The Almighty Ring
416 Easy Peasy Dungeon’s A Breezy
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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416 Easy Peasy Dungeon’s A Breezy

in the first few seconds, the boss was completely overwhelmed by jiang fei's attacks. before the boss could even activate any skill, jiang fei had already whacked 10% of his health points.

buddha's deafening roar!


the skill damage was nothing significant but the silence effect was a little annoying. to jiang fei, it only meant a 2-second delay in activating his skills. usually, he would just attack normally especially since his attack had the ignore defense effect. once he had ruthless barrage stacked, each hit could deal more than 20,000 damage!

the only downside of having a large sickle was that it was just too large and heavy. he was not able to activate weakness exploit as easily as before, hence, making fewer critical hits than usual.

even so, since his attacks ignored all defense values, fighting a boss was really a breeze. in thirty seconds, the boss had already lost 30% of his health points.

demon subduing staff technique!




three consecutive strikes landed on jiang fei. the attack was obviously powerful and lethal since he took close to 30,000 damage despite the fact that he had double defense in his demon form. luckily, jiang fei had 140% lifesteal effect in his demon form. that amount of damage meant nothing for him!

"damn. thank god this skill is not used repeatedly! luckily i'm quite the tank myself. if others came in, how many tanks would they need to bring in?" said jiang fei. average tanks would have at most 30,000 health points or slightly more when they were level 40. unlike jiang fei, who could gain double defense with his demon morph, it was safe to say that any tank would be instantly killed by this skill.

however, there was a warning action before the skill was used. players that could pick up that subtle move could easily save the life of the tank. when the boss was about to use the skill, a hunter or a summoned pet could use taunt on the boss and draw the boss to use the skill on the pet instead.

still, it was a lesson that could definitely cost players their lives! players that fought this boss the first time would surely be unprepared for such an attack. once the tank was killed, the secondary tank would not be enough to fend off attacks, which would result in a complete team-wipe.

dying in the dungeon was not as severe as compared to dying in the open field. however, dying would still cost experience points. hence, to prevent unwanted deaths, jiang fei memorized the boss' attack pattern and planned to sell this information off for a price that cannot be lower than a few violet grade equipment or a gold grade equipment.

"come to me! fend off this intruder!" cried the boss as a large group of vengeful fighter monks rushed out of nowhere toward jiang fei.

god's wrath!



jiang fei's ultimate aoe skill was not really useful against bosses but it was extremely useful against monsters! jiang fei had been waiting for the boss to use the summon skill to use god's wrath! in that instant, all the vengeful fighter monks lost more than half of their health points.

although isabella was not there to help kill the summoned monks, jiang fei's two meter long sickle had became useful here. although weakness exploit could not be activated many times, its range was doubled with the lightbringer armament, making the killing of those monsters a breeze.

it only took jiang fei a few slices of his sickle of kill all the summoned monks. to jiang fei, they were nothing but a few flies that posed not much of a threat to him. trade places with an average team and they might be facing a team-wipe since they were all advanced elite tier monsters. healers would be out of place and tanks would be lost.

"o great buddha! grant me strength!" cried the boss when his health points dropped below 40%.

in that instant, the boss raised his staff high and it glowed with a bright golden hue. the golden light spread out and turned the entire boss gold as well!

after rohan's descend, the boss' attack and defense was greatly increased. even so, it was not a problem for jiang fei. the only thing that jiang fei had to worry about was the 30% increase in attack.

even so! it was still not much of a threat! by the time the boss used demon subduing staff technique, he had 5% less health points.

"f*cking hell. this boss fight really does test a party's durability as well as their overall output damage!" cried jiang fei.

the staff skill was not activated based on health points but time. since the start of the battle, the skill was activated once every 20 seconds. one cannot compare to jiang fei for he only took three skills before the boss died. an average party did not have his level of dps! he had literally killed the boss in more or less a minute!

to put it fairly, each time the boss activated the staff skill, he would surely kill one player. even with jiang fei's information, and many hunters and pets, if the party did not kill the boss within 3 minutes, they would be looking at a total team-wipe.

additionally, jiang fei's level was high! average players would only enter the dungeon when they were level 40 or 41. even though there would not be any level suppression going on, the larger the level gap, the larger the damage reduction would be, especially when the boss activated rohan's descend. with increased defense, players' dps would surely be reduced. hence, if a party did not have players with ignore defense attribute attacks, defeating the boss within 3 minutes would be extremely hard.

once the battle strategy was recorded, jiang fei did not bother to wait any longer. after a few more hits and slashes, the boss was killed.

ding! you have killed vengeful temple abbot! obtained 1,500,000 experience points, 800 gold coins!

ding! you have killed all the bosses in the temple of deities and demons elite difficulty. you have cleared the dungeon "temple of deities and demons, elite difficulty"!

ding! you are the first party to clear "temple of deities and demons" elite difficulty. please enter your party name!

a window prompted.

"hmm? what sort of name should i put in?" said jiang fei as he stroked his chin.


jiang fei snapped his fingers then tapped on the hovering keyboard with a large smile on his face.

ding! city announcement: "sigh! easy peasy dungeon's a breezy!" party has successfully cleared the elite mode of the temple of deities and demons dungeon. let us congratulate verdure glider!

the announcement was made three times. unexpectedly, the entire city of dawnlight was calm. there was rustling but it was only the usual.

how and why did everyone react this way?

they had all already gotten used to it.

"hoho. i really thought that he had cleared the elite difficulty yesterday! haha! looks like i overestimated him!"

"i think you misread yesterday's announcement."

"that must be it. it's only a level 40 dungeon. that's nothing for verdure glider."

"haha! that's right. i think the next one should be the heroic difficulty now! i'd bet he would clear that alone too!"

only sometimes would verdure glider's name be mentioned. everyone had already gotten used to how jiang fei dominated the dungeons. the reason why the city was rattled was because it was a level 40 dungeon. level 40 aside, there was nothing much going on that could rattle the people of dawnlight city.

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