders that dare step foot into the Temple of Deities and Demons!

"F*ck! It's no wonder that the final boss's Attack Power is not as high as the previous two bosses. This guy is a summoner-type boss! Plus, he can summon eighteen monsters at once. What the hell? Was the creator of this boss inspired by 18 Bronzemen?" Jiang Fei cursed inwardly.
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