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Half an hour later, Jiang Fei could literally feel his qi pool filled to the brim. He clenched his fist and channeled qi energy to his arm. At that moment, his entire fist was covered with a white visible cloud of energy.

Excited, Jiang Fei punched his fist toward the sky.

Unfortunately, instead of ripping itself apart and clouds bursting away, literally nothing happened to the sky. The energy that was enveloping Jiang Fei's hand stayed the same.

"Captain, your current level is only attack and defense increase. It would seem that you would need some form of skill set to be able to utilize the energy inside of you to strike an enemy far away."

"Huh. Do you have anything of that sort?"

"There would be information about skill books of that matter in the main data library of Braveheart. However, it is likely that that main data library was destroyed during the crash. There is a possibility of recovery if you decide to scour the world for its wreckage."

"Could you just make one skill book from the game?" said Jiang Fei.

"Theoretically, it is a possibility but it requires the calculation of a powerful computer to generate and decipher such data. My current level of computing is insufficient as it is only a backup model. The Braveheart Data Management Center, currently still at large, should not have a problem in calculating and computing such data."

Jiang Fei sighed heavily whenever 0541 explained its inability to do anything without the other parts of the ship. How and when on Earth would he be able to find the other parts of the ship? Suddenly, he had an idea, if he could not make 0541 create a skill book, what about the ones from China Martial Artist Alliance?

"Theoretically, it is possible for you to gain such a skill set from the aforementioned sources. Your current energy is the most basic system. Such energy has no attributes which basically means that you can use it for almost all sort of skill sets. The downside of it is the potency of the output power."

"I see," said Jiang Fei happily. Finding the lost parts of the ship or the Data Management Center were tasks that depended highly on luck. On the other hand, heading to the China Martial Artist Alliance was something that was completely doable.

When he was in the Hidden Dragon Village, Jiang Fei had sent a complete list of all items that could be exchanged for Contribution Points. There were plenty of skills that required Qi to train. Before gaining a Qi pool, Jiang Fei was not interested in those skill books. Now, he was a different man and it was about time for him to pick up those skills.

Even though those skill books would require a good number of Contribution points, Jiang Fei did not fear it since he could easily produce potions and Ant Milk to exchange for points.

"Right, I should talk to Old Hai when I have the chance and get one or two skill books!"

While Jiang Fei was enjoying his time, entire Europe, the Luminous Vatican, and the entire society of Metahumans was rattled.

The main cause of this event was one simple report by Cazask. In that report, there was a man named Zhuge Shanzhen, a China Martial Artist. The name was reported being sighted to use the legendary Sword Gliding skill and was identified as a true Level 5 fighter.

In a blink of an eye, the news about a Level 5 fighter spread through the world. It was a Level 5 fighter. A legendary existence. It was almost a rare sighting as a young maiden in her undergarment! Everyone knew what it looked like just not with their own eyes.

Rumors had always been circulating about the existence of a Level 5 Metahuman but no one had ever ascertained that fact! Hence, when Zhuge Shanzhen came out, the entire Metahuman community was rattled.

The one that took it most seriously was the Luminous Vatican of Europe. In Cazask's report, they had accidentally wronged the great Level 5 master even though it was the fault of a Japanese prick. Cazask and anyone associated with him was wronged fully blamed.

The Pope was greatly displeased of what had happened. In public, he had always declared himself as one of the legendary Level 5 Metahuman. However, he knew that he was merely the pinnacle of a Level 4 Metahuman. He was only able to defeat other Metahuman with special tools. Not even he had that level of confidence to face off with an actual Level 5 Metahuman. 

Even though he had lost one of the priceless Uranium mines, it pained him to say that he would be challenging a god if he dared to even find this Zhuge Shanzhen to have him pay the damage.

"Fine. This should be the price of a valuable lesson," said the Pope as he gave up any plans to fix the problem.

"Your Holiness, there has to be a way to fix this. This cannot be let go even though we were partially involved!" said a red-robed Bishop.

"Right you are. Contact Cazask and tell him if the Japanese want to buy Uranium, they would have to buy it a hundred times the price! The payment that we have received from a batch of Uranium will be accepted as compensation. No more minerals would be given out to them!"

At this point, the Pope's hate for the Japanese had grown so much.. Cazask's report contained the meeting room's recording and they had proof that it was that Japanese bugger who had instigated the fight. It did not matter if he had died. The problem was that he was the root of the problem.

The red-robed bishops sighed heavily. They knew that the Pope was having a bad moment but increasing the price of Uranium by a hundred times would mean that the Japanese would not be buying from them. It was a loss for them as well. Not to mention that there were only very few Uranium mines left. However, a lesson was learned here, that is the Japanese could not be trusted, even for a simple transaction.

The Metahuman community had strings attached to almost all corners of the world. Even though they were still very few confidential information that they could not get their hands on, the news about Zhuge Shanzhen was rather public.

The appearance of a Level 5 Martial Artist had spread faster in the Metahuman community, especially since some of them could communicate via telepathy. It was important since they would want every single bit of information regarding the China Martial Artist.

Since Jiang Fei had mentioned to Old Hai about his master being Zhuge Shanzhen a very long time ago, when the news had finally reached the China Martial Artist Alliance, they immediately drew a conclusion.

The mysterious Level 5 master of Jiang Fei's had been identified. Whenever Jiang Fei's name was mentioned, everyone would know that he was the youngest Level 4 Martial Artist with an unknown Level 5 master supporting him. Now, the word "unknown" could be removed from context.

The Sword Gliding technique, as well as the ability to remove a mountain of Uranium in an instant, was something no ordinary Metahuman could achieve. That would mean that Zhuge Shanzhen had reached a level that would explain the prowess of a Level 5.

Jiang Fei's journey to Europe had earned him a good haul. Not only had he obtained a ridiculous amount of raw energy for the ring, he had also managed to create a solid "background" of himself. Next time, whenever someone tried to fight Jiang Fei, they would have to reconsider since he was supported by a Level 5 master.

If his identity was not known, people might still take a chance and go for it. However, the identity and capabilities had been revealed. Unless there was a way to completely suppress information, having his master know about Jiang Fei's defeat would definitely anger the gods.
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